Monster Integration - Chapter 1315 - Emperor Grade Resource Site I

Chapter 1315 - Emperor Grade Resource Site I

Chapter 1315 - Emperor Grade Resource Site I

"Wow, it is bigger than I had expected, and this is only one camp of many," Lena said in surprise as our Airs.h.i.+p had pa.s.sed through the protective layer of the camp.

The camp is really big; it is big as the Camp Camilla, and it is not the only one. We have not come to the realm camp that is closest to our Outpost; this one is about three hundred kilometers away

"They must have found something amazing in the Realm to create the camp of such capacity," John commented. He is right; if it had been a normal Realm, they would not have made such a huge camp.

The camp is big, and there is heavy traffic of airs.h.i.+p traffic that seems to be dropping off people every minute.

It is very clear they are bringing the people from many outposts and also from the outside, which made one likely think that they must have found something good inside the Realm to bring out so many people.


Our Airs.h.i.+p landed on the ground, and one by one and we got out. When my friends and I got out, I saw there is Emperor Stage powerhouse was already waiting for use outside.

"Healers from Camp Camilla, please follow me; I will take you to your a.s.signment." He said, and started to walk.

People could be seen everywhere, and n.o.body is free. All of them seemed too busy with something; seeing such an environment, I couldn't help but get curious about what they had found in Ruin.

We followed the Emperor Stage powerhouse, which took us out of the airport before walking us to the huge energy done, which is very strictly guarded. Our ident.i.ties were checked at multiple checkpoints before letting us in.

After an hour of walking, we finally reached the place or real gate, I may say. There is about a hundred meters vines crystalline gate which s.h.i.+ning with runes and has a surface like a silver liquid.

"Realm Gate!" Many people said in shock as they looked at the gate; yes, the crystalline gate is realm gate; they have widened the Realm entrance and created the gate.

As its name suggests, it will take us to Realm. I am quite surprised seeing we are going inside the Realm as I had throught we will be working in the outer camp, but it looked like we will be working in the inner camp; they seemed to have made another camp on the other side.

"Please follow me through the gate." He said without changing his pace and walked toward the Realm Gate. Many people are going inside, and they are too are guided by the Emperor Stage powerhouse.

A few minutes later, we have pa.s.sed through the gate and walked into the other side. It is a huge hall that is heavily guarded; just entering inside had made me feel tingle all over my body.

"My apologies for such heavy inconvenience, but we have to take the precaution, as this an Emperor Grade Resource Site." Our guide said, shocking the h.e.l.l out of us; it made more than half a people gasp loudly.

'Resource Site' is not a word that could be used lightly, especially when it is King Grade. The place is declared the 'The Resource Site' when there is an immense amount of rare and precious resources found, and the Grade depends on the Grade of the resource.

Usually, the 'Ruins' are declared resources site; I have never heard the Realm becoming one. They are extremely rare, and most of them are controlled by the Supremes.

Even after nearly four thousand years since its inception, our academy has only one resource site, and it is barely a resource. It is the Ruin that has strange cosmic energy that awakens one's potential, so one can absorb as much as resources they want.

As we walked out of the huge hall and protective energy did it is, we have come across a huge camp. There are buildings everywhere, and people could be seen coming and going inside those buildings.

The aura of this camp is different than the other camp through which we have come. Here, I could smell a thick sense of blood; this may be a resource site, but getting resources does not seem to be easy. These people have come from fighting b.l.o.o.d.y fights from outside.

Soon we reached the huge palatial building, a huge number of people seemed to be coming and going out of it. Seeing the stage people going in and the stage going out, I am pretty sure we have reached the hospital.

Ting Ting Ting…

As we entered the hospital, our holowatched started to ring. They have buzzed with our appointment letters, stating which department we have a.s.signed to.

"You have received your appointments; please report to the department you have been a.s.signed to." He said.

"Excuse me, can all the rules of Resource Site held under Pyramid are getting applied to this Resource site too?" Diana asked suddenly, hearing that the ears of everyone had perked up.

It is a very important question that we all wanted to ask, but we did as no one wanted to be seen as greedy.

Hearing her question, an understanding light appeared on the powerhouses s.p.a.ce. "Yes, all the rules of the Pyramid are being applied to this Ruin it is found in Grimm Battlefield, and yes, you will get 1% of all resources collected by the patients you have healed." He replied; Diana just said thanks without having the decency to blush at her greedy question.

A few seconds later, everyone disbursed, and I too moved toward the ward I had been a.s.signed. They seemed to have studied my record as they have sent me to the 'Fatality Department' where they sent patients who could die within minutes.

The hospital is big, but I had no problem finding the department I had been a.s.signed.

Knock Knock

Soon I appeared in front of the administrative office of the 'Fatality Department and knocked.