Monster Integration - Chapter 1296 - Stumped

Chapter 1296 - Stumped

Chapter 1296 - Stumped

"Well, I had throught your Healing is good, but I had never thought you would be such a great fighter too." Said the familiar voice.

"Thank You, If not for you, I would have died by that Grimm Monsters hands," I said to Mira as she appeared from the dark shadow of a tree; she is the one who killed all the Grimm Monsters, including that King Stage Grimm Monsters.

"It seemed like rumors of you having Dual Inheritance is true." She said as she looked me from up-down; feeling her gaze, I couldn't help but shudder visibly.

She is not a normal King Stage powerhouse but a King Stage powerhouse with the Bloodline. Her Bloodline must be pretty powerful for her to reach the King Stage at a young age.

Her progress is extremely fast, seeing she is only one and a half year older than me, and from I heard, she had reached the King Stage a year ago and still is at Initial Stage.

It seemed like she had been holding back to harness more power in her Bloodline. Be it Bloodline or Inheritance, the more power one harness, the more powerful they will become and greater their chances will be of the breakthrough.

"You are planning on going back, right?" she asked; I nodded, "Let's go then; it is time for me to return as well." She said, and we few toward the Outpost.

Our speed was quite fast, or I should say, her speed was quite fast, and I had to use every bit of energy to keep up with her and talk to her on the way as if it is no big deal.

For a King Level powerhouse like her, this speed is nothing. She is likely holding back her speed because of me.

"You are quite lucky to be able to kill that Werewolf; these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have a hundred ways to survive even without the protection talismans." She said with a sigh.

The talismans won't work the from King Stage or at least not with powerful Bloodlines and Apex Inheritance. The energies of them contradict with energies of talisman and create very uncomfortable friction.

Normal Kings may keep their talisman at King Stage depending on their Inheritance, but powerful Kings won't have it.

At that stage, powerful Kings won't much need talismans; they scourge enough abilities from their bloodlines and Inheritances that they could even survive against normal emperors if they used their abilities well enough.

Though there are always exceptions, the otherworldly talismans, these talismans made by superpowerful powerhouses that were above Tyrants don't interfere with other energies; even Tyrants desire such talismans.

An hour later, we have reached the Outpost and went through strict checking before getting inside.

"Thank You again for saving me and express my thanks; I would be grateful if you could come for dinner tomorrow?" I asked her.

"Oh Micheal, you don't have to create such an elaborate excuse if you want to ask me for a date; I am quite a liberal girl; you should have asked me directly." She said with a happy smile as if she believed I had asked her on the date in a roundabout way.

Hearing that, I felt quite stunned and opened my mouth to explain when I found Mira disappeared from my eyes and already became a dot in my eyes before I could explain that 'I did not ask her for a date.'

A date with Mira would not be a bad thing; it had been months since I had broken up with Rachel; it is time for me to go out and enjoy my life, and its not like there are any faults with Mira.

She is funny and charming and not to forget beautiful and very powerful that she could crush me with a single finger. The thought of asking her on a date never entered my mind, but now there is a date; I couldn't help but happy about it.

Ellen had told me to go out in the field and enjoy what life has to offer, and it is time I do that; I had been copped up in my own world for too long.

A few minutes later, I reached my quarters with a happy smile, which for some isn't disappearing; it will disappear in a few minutes, though.

"Ashlyn, give me the roses," I said to Ashlyn right after I entered my quarter; I had been waiting for this moment ever since I saw these roses bathing under the starlight.

Chew Chew

Ashlyn chirped, and the next second, a starry rose size of her body appeared out of her thumbnail size beak. The Rose is night color with silvery multicolored starlight twinkling over it.

It looked extremely beautiful, like a thing that is being personally crafted by the G.o.d. It is a very beautiful and most amazing thing about it because it is King Grade Miasmic Astra Rose.

I had been quite wrong; these roses are not of Prince Grade but King Grade, which is beyond amazing. The difference in Grade brings out huge benefits; this is King Grade Rose that even the Emperor stage powerhouse l.u.s.ts for.

"Ashlyn, where is the other one?" I asked when I noticed she only took out one Miasmic Astral Rose.

"Chew Chew Chew…"

Hearing that, her face changes, and she chirped at me angrily, saying she is giving me one. Rose is more than enough, and I should be grateful for it since I did not do anything to get these Rose.

I felt stumped for the second time in a row, first by Mira and now by Ashlyn. I opened my mouth to say something to her but soon realized I have nothing much to say.

One thing sure struck me, and that is Ashlyn's nature; I have not failed to notice the change in nature that Ashlyn has past few weeks, which is not surprised. Monsters have changed in their nature when their intelligence grows but Ashlyn not the same.

Ashlyn's intelligence had far surpa.s.sed the normal bonded monsters long ago, and at that time, there was not much change in her. So, I couldn't help but think there is maybe another reason for that; as for what that reason is, I have no freaking idea.