Monster Integration - Chapter 1311 - Difference

Chapter 1311 - Difference

Chapter 1311 - Difference

"A week to a month," I muttered as I read her message. She did not mention the reason; it is likely confidential.

It seemed very important; otherwise, they would not have used the purple code to summon her.

I don't know whether it is just her or the other King Stage powerhouses that were also summoned, but one thing is sure, it is dangerous whenever they are sending her.

It is a confidential mission, but there is one place where I could find out about this. If any place I could find out about the secrete things, then it would be that place, but before I go there, I should eat something as I would not be able to return for few hours at least.


I was walking toward the kitchen when my holowatch rang, and when I looked, I saw Blue color mail on my holowatch. The 'Blue' denotes the important mail, and only Guilds and Adventure Paradice (Pyramid) have the right to send those emails.

I opened it and read it, and my expressions couldn't help but turn serious. The Adventure Paradice issued an order to close all the gates that lead outside the city. Now, only people could come inside, not go outside without explicit permission from it.

This notice had made me even more curious and made me worry more about Mira, but there is nothing I could do about it.

I walked to the kitchen, cooked breakfast for myself and Ashlyn, and ate before walking out of my quarters. Hospital is not the only place for healing, but it is also a place where all the chatter in the city flows.

People tell healers all kinds of things, especially when healers are pretty. 70% of healing staff is female. People tend to boast in front of healers; it is their natural reaction to the people who see them as their weakest.

A few minutes later, I entered a hospital and saw more patients than the regular, almost three times more. Usually, in the morning, the hospital was least crowded, but now they are most crowded.

"Micheal, its a good thing you have come; I was about to call you," Mark said as I entered; he looked fine, he seemed not long before arrived not long before me; yesterday he and I had left the hospital at the same time.

"What is happening? Why is there are so many patients?" I asked, "I don't know much, but I was informed that some areas of Miamsmic forest had got very dense with Miasmic Energy.

"It is likely why they have closed the city gates and sent the Kings to investigates." He said, and I nodded in affirmation but a little skeptical inside, though what Mark said might be the truth but not a complete truth, I think there is something more to it.

"I will handle them; you focus on kings," I said to Mark, who nodded and walked toward the next ward.

I walked a little deeper in the ward before typing a few b.u.t.tons on my holowatch and repeated the same warning about the pain as I usually do.

This outpost is small, and till now, nearly all have heard about me more or less and my notorious healing method. Hearing my questions, more than half of them shuddered, but n.o.body objected.

In my three months in Camp Camilla, only two have objected to my healing, and of two, one ended up dying.

He was in serious condition; after he rejected my healing, I had warned him about his extremely serious condition and other than King Stage healers would not able to him, but that idiot did not listen and ended up dying during mid-treatment with other healers.

As I got their consent, I started my healing, and vines released from my hands, which transformed into the thirty-six vines.

With the increase in Body and Soul strength, I was able to harness more power from runes, and these thirty-six vines are from that. Before, I could only use twenty vines to heal, but now I could use thirty-six of them.


The screams begin as the vines pierced through patients' bodies, and they reached even higher when sucking begin and roses beginning form on the vines.

As they did, the enforcers came and started cutting out the roses in crystal boxes as they appear, never letting them before crowded on the vines; it continued for five minutes before I finally called back the vines, and with it, screams also stopped.

In minutes, enforcers have moved another group of patients at me, and screams started again as I begin to heal them.

The screaming and healing had continued for more than one and a half hour till I had healed all the Dukes and Princes that were in serious condition.

As the healing ended, I walked into my cabin and sat before taking out one crystal box from the storage that the enforcer had just handed to me and took out the crystalline rose in which the pink mist was stored.

I looked at concentrated before concentrating soul sense on it; if it had been soul sense of others, it would have desspeared in the pink mist, but mine that was laced with Rule bending power worked on its like it worked on the normal mist.

I burrowed my soul sense into the mist and started to scan it. Earlier, when I was healing, I had noticed something different in the mist for a moment; I had tried it again a few times but could not find that difference and let it go since I was treating the patients.

'There it is.' I said into my mind as I found what I am looking for. Earlier, I lucky enough to notice this mist was a very tiny bit different than the normal mist; it is a very micro difference, but the difference nonetheless.

This mist does not act as different than the other mist, but I am sure this difference in the mist is directly related to what is happening outside, for which they had close the gates.