Monster Integration - Chapter 1314 - Realm Camp

Chapter 1314 - Realm Camp

Chapter 1314 - Realm Camp

Six days had pa.s.sed by since the Adventurers Paradice has closed the city's gates, and since then, there was no news of what is happening outside except for the common reason of being 'Miasma becoming dense.'

The city's normal powerhouses might not know the real reason, but it had already spread in healers circle like a wildfire.

There was not only one person who had entered the Realm accidentally; three more healers have come across who had entered the Realm accidentally.

The latest news comes from the Peak Prince, who was on the week-long mission and only two days ago. He had gone to the forest the same night all of this stayed and returned two days early when he got infected, and he had discovered pretty great things.

Despite getting a warning from higher-ups not to share what it saw, he stilled shared a little. Seeing he had come outside, the healers have sent Diana specifically to heal him and get a secrete out of him.

From what he told us, there are seemed to be more than ten entrances to that Ruin, and he got in and out of two. The entrances of Realms always unstable; one has to stabilize them using s.p.a.ce stabilizers.

On the way to the Outpost, he saw the camps we are building in the forest and the airsh.i.p.s arriving every few minutes.

Looking at the information that he had provided us, we are already building camps by the entrance and sending people. These people are just not from Outpost but other outposts too and also outside.

There seemed to be many people going inside that Ruin seeing the traffic of Airs.h.i.+p it had described.

It made me and others very curious about the Ruin, but we did not know anything else until a minute ago.

The guild had sent the mail minute ago, the first time describing what is happening outside; they also mentioned the realms and need for healers and fighters.

They will select some healers and fighters who will go to camps they had built at the realms entrances, which is great since the second day since it started, we are sitting here and doing nothing much.

With the closed gates, the influx of patients slowed down immensely, but due to emergency orders, the healers require to spend fifteen hours at the hospital; it left all healers bored with them doing nothing but gossiping as we are doing now.

I am one of the less free as I had to spend most of my time in the cafeteria for the last five days. I cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the healers as I have nothing much to do after my practice.

"How healers do you think they will take to those camps?" Lena asked others, "I don't know, but I hope I am get selected if Micheal gets selected." "The only thing keeping me sane in this empty hospital is Micheal's food; if he's gone, then I don't want to stay here," George replied and every affirmed.

Hospitals in the Grimm Battlefield are never empty; there is always an influx of patients that healers barely get time to eat and sleep, but now they are sitting empty-handed doing nothing but gossiping since they all have to follow the fifteen hours.

Soon I finished eating my lunch and excused myself while they remained at the table talking. I went to my cabin, brought out a tub, and filled it with Miasmic Solution and four drops of essence of Miasmic Astral Rose before dipping myself inside.


I practice for nearly minutes before getting out and walking directly to the shower. I was in the shower when suddenly holowatch rang with a mail from the guild.

The mail said I was selected to go to the realm camp; I have to present at the airport in two hours. In the next few minutes, my holowatched buzzed with a notification repeatedly.

They were from my friends, who also selected. It looked like they are taking half of the healers from Fort Camilla, and that is quite dangerous. We are already understaffed here, and if something bad were to happen, then it would be very hard to control the huge fatalities.

The chances of something bad is happening are very low as the closest realm entrance where they had to build the camp. Duke could travel such distance within a few minutes, and Emperor would need just a second.

Not to forget they will not leave such Outpost unguarded; there must be several Emperors and one Tyrant that would always present in camp as the guardian.

A few minutes later, I got out of the shower, wore my clothes, and walked out of my cabin.

One and Half hour later, I, with a couple of my friends, boarded the Airs.h.i.+p and sat on the a.s.signed seats.

"They would have just guided us to camp; it would have been far less time consuming than using the airs.h.i.+p," Diana complained.

As I had said, the closest camp is just a hundred kilometers away and would have taken us ten to fifteen minutes to reach by flying, but that was too risky when hundred-some healers are involved.

If we are ambushed by an Emperor or Tyrant, some of us might die before help arrives but in a Military airs.h.i.+p, which seemed super strong that even could take a blow or two from Tyrant.

If something like that happens, then we can easily survive. The closest Tyrant would need all but moment to come to our rescue.

The higher-ups could easily sacrifice thousand of elite Warriors, but they will never take a risk for a hundred healers. We are far too precious for that; they might work as a horse but never do something that could threaten our life.

Half an hour when all the healers boarded, the Airs.h.i.+p took the air toward the realm camps.

Seeing that, I couldn't help but feel excited as there is a chance that I will be able to meet Mira there and also know about 'what the h.e.l.l is happening in the realm.'