Monster Integration - Chapter 1310 - Code Purple

Chapter 1310 - Code Purple

Chapter 1310 - Code Purple

Three months pa.s.sed by since I had come to Fort Camilla, and these three months have been some of the best days of my life.

It's all because of Mira; we have started dating in the first week, Ive come here, and since then, our relations.h.i.+p has gotten stronger and stronger.

Ive also made huge progress in my practice; two months ago, I had reached the Peak of Duke Stage and could breakthrough whenever I want, but I had been holding back as I am not satisfied with my Inheritance progress.

These three months have given me a lot of time, and I am very close to finis.h.i.+ng the upgrade of my Inheritance.

I now need to fix some small problems, and I will be ready to make a breakthrough. I had spent quite a lot of time researching this upgrade of the Inheritance; the boost will give me quite huge.

Especially when my Physical and Soul Strength growing rapidly ever since I had started practicing with Essense of Miasmic Astral Rose. Its effects are beyond amazing, especially since I had increased the doses of the essence.

With the strong body and soul, I can harness more power from my Crysteline runes, which had made me quite strong.

Ting Ting Ting…

I was sleeping soundly with Mira nestling in my arms when a loud sound started blaring across my bedroom.

"What is it?" I said as I opened my eyes and looked at my holowatch found it normal. It is Mira's holowatch that is blaring and s.h.i.+ning brightly in purple, that it bathed the whole bedroom in purple.

"Code Purple!"

Both of us said in unison, code purple is one of the highest emergency codes, and now it is blaring across her holowatch. While I watched, she tapped on the message and to read it.

It is a small message saying they need to arrive at Adventurers Paradice as soon as possible.

"It a summon order from adventurers Paradice; I have to go." She said as she closed her holowatch and started to wear clothes on her perfect body.

After wearing clothes, she went to the bathroom to freshen up before wearing her protective gear.

"Bye, babe." She said and took a step to leave before she appeared next to me and kissed me fiercely on the lips. "Good Luck, baby," I said as we broke the kiss, "I will message you as soon as I know something." She said and disappeared from my bedroom.

Code Purple appeared on her holowatch means something must have happened; otherwise, they would not have called the purple code for anything. 'I hope it is nothing dangerous.' I thought worriedly.

Whenever she goes out, I feel worried. Even knowing that with her strength, she is safer than me when she goes out, but I still couldn't help but worry.

I wanted to go back to sleep, but it eluded me, so I decided to get up, seeing only one hour before my usual wake up time. Normally, I take six hours of sleep, but two days a week, that time cut into half.

The two days which when we spend the night together.

Even after three months of a relations.h.i.+p, we let our relations.h.i.+p work naturally, without forcing things our way. We only spent two nights together, one night at her quarters while the second night at a mine in a week.

We met whenever we are free to spend time with each other and have some fun, but we only sleep together at night only two days a week.

I got up from the bed freshened up before walk toward the small room with the bowl tub; I filled it with a solution as I usually do before adding four drops of diluted essence of Miasmic Essense Rose.

In the three months, I was only able to increase the solution's dose by three drops.

Its not that I couldn't refine the drops of essence, its just that my body reached the limit after absorbing the four drops, twelve drops in total when I practice three times a day.

The capacity of my body is increasing at a very slow pace; there are ways to light up the potential of the body further and made it absorb more solutions like Seals of Supreme Combat Exercise and energy of that special Ruin that Academy controls.

The other ways control Supremes and powerful tyrant organization that they will not tell or let others use them. Only members of their organizations could make use of them.

I finally created a 6TH Ruby seal (Six hundred seals) a month ago, which increased my body's potential, which had let me increase my body's capacity by two drops per session directly.

Since then, I had been trying very hard to create the 7th Ruby Seal, but it isn't easy, especially when I practice with the essence of Miasmic Astral Rose.

As for that Ruin with a special energy that arouses the potential, there is still time for it to be opened. Still, even when it opened, I would not be able to stay in that Ruin for long; at max, I could only stay there for seven to ten days before the Ruin closes.

Still, in these seven days body became a black hole with the help of special energy that absorbs any resources without a problem.

Still, I am quite lucky in my current condition. My Apex Const.i.tution gives me the huge potential to absorb the energy of resources like Miasmic Astral Rose.

A normal person of a similar level as mine would not be able to do that; they will not be able to merge with such a powerful resource, much less do it three times a day.

I watched the sunrise through the gla.s.s wall before I got out of the tub and walked to the shower.


I had just walked out of the shower when suddenly my holowatched ringed with a message. I did not have to who is from as I had a.s.signed a special ringtone to Mira's messages and calls.

There is a short message saying it mightier take her a week to a month to return; she did not mention where she is going or what she will be doing for her to take a week to a month to return.