Monster Integration - Chapter 1295 - Umbra Werewolf III

Chapter 1295 - Umbra Werewolf III

Chapter 1295 - Umbra Werewolf III

As I decided, twelve roses come out of the ground before they turned into petals and came toward us.


The Werewolf noticed the lotuses and seemed to understand their threat as it cursed and tried to run away, but how can I let it do that. As it tried to run away, I used all my power to intercept it.


I had to intercept it for one moment before huge petals of rose-covered us and formed a rose, thus caging the Werewolf.

"F.U.C.K IT!"

Just as Rose covered us, Werewolf's expressions changed as it understood what was happening and cursed loudly, and the next moment, blood-red colors begin to mix in dark flames covering as it came at me.

's.h.i.+t, it is burning itself.' I said in my mind seeing the red color mixed in dark flame, and it is coming toward me with a vengeance despite the invisible shackles of Rose biding it.

Its burning itself has seemed to give a huge boost in power that it could disregard the binding or overpower them as it moved to escape from the cover of the rose.

I can't let it escape; it is a huge threat, and seeing it escaping means it will disclose the secrete of Miasmic Astral Roses. It is reality; it will not going to find me in the forest despite knowing which Outpost I am from, so it might as well shout that information and make everybody know.

When that happens, be it Grimm Monsters or humans, both will be hungry for my blood.


I appeared in front of it and clashed my weapons, stopped it, but the next moment it changed the direction, and I again appeared on the other side to stop it.

It is a good thing that Werewolf is suppressed under the rose; if not for that with it burning itself, I would be no match for it, but still being suppressed, it is very powerful that I am barely stopping it from escaping.

"Human, let me go, and I will keep the secrete if not, I will scream now and let everyone know that you have Miasmic Astral Roses." It threatened to look at me cruelly.

"Do it; the whole rose is isolated that even King Stage powerhouse would have to try hard to see and hear what is happening under the rose," I said, white matching its smile.

"Human," it said with gritted teeth and doubled its effort to escape. It did not question what Ive said; with its power, it can guess what this rose capable of.

Its attempts to escape became greater and greater, and it is burning itself further, not even caring it is burning up its base. I

f it had done that when it burned itself for power, it would have been able to escape, but now, the grip on the rose on it became tighter as it had shackled its power further.

The Rose Refinement is a domain itself; I had crafted this move using my Const.i.tutions Domain ability.

Only Knights and Tyrants usually use domains; the reason for it is worldly energy; the Knights don't have any control over the wordly energy and could use it as a move against people of the same level.

But when they became lords, everything changes.

The worldly energy shattered the Domains of Lords and above. The worldly is the will of the world and is considered a direct domain challenge to its authority and destroyed it whenever it appears.

The Tyrants could use the domain because of their control over the worldly energy. They can stop the worldly energy from destroying their domains and strengthen it with its aid.

On the other hand, my domain is free from such restriction; it is part of my Const.i.tutional ability and contains the power of all seven elements, including Rule bending power, which hides it from the world's gaze.

Still, the domain itself is not powerful in its raw form as it is powerful oneself energy without the aid. So, I changed the domain; not only had I made it way smaller but also reinforced it with hundreds of formations, so I could make full use of all the seven elements it is made of.


It had been fifteen minutes since it had started burning itself for more power, and now it finally is losing that power.

Its body had shrunken down considerably, and the red mist that is coming out of it had turned a sickly yellow; it had used nearly everything it had, and it won't take it for it turned into dust.

Another minute pa.s.sed, and now it barely can resist my attacks, and now it is time to finish it.

With the thought to finish it off, I released four vines from my back. The vines moved toward it like lightning snakes; it tried to dodge them, but it could not as with second four vines had bound it completely.

If it had been before, it would have easily able to, but now burning itself and under the intense suppression of rose, it had only remained husk of a former self.

Puch Puch Puch…

Seeing vines tieing it, it opened its mouth to say something, but before its mouth could form any words, multiple vines pierced through its head, killing it immediately.

I don't whether it had opened its mouth to beg for mercy or stall for time, but I had to kill it before I lose the chance, and something unfortunate happens; nothing could be said about these hosts of Apex Inheritance, the sooner you kill them, the safer you will be.

I unfurled the vines from the Werewolves body, which was burning with vigor now tuned into dried husk just like an old man in its last years. I took one looked at its body and stored it in my storage before calling back my vines and rose into me.

As I called back everything and stood in the open, I found nearly a hundred gazes on me, most of them that of Grimm Monsters seeing the intention they are radiating only one third were the humans.

I am very tired, and there is one-fourth of energy remained in me, but my aura is burning like a sun as I looked at those Grimm Monsters who are hiding in the dark, daring them to come out to fight.

I was just looking at these gazes with a will to fight when I felt a gaze that shook me to my core, and I shuddered visibly with my face becoming even paler under the armor.

'A King Stage powerful, A Grimm Monsters King Stage powerhouse.' I said in my mind as I cursed my luck of never getting something very easy.

Whenever I get something very good, there is always some very dangerous thing attached to it.

I had got Miasmic Astral Rose had a good fight when this f.u.c.k.i.n.g King b.a.s.t.a.r.d had to show up, and now my survival had come into the question itself.

Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh…

I was thinking about how to survive when suddenly screams started to ring out, and to my utter shock, the first scream came from the King Stage Grimm Monster that looked at me from the shadows.

Whoever is making the killings is at King Stage as only King Stage or above could kill other Kings this fast.

"Well, I had throught your Healing is good, but I had never thought you would be such a great fighter too." Said the familiar voice.