Monster Integration - Chapter 1338 - Suck Suck Suck III

Chapter 1338 - Suck Suck Suck III

Chapter 1338 - Suck Suck Suck III

I looked at the pocket of s.p.a.ce for a while before moving my gaze back to the sphere where I put my hands.

With the pa.s.sing time, the runes have been sucking more and more energy, and now the hidden being is sending a continuous stream of cooling energy into my body to manage the stress my body is feeling.

The stress my body is going through is immense that if not for the cooling energies protections, my body would not have taken more than a second to heat up completely.

Soon, the amount of energy will increse even further, and at that time, there will be the amount of cooling energy would also be greater; The Spider had sucked the energy from the Millions of Grimm Monsters and not to forget, it's own energy.

If Ashlyn and Hidden Being want to suck it, then they will have to increase the speed as at this speed, it might take them months to finished suck all the energy that Spider has collected.

Both of them are mysteriously strong, but they seemed to have some sort of limitations as well; otherwise, with the power they have shown till now, they would have easily sucked the Spider in a moment.

As I had expected, with the pa.s.sing time, more and more energy was getting sucked into my body. Every hour, the amount of energy would double, and so is the effect is cooling energy.

I'm not too fond of this cooling energy at all. If the hidden being been a little merciful and changed this cooling energy to strengthening energy, my strength would have been growing every second.

Though I am getting stronger every second as my runes are strengthening, it is the strength I will have to work hard to use; I will not get to use to it immediately the way I wanted.

Time pa.s.sed by, and few more hours have pa.s.sed, the speed of energy has increased many more times, and now every part of me a comfortable coldness; it is an amazing feeling that I am enjoying it despite not liking the energy which it is producing it.

Some more time pa.s.sed, and the feeling of cooling energy has become dense, but it is in no way uncomfortable; it is perfect against the huge amount of energy that is coming from the Spider.

Seeing it might take days to finish sucking off energy, and I will have to present in this position whether I want it or now. I decided to do some worthwhile, and there is only one thing I could do in my current position.

I closed my eyes and went to my Inheritance s.p.a.ce; the work on my Inheritance never stopped, especially when next is King Stage, the beginning stage of becoming a powerhouse.

Unlike other stages, at King Stage one received a huge boost in strength that is far greater; this is why it is very difficult to defeat even an average King Stage powerful despite being a very powerful Prince. Only extremely powerful Princes like Hosts of Apex Inheritances could defeat them.

I will have to make big changes in my Inheritance; it may be a complete overhaul, and most importantly, I will be creating a new move or moves, and these moves will not be a part of 'Old Set' or 'Rose Domination' these moves will be part of a completely different set.

I had wanted to do that for quite a while, but I could not do that due to many limitations, but now that next stage is King Stage, which will give me huge freedom, I am finally ready to create a new move set.

I already have rough ideas in mind about the move; I have to actualize them, which will be quite harder, and I will need quite an amount of time. I had already decided that after reaching a Peak of the Prince Stage, I would take a few month's breaks from Grimm Battlefied and would completely focus on my Inheritance.

The Inheritance s.p.a.ce has grown quite bigger with me reaching the Prince Stage, but still, there not much empty s.p.a.ce could see there.

All of them are filled with formations; some are small, while others are big; they are in all sizes and spread around the whole s.p.a.ce. I looked at all of these formations before, motioning toward the silver runic humanoid around me.

I expanded and brought sixteen formations from it; in the fight against the Spider, I got the chance to collect a huge amount of data and even experienced the Self-Destruction head-on, which is the most precious data of all.

Ive never suffered Self Destruction so close and observed every aspect of it, from it breaking my defensive method to evaporating the vines that are covering me to directly hitting my armor.

All this gave me the data I had desperately needed; now, I could be better prepared against the Spider's self-destruction that I might meet in the future.

The little Spider has made abundantly clear that it was just a clone; its main body is still recovering. This small clone was already this powerful; I wonder how powerful is the main body that had created it.

It might be powerful enough to harvest all the beings in the world, be it Grimm Monsters or humans.

The main body is likely in the Centre of the Miasmic Forest; no, seeing how sneaky it is, I don't think it would be hiding in opened s.p.a.ce.

If it is in Miasmic Forest, then it is hiding in some s.p.a.ce realm around there; seeing how it had arranged such an elaborate plan, I did not think creating a s.p.a.ce realm would be any problem.

I worked on the defensive measure against self-destruction for a while before I begin to work on a new move, a couple of hours pa.s.sed as such, and I stayed in the Inheritance for long till I have no choice but get out due to tiredness.