Monster Integration - Chapter 1339 - Out

Chapter 1339 - Out

Chapter 1339 - Out

Four days pa.s.sed by, and now my body is accepting energy akin to a raging river; there is too much energy coming toward me.

I had throught four days would be more than enough to suck all the energy from the Spider, but I had been very wrong. The Spider seemed to hold a never-ending amount of energy.

My runes have gone through a huge transformation. They now looked like they are made of beautiful alexandrite gem, s.h.i.+ning with Green, Purple, and Blue color; the runes looked simply amazing.

Nero has also gone through more than fifty mutations, and an hour ago, a coc.o.o.n had formed around him, and now that cac.o.o.n is sucking up all the energy that is coming in Nero's way.

This cac.o.o.n had caught me up by surprise, as in all of his mutations, Nero had never formed a cac.o.o.n, and now he had done; I couldn't help but feel excited about it. As whatever will happen will bring huge change into Nero, I couldn't help but feel excited about it.

I hope whatever changes it bright, it will help Nero coming out. Nero had not seen the outside world, which is very important for his mental growth; staying inside me will saturate his growth.

"What did you tell the Spider when you talked to it?" I asked; the words came out of me before I could stop myself. This question had been nagging me ever since I came out with my fight with Spider.

I had been holding back in asking this question but looked like I could not anymore as it came out of my mouth.


I had not throught it would answer my question and answer in such away. I was hoping for it outright reject it as not doing anything means sacrificing millions of humans or even billions when its main body act.

Still, it is not the same as the Spider had said, that hidden being would help her relieve the world's suppression.

I don't like its answer, but there is nothing I could do about it. My body is the best host for it, and whether I want to accept it or not, it had saved my life a couple of times and provided me with huge benefits like now, so I could only grudgingly stay silent about it.

The process continued; I watched it for an hour before taking a nap before entering my Inheritance s.p.a.ce again. I have been doing these things repeatedly for the four past four days since I have nothing else to do.

I have made huge progress in my Inheritance; I have designed more than twenty new formations and added them into the new Armor design; half of them have worked as they had expected.

It had been quite long since I had spent so much time in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce, especially since I come to the Miasmic Paradice. With all the time spent in the hospital, refining, and Tome, learning recipes, I barely have two hours in the Inheritance s.p.a.ce.

Now, I am spending most of my time in the Inheritance s.p.a.ce and since I reached the Prince Stage, the time here flows three-time faster, giving me more time to work on my Inheritance.

The only problem I have here that I could not sleep comfortably in the standing pose, as my hands have stuck to the crystal Sphear and lifeless Spider than stuck inside.

Crack Crack Crack… Dhub!

Another day had pa.s.sed when suddenly the river of energy stopped, and cracks started appearing on the crystal sphere before it turned into dust with the lifeless Spider; it happened so fast that it had caught me completely off guard.

"Its over!"

As I looked at the pink dust around me, I am not standing in the small empty s.p.a.ce. The crystal had turned to dust; the huge pink tendrils that had formed the sphere had turned to dust long ago, leaving nothing but the pink dust.

"Now the only thing remains doing is leave," I muttered; a s.p.a.ce in front of me fluctuated as if threw a tiny stone in the water.

I looked at the small, separated s.p.a.ce and took a step toward the watery s.p.a.ce. The next second, I found myself in the familiar pink Miasma, which gives off a sensation that I am more familiar with; it is slightly different from the Miasma created by the clone.

"Finally returned," I said with a sigh; the realm had been very fruitful; I have gotten these s.h.i.+ny Alexandrite runes that s.h.i.+ning with pure power.

These runes contained unimaginable power; Ashlyn had pumped them with so much energy that they contain unlimited potential. I will have to reach the Tyrant Stage or at least Emperor Stage before using them at their full potential.

Nero is still in the cac.o.o.n, and there seemed to have no change even after energy cut off from it. I tried to call Nero through our link, but there is no reaction, seeing I stopped calling him. It looks like it will be quite a while before Nero comes out of his cac.o.o.n.

I looked around at the Miasmic Forest; that is where I am sure of it. Now, I have to find the human camp; any camp would be fine as long as humans are in it.

"look, another Human, there seemed to a lot of humans popping in this area from realms breakage." Said one Grimm Monsters to the other as they stopped directly above me.

Hearing their voice, I looked up and saw two Iron Bearmen and looking at their eight-meter long size and aura they are radiating, both of them are at the Initial level of King Stage.

They are looking at me intently, wanting to guess what my strength is; if it had been any other place, they would not have had this problem, but here where soul sense did not work, it is very hard.