Monster Integration - Chapter 1342 - Fighting Kings III

Chapter 1342 - Fighting Kings III

Chapter 1342 - Fighting Kings III

We both moved toward each other at the same time, they with their bodies covering in the b.l.o.o.d.y steel vortex and me with my vines s.h.i.+ning with the pure power.

"Die Human!"

Both of them shouted as they swung their weapons covered with the blood energy at me. Their attack is extremely powerful, and if I had used all the vines and the 'First Boost,' I would have had no way to counter their offensive.

My twelve vines also moved in unison; six of them went toward the Iron Bearman with Warhammer while the other six went toward the Iron Bearman with Staff.

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

My vines stuck against the weapons of the Iron Bearmen; I wanted to go for their hearts and head directly, but these Grimm Monsters are extremely proficient using their weapons and countered all my offensive.

Both of them stopped in the middle without anyone getting an advantage but Inheritance Energies of others attacked in full force.

Through my vines, deadly combination force, Inheritance Energy, and Blood came at me. It is ten times more vicious than the earlier energies it had sent, but as they touched my Armor, all of them got swallowed and converted into the raw energy, its all happened in less than a moment.

Clang Clang Clang…

That was just a start, as, after the first clash, our attacks have become even crazier, and we begin to attack each other as we are thirsty for their blood, which we are.

If one looked at my eyes right now, they would see them, and they are moving as fast as the lightning as they are trying to record every aspect of the fight.

I am using the full power of the Killing aspect of my const.i.tution and rule to find the optimum way to kill these Iron Bearmen, and I had found the way; I need to wait for a few seconds more, let the Grimm Monsters lost in the battle l.u.s.t little more.

As I looked at the Iron Bearmen, I couldn't help but overcome with wonder. Not only Iron Bearmen but also of other Grimm Monsters too.

Every part of their bodies are built for battle; if one observes them enough, one will notice that they are completely built for the war, from huge bodies to immense Physical strength.

If not for having the homeworld advantage against the Grimm Monsters, we would have lost thousands of years ago.

'Its Time.'

I said a minute later, and suddenly all the twelve vines weaved in a group of three, turning twelve vines into the four and these four vines moved toward the two Iron Bearmen with much faster speed than before.

Both of the Iron Bearmen sensed the power of the vines coming toward them and move their weapons in defensive formation with the limited time they have.

Clang Clang!

Two of my vines clashed against the weapons, and as they did, the move on the weapons like a snake while the other two went for the fatal spots of Grimm Monsters.

These Iron Bearmen may look dumb, but they are extremely smart; it did not even take a moment for them to understand what is happening.


They begin to burn their blood without caring for the consequences and pour that immense blood energy into the vines that are climbing their weapons and binding it to place simultaneously; they have activated their defensive methods.

If it had been before my rune has upgraded, I would have charred like beef with so much energy coming at me; even my older runes were able to capable of sucking this energy, my body had too strong enough to bear the pressure of the energy that is coming toward me.

Even now, my body is not strong enough to bear the pressure of the energy coming toward me.

It is King Level energy; it is from the Grimm Monsters who are accessing the power from the second layer of its inheritance so that one could imagine the power of their Inheritance Energy.

The reason I can take so much of the energy without getting charred is because of these newly upgraded runes. These runes are so powerful that they begin to release an energy field around them, which had nearly covered all my body.

It is the reason why I got a nearly 50% increase without strengthening my body and soul further. If I am right, then this field might even be able to help me digesting more Srengthning Solution and gave me further boost as my body and soul got stronger.

As the huge amount of energy came at me from the Grimm Monsters, it immediately got converted, and I used it to strengthen the further as they moved toward the Grimm Monsters' bodies.

Kach Kach Puch Puch!

My vines pierced through their s.h.i.+elds and moved toward the heart of the Iron Bearmen; simultaneously, my vines reached their hands through the pierced through them and released a huge amount of Inheritance energy into their body, which made them pause for a moment.

As my Inheritance Energy worked on the Iron Bearmen, the second blood-red s.h.i.+eld, which is thick as my thigh, faltered a little, and that is what I needed.

This s.h.i.+eld was the most powerful one; it is made from the blood these Grimm Monsters are burning. I wanted to target this s.h.i.+eld, and I did that by infected the blood of Iron Bearmen with my Inheritance Energy.

Puch Puch!

With the blood s.h.i.+eld around their body weakening, my vines with crystal blades at the end had directly pierced through it before piercing through their chests; there was resistance, but it was smashed away by the combined power of my 'First Boost' and the strength I had covered from it.

Both of the Iron Bearmen looked at me with hatred and tried to open their mouth to curse at me, but their mouth wasn't responding to their mind. The most they can do was twitch the muscle of their jaw a little.