Monster Integration - Chapter 1312 - Cooking In Cafeteria

Chapter 1312 - Cooking In Cafeteria

Chapter 1312 - Cooking In Cafeteria

Knock Knock…

I was observing the mist in two roses concurrently, trying to see the difference between them, when a knock sounded on the door.

"Come in," I said, and a familiar short figure in a white coat walked in. She is Lena, a Peak Prince Healer who worked at the hospital. "Micheal, the kitchen staff, were asking if you are going to be cook today?" she asked.

Lena keeps her eyes neutral, but I could see the clear expectations s.h.i.+ning in the eyes. "Of course, I was going to come in a few minutes," I said to her and walked out of my cabin with her.

A few minutes later, I pa.s.sed through the healer's lounge toward the cafeteria with Lena. Some of the healers followed us as we walked toward the cafeteria.

In the cafeteria, I walked directly into the kitchen where the staff of ten chefs and a couple of healers were already waiting; not only that, they have also kept a huge amount of stuff on the counter, ready to cut and cook.

"Everything is ready as you required." said a portly middle-aged man smilingly; he is the head chef of the healer's cafeteria.

"Thank You, Mr. West," I said and walked toward a huge counter where a large number of things are placed. Well, such an amount is needed to cook nearly three hundred healers.

My cooking for healers started about two months ago when Mira and I had dinner with Mark, who is Mira's childhood friend and when he ate, he spilled the beans about to other healers; some of them had already become my friends like Lena.

So, I had to invite them all for dinner, and the next thing I know, news of my cooking spread among all the healers, and many of them asked me to invite them for dinner.

The request had become too much that I decided to cook all the healers once and for all and be done with it, but to my surprise, when I had cooked for about three hundred people, I saw challenging it is to control the energies in such huge amount of food that when I finished, all the dishes could be said to have 75-80 mark which is far less than my usual 90 to 98.

So, as a challenge to myself, I cooked for another time and then and then another till I got my usual 90 scores in all dishes; by that time, I had clearly realized the benefits of cooking such a large amount of food.

My energy control is improving rapidly, and I am learning recipes inside the tome at a much faster speed. So, I continue to cook for them, and now, I cooked at four to six times a week, and I have to say, the benefits I am getting from becoming greater and greater.

"We will try something different today," I said, and just as I said, I could see the eyes of everyone started to s.h.i.+ne brightly; even healers who have come to the watch even made a noise.

Most stuff on the counter has disappeared, and in its place, new things have appeared.

In these months, the news recipes in coster increased tremendously. I now have a total of seventy-eight recipes, and I am going to cook some of the recipes on that 78 recipes.

The knife appeared on my hand, and also two vines came out behind. Two hands are not enough to cook for hundreds of people; I have to take the other two hands.

The usage of vines in cooking may seem simple, but it is extremely difficult; in cooking, I have to control a very ounce of my energy; the slightest mistake and dish would be gone.

I had to practice with two vines for over a month before I became proficient in using them for cooking.

I have now practiced using the four vines, which is far more difficult than using the two vines and might take me one-two months more before I could use them with as much proficiency as I am using the tree vines.

My hands and vines are moving too fast; they are so fast that Dukes watching me cooking have to concentrate hard to watch my movements.

I have to be fast; otherwise, it would take me hours to cook everything; I still remember when I had cooked such a huge meal for the first time, it had taken me more than five hours, now it only takes me half.

Time pa.s.sed as I cut and cook in huge pots under my silver fire while healers and chefs watch closely without uttering the sound. Their eyes are so concentrated that it looked like they are watching an enthralling play rather than cooking.

I do not mind people watching me; if they can learn something by watching, it's their luck, and some people had already been lucky. Mr. West, some other chefs, and healers were able to glean something watching me.

It is clear among everyone quality of food in the cafeteria has been drastically improved ever since the cafeteria staff watched me cooking.

Thinking of cafeteria food, there was a funny incident two weeks ago. The people in the city have started to hear the news of cafeteria food, and one daring person had tried to sneak in.

His attempt was beautiful as he had used a very good disguise method and even able to cloak his aura of this healer to a certain degree.

If he had used that disguise method, he would be easily able to pose as a healer anywhere, but he had decided to pose anywhere, he would have been successful, but he did it in the cafeteria.

We healers are very sensitive to auras; it is an occupational quality. So, he was in line; he got quickly sensed by a King Stage healer. It was a good thing that guy was at King Stage and was able to run away pretty quickly before healers could beat him.

The cafeteria is for healers only; once a week, I may let enforcers eat the food, but that's all; the non-healers are simply not allowed here no matter who they are; even partners and lovers of healers are not allowed here. It is not my rule but the rule of the hospital itself that even I did not dare to break.