Monster Integration - Chapter 1334 - Battling Spider VI

Chapter 1334 - Battling Spider VI

Chapter 1334 - Battling Spider VI

Ting Ting Ting…

Hundreds of spears crashed against the petals; each moment, there would more than three hundred spears clash against the petals, but they would still be clashed against the petals and not pa.s.sed through empty s.p.a.ce.

To a normal person, the Spear of rose petals would seem like spinning gently, but that is not the case; it is exactly the opposite of that. The Spear is spinning at an extremely fast speed; I had made some tweaking in its formation so that it would seem like it is moving very slowly.

There is no reason behind it other than being for the aesthetic sense; who said power attacks could not look beautiful. Take this move of Spider; the wave of thousands of pink Spears looked extremely beautiful.

My defensive move is not aesthetically pleasing, but it also packed a punch, or I might have the power to take the powerful punches without breaking.

Take these delicate pink spears, they looked quite pretty, but each one of them was able to pierce through the defensive s.h.i.+eld of the common King Stage powerhouse and killed it.

They held such power not just because of the sharpness, speed, and power they have but also due to the design that gives this ability.

They are designed in such a way that when they crashed against the target, they used all their strength, every bit they have, which is why they turned into pink powder when they clashed against my rose petals.

My Rose Cover is just as amazing. If I were to compare it with its first generation form, I would laugh out loud; this upgrade is hundreds of times better.

Here on every petal, there are numerous formations carved. These petals are connected by the formation chain, which will immediately direct and divide any attack that came on the petal before absorbing it and strengthening it.

When an attack is too powerful that petals could not absorb and covert it, the petals will transfer that extra energy to me through twelve runic chains that are connected to me, where my runes will immediately absorb covered it into raw energy before sending it back to petals to strengthening them even more.

That is what is happening; the attack of hundreds of Spears together is too much for the petals to deal with, and they are sending a huge amount of energy to me through the twelve runic chains that connected to me.

As the huge amount of energy came, it would be immediately absorbed and converted by inheritance runes before sending that energy back to petals, which it will use for further defense.

It seems very easy, but it is a very complicated process; even the slightest mistake could make me explode like a balloon. The core of my defense is crystalline Inheritance runes, which are beyond amazing they could absorb a huge amount of foreign energy and convert it into the saw energy.

If the smallest big of this energy leaked into my body, I would directly explode to pierce. My runes are strong enough to take the energy of power mind blogging attack that could slay thousands of kings.

Everything hands in a delicate balance; it could be said that I am using the energy harvested from the attack to defend from itself; the enemy itself is giving me the power to defend itself.

Seeing me developing such a state of the art defense smile couldn't help but appear on my face. As if not for this complex system that hinges on perfect execution, I would have died under the single Spear.

Taking such a powerful attack from such a powerful being is one of the proudest moments of my life. Seeing my creation perfectly defending against the attack, I couldn't help but feel satisfied with it.

Ting Ting Ting…

The spears continued coming like an endless stream, and my petals kept defending against it without feeling even a shake, just beautiful chimes. These chimes felt like a load of marble falling down continuously on the granite floor.

It such a beautiful sound, but like all things that end, the attack had also come to an end with the last few hundred spears striking against my petals.

Still, the beautiful atmosphere remained; the pink dusk of spears have to create a beautiful environment, clouding both the Spider and me, whose mouth is wide opened as it looked with an astonished expression.

"A textbook perfect execution of Conversion, even those who gained a nascent principle could not do much better." The Spider praised before the emotion of fury and cruelty returned to her.

"That being and you have not left me with other choices, this will exhaust my soul, but I will gain it back what Ive exhausted thousand of times if I digested what I have consumed." It said fury, and there is a slight unwillingness in its eyes which told me things are not as simple as it described.

"Araneae Tide!" I said loudly, and its body started to glow brightly as for what happened after that was gasp-worthy, far more shocking than the millions of strings coming out of the ground.

As the Spiders' body glow reached its peak, it collapsed; yes, it had literally collapsed and transformed into hundreds of Spiders that similar size as the delicate Spider that was present in Crystal Sphear.

The number of Spiders is in hundred, near thousands, and floating in a place where their original body used to be.

As a thousand Spiders appeared, their bodies burst in purple flames, or I might say, their bodies got completely covered in dense purple flames, which is blazing similarly as hatred in their eyes.

"Let's see how long your perfect defensive method will able to defend against thousand of us Human." A thousand Spiders said together; it is mind splittingly uncomfortable that I would rather experience mind splitting pain than hear a thousand people speaking into my brain simultaneously.

I would have delved on feeling for a longer time to think of a better way to deal with when I hear them speak next time, but I don't have time as thousand pink spiders covering in dense purple flames are coming toward me, intending to tear me apart.