Monster Integration - Chapter 1309 - Together

Chapter 1309 - Together

Chapter 1309 - Together

"Hmm, good, I like this way of waking up." She said as she woke up and pressed my head down further; the next few minutes, her m.o.a.ns grew louder and louder till she collapsed.

A few minutes after that, m.o.a.ns again started to ring out, and this time from both of us, and they lasted for more than an hour.

"I thought you would be tired after an intense night, but you are still able to give the same performance as night." She said as she collapsed on my chest. Her voice is clearly tired, so is she, and so am I.

What we did throughout the night and just now exhausted us thoroughly but left us in bliss.

"You are amazing," I said as I moved her hair gently as I kissed her; the kiss is the very gentle opposite of what we had a few moments ago.

We lay on the bed, exhausted for a few minutes before we finally separated from each other. "You go freshened up; I will make something for you," I said as I got out of bed but not before taking a kiss from those beautiful lips.

"Make something delicious." She said; I smiled at that and walked out bedroom after wearing my boxers.

Last night, I did not get much to see her quarters. They are about a similar size to my quarters but with a different interior. I could see some things which seemed to be added by Mira; her style was clearly reflected in them.

I looked around for a minute before I entered the kitchen and started to take out the things I need for breakfast. It is afternoon, but I am still cooking the breakfast; I can make it an hour and two later.

While I was cooking, Mira appeared from her bedroom looking fresh, and when I looked at what she is wearing, I had stopped for a second and nearly burn what I was cooking.

She is wearing nothing but my white s.h.i.+rt which I was wearing yesterday, and she looked amazing in it.

She smiled, seeing my reaction, and took a seat opposite to me, and watched me cook.

"Breakfast is ready," I said as I placed plates of sumptuous breakfast in front of her. "You are a really good cook, do you know that." She said and appeared next to me and kissed me, and this kiss was long and slow.

A few minutes later, we broke the kiss and began to eat while talking in between. "I really like to get used to it." She said, not clearly defining what she meant by her words, whether she had said about food or something else. Still, hearing that, I am happy none the less.

"Then, you should," I replied, her expression stilled for the moment, hearing that before, a more beautiful smile appeared on her face. Seeing the smile, I couldn't control myself and move ahead to kiss her.

A few minutes later, we finished breakfast, and I went to shower. It might feel dirty for the first time in quite a few years; I don't feel like showering. I want her smell on my body till it disappears on its own.

It is unhygienic, and I opened the shower the next second, but still, that thought is lingering in my mind as I slather my body with soap.

Ten minutes later, I walked out of the bathroom and dried myself with my ability before wearing new clothes.

When I came back to the hall, I saw Mira scrolling through the endless list of movies, having a problem deciding which movie to watch.

'Ah, the dilemma of endless scrolls, sometimes when I am in the mood to watch the movie, I end up spending more time scrolling through them than actually watching.'

"Do you want to choose the movie?" Mira asked me as I sat beside her, "No, I don't want such heavy responsibility." I said as I took her hands; she glared at me for a moment before she went back to scrolling.

It took her twenty more minutes before selecting a romantic movie; it is quite an old movie but very popular. I had watched it a couple of times with my family when I was little.

The movie begins, and we started to watch, sometimes talking in between commenting on the particular scene. Mira had her hand in my hand and her head on my shoulder she watched the movie.

It feels very good to spend time with her, away from the strenuous days. I feel very calm right; there is no tension bubbling in my mind; it is peaceful and calm. One should have such days, away from usual b.l.o.o.d.y fights.

Fighting is our duty; there is no escaping it, but everyone deserves to have such peaceful days; they are very important for the stability of one's mind.

"I love it, no matter how many times I watched it." She said as moved finished and credits rolls in. "It's a wonderful movie," I said. The movie is really great, despite watching it more than ten times. I never got bored with it.

"What do you want to eat?" I asked, seeing the sky started to darken, "Surprise me." she said. "Ok," I said and gave her a peck on the lips before

The dinner was simple but satisfying, and after dinner, she went to her room and came back fully armored. Despite seeing her armor many times, I couldn't help but feel enchanted by her and appeared beside her for a kiss.

The kiss was pa.s.sionate and long; we kissed for a few minutes before we broke apart.

"Let's go." She said, and we walked out of her quarter's hand in hand. On the elevator on the 8th floor, I came across that strange guy again looking at me when I had dropped Mira off on our first date.

His eyes have become sharper when he saw our hands together but did not say anything; the tense elevator ride lasted for a few seconds before we all get in the lobby.

"Goodbye," Mira said after giving me a peck on the lips and flew away toward the city gates; I watched her till she desspeared in front of my eyes and before flying toward my quarters.