Monster Integration - Chapter 1344 - Return

Chapter 1344 - Return

Chapter 1344 - Return

Chapter 1344


I was looking at Grimm Monsters stuff when I noticed something and brough this thing out.

"I'll be d.a.m.ned," I said as I looked at the palm-size cube in my mind; it is an essence cube, a special alchemical product that is crafted by the Grimm Monsters.

It is multicolored, but green and red occupied the most. It looked wonderful and has many used to Grimm Monsters and humans too if they can tame the wild energies inside me.

Most of the time, we dilute it through the special alchemic process before using it; otherwise, the wild energies is made of will tear the human's apar.

The essence cube is made from the Essence of precious plants and monsters. Ive heard that the process to make it extremely cruel, especially to monsters, but the end product is absolutely amazing.

The Essense Cube I have in front of me extremely precious; normal King Stage Grimm Monsters could dream of having such a resource.

The Black Mambaman would have made quite a contribution to get this cube; with this cube, it would not have to acc.u.mulate any resources to level up to the Emperor Stage.

I admired the cube for a while before I put it back into my storage and withdraw my consciousness from it after checking everything Ive got from the Grimm Monster.

With that done, I begin walking again. I don't know where I am, and Grimm Monsters were not friendly enough to tell me, so I will have to find it myself.

I just have walked for a few minutes when I saw King Stage entering my range, and this time, it is not Grimm Monster but a human one.

"Excuse me!"

I said as I appeared beside him; I kept my speed medium as I did not want to startle her.

Many people have lost their lives in friendly fire, in an environment like a Miasmic Forest, one should always be careful when approaching others, soul sense doesn't work here and that made people very spooky that they will attack without a moment of hesitation if you startled them.

The girl in front of the pet.i.te with dark skin and dark hair and looked quite harmless, but she is at High Level of King Stage; if she were to attack me, all I could do us run away; I am no match against her.

"Do you need anything?" The girl calmly asked as I stopped two meters ahead of her, "Yes, I was wondering where I am; I had just appeared out of the realm." I said, hearing that; a cautious expression on her face eased quite a bit, and her eyes flashed in the understanding.

"Oh, you must have thrown out of broken realms pieces, most of the people thrown directly near the camps, only a few thousand people like you have thrown away this far from the camps." She said.

I finally heaved a sigh of relief hearing that. I had been worried about all the millions of humans. I know they have survived since I had defeated the Spider but worried about the location they will be thrown into.

If it had been near the camps of the Grimm Monsters, it would be a disaster for them, but nothing happened; the hidden being was considerate enough to drop them near the human camps.

"Here is where you are; there are several outposts you go through." She said as she opened the map and started to show my locations.

"Camp Otis, Camp Williamson, Camp Camilla, and few other camps are just a few hundred some kilometers from here." She said she highlighted the location of the camps.

"Thank You," I said to her as I committed their location to my memory; there was nothing much to commit. I already had the map memorized completely and had to take one look at my location to know where I am.

"Thank You." I said to her, "Its nothing. Have a safe journey to the camp." She said before disappearing from my view.

I opened my map on my holowatch for a clear looked and closed it a few seconds later. Now that I know where I am, it is time for me to return to camp.

I am returning to camp Camilla; there are other camps that are near, but it is camp Camilla which I am most familiar with, and I am going there.

I sped toward Camp Camilla; on the way, I come across many Grimm Monsters, including two Kings Stage Grimm Monsters who got sucked by Nero, who will only suck the Kings.

I had tried with Essence of the Princes, but Nero seemed to think that beneath his standards, so he did no take it.

Ive not only come across Grimm Monsters but also Humans; some of them were lost as me and were thrown out of the realm not long ago. Ive talked with them and shown them the way as the girl did.

Finally, after three hours of layer, I saw the silhouette of the Camp Camilla, which I hadn't seen in nearly a month. Seeing it, my mind couldn't help but overcome with happiness.

Ive missed this beautiful city, especially the nights I spend here with Mira, whose memories I had been trying to suppress for so many days.

Ive not heard about her for more than a month; the last time I had talked to her was the night she received the Purple Command; after that, I had no contact with her.

Even in the realm, I only knew she is alive, but those lists could not be trusted when it comes to people like Mira, who had important standing in her organization; news of such people was always kept confidential.

Not seeing her couple of days, I couldn't help but think something had happened to her; I know that this is just a feeling and my fear is playing with me, but I still couldn't help but that.

I controlled my emotions as I reach the city gates before I went inside; I have a feeling that I will meet her soon enough.