Monster Integration - Chapter 1337 - Suck Suck Suck I

Chapter 1337 - Suck Suck Suck I

Chapter 1337 - Suck Suck Suck I

"I Survived!"

I said weakly; the blast was more powerful than I had expected, far more powerful, but I held on, albeit barely.

I am extremely injured; there are injuries on every part of my body, my hairs to my tows; everything is injured; I have the energy to float in the air is a miracle itself as there no a single speck of energy remained in my body.

I was checking up on my injuries when I suddenly saw my vision darkening, and a second later, I found myself back with both of my hands-on the sphere with runes covering Sphear and me to every inch.

My body is completely fine, but there was not the slightest injury on it, unlike a second ago where I was injured enough to die at any moment.

The only thing that comes with me was tiredness, I am still feeling extremely tired that I want to sleep, but that will not happen for some time, seeing what is happening right now.

The runes have begun s.h.i.+ning, and every second, they would glow brighter and brighter; in this brightness, even the dull, lifeless eyes of Spider seemed to have got a little life.


Soon, the runes reached the peak brightness, and another change occurred in Spider's dull eyes, but I did not have to think for the reason that is because the exact moment, I took a huge breath as a humongous amount of energy begins to enter my body through the runic channels.

My fight with the Spider has destroyed its consciousness, and now Hidden Being and Ashlyn have started feed on the energy it had consumed from millions of Grimm Monsters.

The amount of energy is coming at me from the Spider is so immense that even with the protection of runes, I felt my body heating up under the sheer strain I am feeling.

The energy is the Physical and Soul essence of one, and it is coming into my body at a furious rate; if not for having the runic protection, my body would have exploded with a moment.

My body and soul kept heating up as before hidden Being, and Ashlyn sucked the huge energy which spread through all the runes covering my body before getting sucked by Ashlyn and hidden Being.

I could feel my skin becoming redder and redder, and I begin to feel the pain, which within a second, reached the torturous level.

I was about to complain about the pain to them when suddenly I felt the small cooling sensation spreading into my body; it is not a sensation, but a form of energy released by the hidden Being.

It had instantly soothed all the pain I am feeling in my Body and Soul, but a few seconds later, my body and soul again begin to heat up, and a minute later, the hidden provided me with another bout of soothing energy.

While the Hidden Being providing me with soothing energy every minute, Ashlyn is providing a stream of my energy to my runes, which they are hungrily sucking up.

My runes are not the only beneficiary of this energy from Ashlyn, Nero is also getting this energy, and the amount he is getting is larger than mine.

I could see his semi corporal body bloating up two-three times its size before contracting to digest the energy. Simultaneously, it is also going through the mutation; the purple spots covering more and more of his body are a clear sign of that.

I hope the mutations it goes through this time will help him come out of me; I had thought after I leveled up from the Knight Stage, Nero will come out of me, but I had failed to understand the complexity of the existence of Nero.

He is not full of natural life; it is produced through the coincidence of the Miracle Fruit energies. It evolves through consuming special energy, and for each evolution, it requires a huge amount of energy.

Since I leveled up to Knight, he is getting more and more corporal with each evolution, and seeing how much energy this Spider has; I am sure it will go through enough evolution to become completely corporeal and get the ability to come out of my body.

Time pa.s.sed by when suddenly I noticed a thing, the cooling energy that hidden Being sending to cool my body is not benefitting me. It is like a healing potion; it is elevation the stress my body and soul feeling with the transference of such a huge amount of energy.

The cooling energy is acting like a healing potion, which only heals the body's injuries but did not provide any benefits other than that.

Seeing that, I wanted to curse it bad; at one end, my Inheritance Runes are sucking a huge amount of energy, but on the other hand, the strength of my body is staying the same.

This means even if my runes received a huge upgrade, nothing much would change in strength unless I got a powerful body and soul to harness the power that my runes possess.

I already have this problem before, but now it had become even bigger; seeing the amount of energy my inheritance runes are sucking at every second, I will have bear even greater torture if I want to use my inheritance runes to their full capacity.

I thought my this subject for a few seconds before shaking my head out of it; thinking about it will irritate me further, and I don't want that.


Twenty minutes pa.s.sed since the suction when I noticed a sudden change; the huge pink sphere, the bright pink tendrils fading in color at the visible pace before turning into dust.

It is happening very fast; one moment, there was a Sphear made of bright pink crystalline tendrils, and the next moment it is turning into dust; it is quite a scene to watch.

The scene was surprising, but the real shock came later when I discovered I am a separate s.p.a.ce pocket or might I say, a small pocket of s.p.a.ce, which I am in broke up from the rest of the s.p.a.ce of the realm.

This pocked of s.p.a.ce is very small. It is just about two hundred meters wide; I can see the boundaries with my eyes. I don't know exactly how it happened, but I know the hidden Being must have its hand in it.

Separating s.p.a.ce into creating such a small block is no easy matter; even tyrants did not have the ability to do that.

The hidden Being did it, and it did it with such ease that I only came to know about it when it already happened.