Monster Integration - Chapter 1332 - Battling Spider IV

Chapter 1332 - Battling Spider IV

Chapter 1332 - Battling Spider IV

Seeing huge nets behind me, ready for my capture, and huge Spider's coming at me from the fronts whose attack will directly throw me at those nets, the wheels of my mind started to run faster than ever.

I could not let myself crashed into the nets in any way; it will be death if I crashed into the nets.

I begin to think, and soon an idea came to me, it is such a simple idea, I did not know why I hadn't thought that. In this plan, I will have to do what I had been doing till now, just in a different way, and will also have to bear some of the pain.


I had just moved my blade in defense when its leg crashed on my sword with fury; the power of the attack was so great that I felt a shock on the grip and nearly let go of my sword as I shot back toward the nets.

With such a powerful attack, a tsunami-like force came cras.h.i.+ng down on me, it so powerful that my body shook, but the next moment, all of it got sucked by the runes without any problem before getting refined into the raw energy.

Crack Crack.

As the raw energy came out, I put all of it into formation on my legs that had put a lot of pressure on my legs that bone of them started to crash, but I bear it all.


Just when I was crashed into nets, I made a turn at the unsaturated angel and shot into toward only a big gap between the nets, which is also filling up.

As I looked around, I found the Spider had covered a lot more area with its web than a few seconds ago; from thirty-something gaps, it brought down gaps to less than five, and it did that within five seconds.

I had throught; I had moved out of its web, but before I know it, I got caught into another of its web which it had connected in five seconds, if it had been a few seconds more, the web would have been even more perfect.

'I have to be more careful from right now,' I said to myself as I shot out, closing gaps between the nets and farther away.

It had been a close call; despite me keeping a close eye on the nets, it had nearly caught me; if I had been a little slower, I would now be struggling under the webs of Spider as it ate me alive.

Ive read about Spider Monsters' cruelty, and since this one came from the vast cosmos, which is a far more dangerous place, this Spider would be even crueler.

Well, I have already seen the example of cruelty; it had captured millions of Humans and Grimm Monsters to consume them whole. If that wasn't considered cruelty, then I don't know what it is.


The Spider snorted from a distance and came at, and her speed could only describe as common as a second later she appeared in front of me and attacked me with her completely burning in a purple fire which denser than before.


My sword clashed against its legs, and I flew back with intense speed, and this time, I did not resist the speed; instead, Ive added all the raw energy I got from its attack.

Its last attack had taught me never to fight in one place, so it would have less time to gather its webs and create the large net; as long as I continued changing places, it will have a great problem to create a huge net to capture me.

As for defeating it, it can wait. I am only using 'Old Set' and actively refining energy, so I am always full, and there are no injuries on my body, so I could wait before I start my offense on it.

The real reason I have been holding back is that the nagging feeling of danger that I had been feeling for white hadn't gone away; instead, it had become even more intense with pa.s.sing time, which is making me think that moving nets are not thought which I am getting this feeling of danger from.

A few minutes ago, I had thoughts moving nets are the main reason I am feeling that tingling feeling but not anymore. The nests are very dangerouns, but there are something even more dangerouns that is brewing in the background, and unless I know what it is, I will not show my full power.

Others might think my approach is idiotic, but this is how I fight; unless I know all the hidden cards that the enemy has, I will not show my cards.


The Spider kept attacking me mercilessly, one attack after another, not giving me even a single moment of rest, which is fine by me.

I have my energy storage full, and I am not getting injured, and top of that, I am also getting familiar with its fighting style, which will become very useful but when I begin to use my real power.

Its attacks are getting stronger and stronger, but I get pushed back with greater speed, which is all. The Tsunami, like energy that came with each attack of it, were affecting me much.

In the upgrade, Ive made my Armor a complete sh.e.l.l-like tortoise capable of taking energies from Kings. Its all because of my const.i.tution and the powerful Inheritance Ruin; both of them possess huge potential.

The only thing that is holding me back would be my body and soul. If they were stronger, I would have been able to project greater power; I will have to continue working on that if I survive.


Suddenly, the Spider leg I had been expected had not come; the Spider had just stopped a hundred meters away from him and looked at me as if I am meat on a chopping board.

I did not like where it is going and prepared myself to burst out with full power in any signs of danger.