Monster Integration - Chapter 1343 - Shocked!

Chapter 1343 - Shocked!

Chapter 1343 - Shocked!

The Grimm Monsters are completely paralyzed by the runic seals Ive added to their heart and Inheritance Core.


The seals are not perfect, which is why I was going tear the heart and their Inheritance Core apart when I sensed something from my link with Nero; I was about to examine the rough jumble that Nero had sent me when I noticed a sneaky Grimm Monsters coming toward me.

This Grimm monster was hiding quite a distance away from the fight, and the moment it had throught, I had let my guard down; it had attacked.

It would have been a perfect kill if my soul sense had not been working here; I would have at least grievously injured by its attack if not dead seeing the speed it is coming toward me.

Unfortunately for it, Ive discovered it, and I still have a few seconds remaining before the power of the 'First Blast' wore off, so it had to die.

I let it come close to me, and when it was just five meters away from me, my vines, which were round the weapons of the Iron Bearmen, suddenly moved toward the incoming Grimm Monsters.

Clang! Puch!

The Grimm Monster was quite fast and reacted quickly when it saw my vines coming but not quick enough as it was able to defend against my one vines, but another has pierced through its heart.

"These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds never stopped!" I throught as I looked at the surprised face of the black mambaman. It would be more than the 20th time; the black mamabaman attacked me sneakily, and more than half of the tries are in this forest.

These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are one of the best types, Grimm Monsters; they are filled in the Miasmic Paradice, it could say to be their home grounds as soul sense do not work here.

I looked at the mamabaman for a moment before I closed my eyes and a.n.a.lyzed the intentions that Nero is sending me. I understood it the first time, but I truly could not believe what he is saying.

I tried to contact Nero if he is sure of what he is saying, but I got no reply from him, other than asking me repeatedly to do one thing.

"As You Wis.h.!.+"

I said finally and begin to harvest trickly of energy from the Grimm Monster and sent it back to me.

As this trickle touched my body, something happened that was beyond my comprehension.

The coc.o.o.n that Nero expanded hundreds of times till it covered my whole body and took control of the vine and begin sucking the Iron Bearman from I had at a visible speed.


I couldn't help but curse loudly when I saw eight meters long sickly looked Iron Bearman getting sucked at visible. From Grey color, it turned yellow before turning to host, and it's all happened within five seconds.


The Iron Bearman's husky body collapsed with its artifact; there was nothing remained of its, except for the dried husk Nero had sucked the life out of it in mere seconds.

I felt the horrified gazes of Iron Bearman and Black Mamanbaman; they are looking at me as if I am the most horrific monster they have ever see; their bodies are shaking in fear.

Not only they are shocked, but I am too; harvesting the life of the Grimm Monsters is no simple matter, especially when it is a normal Grimm Monster; not to forget, I never took harvested energy into my body, which is extremely dangerouns.

It is one thing to absorb and convert the energy that Grimm Monster throws at you, but it is a completely different thing to harvest and absorb the Grimm Monsters' energy.

I can't even do that with Special Profession Grimm Monsters. That is why I harvest them into Roses.

Consuming the energy of the Grimm Monsters is like inflicting death upon oneself; it extremely corrupt energy. Even when Hidden Being and Ashlyn absorbing the Spider's energy, which had harvested it from Grimm Monsters, they have created a very powerful Filter formation before taking it for themselves.

I was in my thoughts when Nero again asked me to harvest energy from Grimm Monster. I looked at another Iron Bearman looking at it horrifyingly and harvested a small amount of energy from it.

Dhub Dhub!

As it touched my body, the cac.o.o.n of Nero again swelled inside me and began to absorb the energy from the Iron Bearman, and few seconds, it had turned to dust; it had done the same with Black Mambaman.

I looked at the husky dust of Grimm Monsters, still wasn't able to believe that Nero had sucked them up within few seconds.


I was just about to collect the storages and artifacts of the Grimm Monsters when the voice of the Hidden Being rang inside me, 'Wanting me to do this in front of others.'

"Why?" I asked back, and as usual, I got no answer from it, seeing that I shook my head and collected the Grimm Monsters' stuff.

These Grimm Monsters are King Stage Grimm Monsters; they must have had huge stuff inside their storage.

I am not disappointed; the storage of both Iron Bearman filled with stuff; there is so much stuff that my eyes begin to s.h.i.+ne.

With my runes upgraded to this degree, I will need a huge amount of resources every time I level up; I will not have to hunt many King Stage Grimm Monsters; only then will I be able to satiate my need for the resources.

I looked at the Iron Bearman's resources for a while, checking every one of them before I moved toward the storage of Black Mamabamen, and I have to say this type Grimm Monster did not disappoint me at all.

Its storage has five times more stuff than that of both Iron Bearmen together, and the quality of the stuff is also a little better.