Monster Integration - Chapter 1316 - Emperor Grade Resource Site II

Chapter 1316 - Emperor Grade Resource Site II

Chapter 1316 - Emperor Grade Resource Site II

"Come in, "A sound came from inside; hearing that, I opened the door and walked in, there I saw a middle-aged black woman with beautiful features sitting behind the table, and in front of her, there are multiple screens.

Seeing her working on the multiple screens, I couldn't help but remember the teacher. She, too, would always be working under multiple screens whenever I got to her screens.

The woman in front of me is an emperor stage powerhouse and a quite powerful one if one goes my fearful aura she is emitting, but strangely she is not a healer; the auras that healers emit are quite distinctive.

"Micheal Zaar, your healing record is phenomenal; I don't know why they have not called you before." She said after a few seconds of silence as she looked at me. "Thank You, ma'am," I replied.

"You have been a.s.signed to Ward 33; you can report there immediately." She said as she looked at the screen on her left.

"Ok," I said and about walked out of her cabin when I suddenly stopped, "Ma'am, would you please warn the healers there about my healing method? I don't want to get beat up by them." I said sheepishly.

"Your healing Style?" she asked before she looked at the screen on her left. Mira had told me that when she saw my first time healing, she thought I am torturing them and wanted to beat the s.h.i.+t out of me.

It was only due to Marks interference who knew about my healing method, did she decided to wait and let me do my job.

"Ah, quite a healing method you have, very different from your teachers." She said after a few seconds while looking at me strangely. Seeing her giving me familiarly, I just smiled.

"Don't worry, I will inform them about it." she said, "Thank You," I said and walked out of the cabin before walking toward Ward No 33.

Soon, I reached Ward 33, and I couldn't help but get surprised as it is huge; it had a capacity of five hundred beds; normally, even the biggest wards have two hundred beds only.

All the beds in this ward are under cover of an energy layer; this ward only accepts patients that have been infected by the Miasma. The beds, so many, but the healers are very few.

There are only a hundred healers, which compare to other wards are ten times more, but seeing it fatality ward and these people have barely an hour live, the number of healers are very few.

"Micheal, right?" A blue-haired young man entered appeared beside me; he looks in the early twenties and emitting the aura of King, and like all the healers here, he looked really tired.

"Yes, I had been a.s.signed to Ward 33!" I replied with a smile, "I am Barry, the ward in-charge." He replied before he turned to the pet.i.te girl in the corner who looked bored.

"Reg, this is Micheal; he has a very strange healing method; protect him if someone goes bat s.h.i.+t crazy during the healing." He said desspeared while the bored-looking short girl appeared beside me, who is also a king stage powerful.

"So, you are the weird healer, hun? I like weird things." The pet.i.te girl while leaking her lips, seeing her do that, I couldn't help but shudder for some reason, I am very sure I did not want to part of whatever she is referring to.

I gave her an awkward smile and looked at the ward for a few seconds before disappearing from my spot and appeared beside the group of beds.

I tapped the few b.u.t.tons on my holowatch and dissolved the layer on the thirty-six beds. This seemed to startled everyone in the hall as healing usually done under a protective layer seeing Miasma's nature.

I bound them without them asking and released my vines, which divided into thirty-six parts, and plunged into patients' bodies without their consent.

I usually asked for both these things as it is important to have patients' consent before healing them, but these patients' condition is very serious, like a spent candle whose flame could whisk away any moment.


The screams started as my vines plunged into their bodies; it startled the whole ward, even the pet.i.te girl who was watching everything bored expression had her eyes lit up seeing the vines plunging into patients bodies.

The screams became mournful when they started to suck the Miasma out of them, such screams were difficult to bear, and I could see some healers were screaming toward me to stop me but stopped by barry, who had appeared in front of me.

I now had two king stages protecting me; one is back while one in front; I never had such protection before and almost made me feel like a mob boss, which needs goons for protection.

"Fuc Off!"

I suddenly felt immense danger behind my back, but before anything could happen, the pet.i.te girl shouted loudly, and the feeling of danger stopped. When I looked back, I saw a young man powerful aura looking at me angrily.

I smiled at him and focused on the extraction as the roses started to form around the vines. "Reg, do you mind helping me pluck the rose and be careful they are quite delicate," I said.

The pet.i.te girl looked at me with arched brows before she started plucking roses with speed so fast that I could see how is happening; the only thing I could see was the disappearance of the roses.

More and more roses appeared, and she kept plucking them; these patients really have too much Miasma in their body; it is seven to eight times of the regular patients, its no wonder they were lingering on the edge of death.

The healing continued for three more minutes before I successfully extract every bit of Miasma from their bodies. They just need to drink healing potions and rest for a few hours, and they will be fine.