Monster Integration - Chapter 1317 - Endless I

Chapter 1317 - Endless I

Chapter 1317 - Endless I

"Well, it is quite different than I had expected." Said the pet.i.te girl as I called back the vines. She had quite an expression on her face; the same could be seen on all the other people's faces who were looking at me.

Especially that young man who had come to beat me, he is really looking at me like an idiot.

With the first group done, I moved toward another group of patients. I opened the thirty-six energy coverings as before and began to heal them.

The screams begin to ring out across the hall; at first, these screams felt quite uncomfortable to the healers here that they could not properly heal and had to thicken the energy cover to heal with full concentration, but as the time pa.s.sed, they got used to it.

It had been three days I had been healing non-stop, but the patients seemed to endless. Normally with my healing speed, three hours are more than enough but here, that did not seem to be the case.

The patients are endless, the empty beds getting filled within a second. Ive see such conditions in wartime, but I am pretty sure there is no war going on outside, not a conventional war at the least.

"Is the condition outside is that bad?" I asked Reg while healing the patients; she seemed surprised by my question and stopped plucking the roses for a moment.

"Its pretty bad; the place is jammed packed with resources but a compet.i.tion of its for all fierce." "There are millions of Humans, and Grimm Monsters have entered through the nearly hundred entrances." She said.

I was shocked hearing her, especially when she mentioned there are hundreds of entrances. I had expected that there would be large numbers hearing the accounts at the hospital but did not expect them in a hundred; I had throught at most there would be twenty, with Grimm Monsters and ours combined.

"How are the resources in this realm?" I asked, "Huge, absolutely huge. Ive been to the Resource Site before, but I had not seen resources like this one," I could feel the genuine awe in her voice when she said it.

She must have seen the disbelief on my face as I replied with an example that had shocked the h.e.l.l out of me. "Would you believe if I said one in eight people who had gone outside found the Miasmic Astral Rose or resource of the same grade?"

What she said has shocked me so much that I stopped the extraction of miasma from the patient's bodies for a few seconds as what she said is too unbelievable.

What kind of resource is the 'Miasmic Astral Rose.' If it had been used to its full potential, it could give a strong body as Grimm Monsters, which is absolutly huge. There is bloodfest whenever such resource occurred in the Miasmic Forest.

When Ashlyn had plucked those two Miasmic Astral Roses, those snake monsters have gone bats.h.i.+t crazy, not to forget the life and death battle I had fought against the Grimm Monster with apex inheritance.

"There must be Madness outside." I said softly, "You have no idea." She said and shuddered softly as remembering what she had gone through.

With so many resources, its no wonder there was so much traffic, and since this resource in the Miasmic Forest, the territory both humans and Grimm Monsters are fighting for, both sides will try to loot it as much as it can.

If it had been inside our territory, we would have carefully developed, so we could profit it a continuously long period of time, not robbed it like a mad.

Even if we don't want to, we have no choice but to do that as if we did not do it, then Grimm Monster would, and we would likely destroy a thing than have Grimm Monsters profit from it.

Knowing the reality of the Realm, I had started to worry about Mira more. Even though she is a King Stage powerhouse with a bloodline, many things could kill her.

This Realm is Emperor Grade Resource Site, which means Emperors are the lords here. Forget Human Emperors and Grimm Monsters; the Emperor Stage Beats are the most fearful dangers of this ruin.

They have grown up amidst such resources; one could easily imagine the power they have. I would face ten Grimm Monster than one monster of this Realm.

"Do you know the person's names, Mira Alexander?" I asked Reg; she stopped to think before shaking her head, "No, never heard of her." she replied; I couldn't help but feel disappointed hearing that.

"Could you check her name on the fatality list?" I asked her. she nodded and typed rapidly on her holowatch; I waited with bated breath while she searched Mira's name.

"No, her name is not on Fatality List." She said, hearing that I couldn't help but take a sigh of relief before my expressions have changed again; she seemed to understand what I am thinking and answered my questions without me asking her.

"This 'Fatality List' comprised of all the realm camps and refreshed at every hour." Hearing that, I was finally able to relax. Nothing had happened to Mira, which is good; I don't know what I have done if the news had been bad.

I calmed my mind and continued healing; there is an endless stream of patients coming in that no bed remained empty for more than one minute.

When I had first started, I had throught it would take three to the four-hour max to heal all the patients, and I had made that conjecture seeing the traffic in the hospital, but I had been vastly wrong.

It has been six hours, I had started healing, but there is no end to patients. This is extremely straining to healers; In the past few hours, I have seen a couple of them collapsing under the sheer strain they are putting themselves to save the maximum lives.