Monster Integration - Chapter 1333 - Battling Spider V

Chapter 1333 - Battling Spider V

Chapter 1333 - Battling Spider V

"That being has suppressed my power and abilities; I had to fight with limited." The Spider said in a casual tone as we are fighting a life and death battle but sitting in the park chatting casually.

It gave me an even greater feeling of danger, and I upped my preparations even more and gripped my sword even more tightly.

"It even suppressed most of my Inherent abilities that Ive been born with, leaving bare few with watered-down might," It said; there was a hint of shock in its voice when it said it as if it considered doing that was very hard.

"And are also quite surprising, in this backward world without much knowledge you are able to create such impressive work from Creation Heart Art." It said while looking at me directly; there was even a hint of appreciation in its eyes when it said it.

I was surprised hearing that I had not throught it would be able to find my Inheritance origin. Till now, there were only two people who were able to know the origin of my Inheritance by the glance, first is a speck of soul of that winged lady I met in the Ruin, and second is this Spider.

I could understand why the winged lady knows about it; she has practiced the 'Creation Heart' Inheritance herself, but how could this Spider know about it? Does the 'Creation Heart' method in the outer world is very common?

"Unfortunately, you are going to die since our battle started; I had laid the foundation of attack, which now is ready to be launch." It said, which made me even more nervous, and I once again checked all my preparations.

"Let me give you a taste of the attack that is used in the real world; even if it is extremely watered down, it is more than enough to kill it."

"Everscent Piercing!" It said grandly, and the next moment, I saw hundreds of spider nets unfurling themselves. The strings separated themselves from the nets and straightened up before aiming toward myself.

Millions of strings unfurled themselves from the nets and pointed toward me; these strings are extremely thing very delicate, but each of them possesses the power to kill me, and there are millions of them.

I was shocked seeing such a scene, and my mind had got completely blow away by what happened next, and I understood why it had waited for this long to launch an attack as if it had been strung in the air, it would have launched an attack long ago.

As the strings on the air straightened up and aimed at me, millions of strings came out from the ground; their number is huge that they are much at ten to fifteen times greater than the strings in their air.

As these strings came out, another change begins to occur in then. They begin to form a group and weave among themselves. If I am right, then the strings forming a group of thousand strings each, and these thousands of strings are weaving into very thin point spears.

Within a few seconds, I found myself becoming the target of tens of thousands of pointy spears.

"Human, you should feel grateful to die under the attack of a powerful being like me." It said and released the tense of thousands of extremely sharp spears at me.

The attack is Grand beyond belief; I don't think even Emperors could lauch such a horrific attack. It is an army killer attack capable of slaying the armies of powerhouses, and now it is aimed at a single person at me.

Horror on my face eased, and a smiled appeared on my face; now that it had finally revealed its hand, I could finally take a sigh of relief and deal with it. As for whether I will be able to successfully able to deal with it, only time would tell.

"It is not clear if this attack of yours is capable of killing yet," I said to the Spider, and gentle wind moves my clothes a little.

It is not the natural wind that ruffled my hair but the move I activated; rose petals have started appearing in front of me. Within a moment, hundreds of pink rose petals formed a sphere around me, spinning in gentle slow motion, creating a beautiful scene.

This time, I had lessened the number of petals even more in the Rose Protection, from nearly a thousand, I have brough down their number to three hundred.

Seeing the cover of rose petals appearing, its dark irises have concentrated, but it did not say anything; the wave of spears have arrived on me.


The first spear crashed against the pink petals with immense speed, and those who are familiar with my defensive method were expecting a defeaning metallic sound beautiful enchanting chime-like sound that is neither loud nor soft.

As the think spear clashed against the petal, it crashed and turned to a powder of pink dust, which quickly floated away in the air as a petal; it is perfectly fine.

Ting Ting Ting Ting…

Not even a moment after the first strike, hundreds of them begin cras.h.i.+ng across the protection spear of rose petals, creating a rapid timeline sound that felt delightful at the same time; my defensive method finally shown its power.

As the hundreds of spears clashed against the petals, the runes started to show on them; the runes not only shown on the rune, but there are strings of runes on could find between each petal that connected them, and all these runic chains formed a twelve big chains which are connected to me.

This time, I had made a big overhaul in my defensive method, its performance against Hez forest or lack thereof.

I had not used my defensive move against the Bone Tiger as I had known it would not be able to defend me against its powerful attacks, that time I had decided to make a big overhaul in my defensive method so that it would defend me against the attacks of powerful Kings.