Monster Integration - Chapter 1341 - Fighting Kings II

Chapter 1341 - Fighting Kings II

Chapter 1341 - Fighting Kings II

Clang Clang!

The Warhammer and the Staff clashed against my thin vines as they did, I thought these huge weapons would easily move my vines and away and strike against my body with the power they are emitting, but to my surprise, these vines held.

The small blades at the end of the vines help, they shook, but they did not swat away or break.

Though, the vines hold, they had brough raging river force mixed with sharp blade-like inheritance energy at me. This Inheritance energy is so sharp if it had entered my n.a.k.e.d body, it would cut me thousands of pieces which are smaller than the centimeters.

It is the sharpest Inheritance energy Ive come across, but no matter how sharp it is, as soon as it touched my Armor, it had got sucked by my runes before getting refined for my use.

"You have tried till harder if you want to beat me," I said and flung the two vines at them at the lighting speed.

My vines moved toward them like a snake; before they know it, they have approached the s.p.a.ce of the Iron Bearman and went toward their heart and neck.

Clang Clang!

The Grimm Monsters moved their weapons and on time and defended but seeing their face, it is very clear they are fury angry about my attack.

"Steel Demons Fury!" They shouted in unison, and steel whirling appeared on their body, which turned vegetation and dust and stone around them into the fine powder; seeing the aura released by them, my mood couldn't help but turn serious.

Both Iron Bearmen appeared beside me as if they are teleported and attacked swiftly, their weapons covered in a steely whirlwind that seemed to cut the air itself into the piercing.

The two attacks came at me, wanting to turn into the powder, but before their weapons could reach me, my vines have reached their weapons.

Clang Clang!

My vines clashed against the weapons of the Iron Bearmen and directly pushed by half a meter. The attacks of its earlier were only able to shake my vines, but this time, they have directly pushed them back by half a meter.

They did not waste such got given a chance and pushed toward me, but how can I let them take advantage me.

As they moved toward me, my vines moved toward them, and now the two vines have become four as the other two have come out of my back and moved toward the Grimm Monsters like a poisonous snake.

Clang Clang Clang Clang

Four vines clashed against the Grimm Monsters' incoming attacks, and this time, they have stopped them on their tracks without giving up further grounds before moving toward them like a whip.

Clang Clang Clang Clang

My vines begin to clash against the Grimm Monsters in earnest, I have lighted up runes inside me for greater power, and as I had expected, the runes have given me the boost of the 40%, which is very great.

The Grimm Monsters are no slouch either, as I have increased the power of my attacks, so did they; they have increse the power of their attacks quite greatly that I had light-up few more formations for more power.

These Iron Bearmen are quite powerful, far more than I had expected. If the runes had increased my strength, I would have been fighting using my sword and the vines and getting pushed back.

The 2nd Layer's power is great; I could feel the strength bubbling inside every part of these Grimm Monsters as they try to pa.s.s the vines' defense to come at me, but my vines are like a vicious snake that would always strike at the weakest point.

The Iron Bearmen have to be careful at every moment; they clearly understood that even the slightest mistake on their part would have their hearts and heads pierced by my vines.

The fights continued for a few minutes before suddenly another two vines joined the battle. The battle has become too balanced, both sides not getting an inch of advantage over the other.

Clang Clang Clang…

As the two more vines joined the battle, the balance broke, and the Iron Bearmen begin to get pushed back and many times barely survived the attack of vines.

"Human, you have forced us!" Shouted the Iron Bearman with staff, and the next moment, both of their Armor turned red, and so is steely energy around them.

'They are Burning themselves,' I thought as I sensed the smell of the blood from their energies but soon shook my head. They are indeed burning themselves, but it is very controlled; they have seemed to be using some sort of method that helps them burn their blood in a very controlled manner.

It gives them huge power without severe disadvantages; it is a wonderful method, I might say. As long as one did not overdo them, one could recover from them quite quickly.

"Human, taste the power of our greatest move, The Burning Steel!" Said the Iron Bearman with Warhammer as both of them came at me.

'First Boost!'

Seeing both of them using their greatest move, I did not hold back either and used 'First Blast' immediately and summoned six more vines altogether.

They are burning a King Level blood; the power it is giving them is too huge. If I tried to contend against them with my six vines, I would die within a second.

The immense power of 'First Boost' filled me, like my moves, it also received the huge advantage, and this advantage is amazing, far greater than I had imagined, and as I filled the twelve vines with this power, they begin to s.h.i.+ne faintly.

I have to finish the fight quickly; the increase in power had immediately shorted the move's time; I have only three minutes to finish this battle; after that, I would lose the boost even to me by the 'First Boost.'

The time limit is b.i.t.c.h but seeing the power that filled my body, it is very much worth it.