Monster Integration - Chapter 1318 - Endless II

Chapter 1318 - Endless II

Chapter 1318 - Endless II

"I had not thought I would ever get jealous of healers wealth, but seeing the number of people you are healing at every hour, I couldn't help but feel jealous of you," Reg said and started looking at me as if I am some treasure.

'Ah, the 1% Rule of Resource Sites' I had nearly forgotten about that. The salary of the healers are always exceptional, and the greater they, the better their salary would be. Consider which is equal to that King Stage Healers.

It especially great for exception healers like me in such a dangerous resource site. Here I will get 1% of all the resources they have acquired. It is not much when one speed of healing is so-so, but for someone like me, who heals hundreds of people every second, it is a great thing.

If I were to believe Reg about the resources in this resource site, then I will be very wealthy and would not have to worry about resources when I breakthrough in minor levels of Prince stage in the future.

Time pa.s.sed by, and it is had nine hours, and patients are still endless. I am feeling quite tired now but seeing the state of patients here; I continued healing. Its no wonder these healers looked so haggard and continued collapsing now and then.

"Why there are so many people injured, even if there is war like condition outside and millions are partic.i.p.ating, there shouldn't be these many patients?" I asked Reg.

The hospital is huge, with thousands of healers, and even if huge numbers of patients come to the hospital, there should not be this many patients.

"I was wondering when you will ask this question," Reg said as she looked at me with a light smile on her face, this time; her smile was normal; there was a weirdness in it.

"These people are not from our camp, but other camps too; all the hospitals are connected through the teleportation link and powerful AI controlling the systems of software." "The AI will send the patients where they could get the quickest treatment." She replied.

Its no wonder there is a never-ending stream of patients because there are too many patients to heals.

"Micheal, it had been thirteen hours since you are healing; take some rest," Barry said right when I was about to move vines toward the next group of patients.

"There are too many patients," I said, though I really want to rest, there are really too many patients, I don't want someone to die just because I want to rest.

"Sigh, there will always be patients; we healers need to have enough rest so that we can treat the patients more efficiently." He said with a sigh. "Reg, take Micheal to a resting cabin," Barry said.

"Come, Micheal," Reg said; I thought for a second before following her. We did not have to walk for long as sleeping cabins are connected to the ward.

"Here is your resting cabin," Reg said as she opened the door of the small room, which had the state of the sleeping pod which is floating in the centre of the cabin.

"A word of advice, use as much as time you have to rest; it won't be long before they called you for a s.h.i.+ft," Reg said and disappeared.

Seeing what she had said likely true, I took out the tub and filled it with Miasmic Solution solution and drops of diluted Astral Rose Essense before stepping inside the pool.

I can sacrifice my sleep, but I could not sacrifice my practice, which had become even more important in such a stressful environment.

Normally, I practice at my own pace as I have tome, but today, I paced up things as much as possible and finished digesting the energies present in the pool within a record half an hour.

Just as I finished practicing, I jumped into the shower and washed all the solution sticking to me before drying myself with my ability.

After getting out of the shower, I took out the food from my storage, heated it with my ability before eating with Ashlyn. I also cooked this food, but it is old; it is extra food I keep in my storage for emergencies.

It is not good as freshly cooked food, but it is far better than packaged food and is the best food in my current condition where I barely have time to sleep.

I quickly finished eating and went inside the bod, it very comfortable, and the environment inside is soothing that I decided to buy one of these when I get off this run.

I slept within a second of my head touching the pillow but woke up by the blaring tone of my holowatch. It is from the hospital; I have to go there as soon as possible.

With no time to waste, I quickly freshened up and walked out of the room without eating a single bite of the food.

A week pa.s.sed by as such, and in this past weak, I have healed so many patients that I have not healed in the whole month; they are endless, that I would spend eighteen to seventeen to eighteen hours in hospital continuously healing the patients.

It had taken me days to adjust to it, and I did; now I eat while I heal the patients and sleep only four hours a day. The extra hours I get, I used to practice two times a day and spent half an hour working on my Inheritance.

If it had gone according to my calculations, I would have leveled to the Prince by now, but this Realm came. Still, these half-hour daily have turned useful to me, and I was able to make all the adjustments I had to in the new upgrade of my Inheritance.

I am now finally ready to level up to the prince stage, and for it, I have taken a special break. Now, sitting on the huge pile of treasures, all I have to do is initiate my level up to Prince Stage.