Monster Integration - Chapter 1297 - Forging

Chapter 1297 - Forging

Chapter 1297 - Forging

I shook my head from Ashlyn's thoughts as I nothing to refer to; reading research about monsters would not help; she is too strange for that.

So, I have to keep recording her behavior and slowly find the point of it; it might take time, but if I observe enough, I will be to know the reason, and to honest, I already have a theory about it, but I will not voice it out before I get full info about it.

With thoughts of Ashlyn out, I looked at Rose before and saw it have twelve starry petals that King Stage Miasmic Astral Rose should have.

I gently plucked one starry petal, took out a crystal bottle, and added that petal into the bottle. As I did, I released a small amount of energy into the petal, and the next moment petal liquified into starry liquid.

Once the Rose is taken out of the tree, any foreign energy touch will turn it into the liquid. The amount of liquid is too low; there wouldn't be more than ten drops of liquid in the bottle, but still, even a single drop held the power of blast to the pieces if I dared to consume it in any way.

It is the essence of King Miasmic Astral Rose; even with a strong body, I would not be able to bear its energy; I will have to dilute it, and it is a good thing, I have quite a lot of diluting liquid with me.

I took a big bottle of colorless liquid out of my storage and started to add colorless liquid into a crystal bottle in which the essence of King Grade Miasmic Astral Roses present.

I added the diluting solution until the crystalline bottle is full before putting it back into my storage.

The diluting solution had turned starry as it mixed with the essence of Miasmic Astral Rose. There are now about three hundred drops of diluted essence of Miasmic Astral Rose; I hope I would be now able to absorb a drop of it.

With that throught, I walked into the small room with a White bowl tub and opened the faucets, and Miasmic Solution started to fill the White Bowl Tub; and a minute later, I turned off the faucet and stopped the pink liquid coming in.

I opened the crystal bottle of diluted rose essence with a tub filled with pink liquid and dropped a single drop into it.

It can be consumed directly but using the best method is to use the alchemical solution; only when I can't use the solution, would I consume it directly.

A single drop of it had brought the faint starry feel to liquid and made it even more beautiful than before; I admired the pink stary solution for a few a second before entering the tub.

As I laid in it, it only took me a moment to notice the energy present in the pool; there is an immense amount of energy present in the pool that, for a moment, I considered getting out of the tub.

All this energy is from the diluted liquid essence of the Miasmic Astral Rose. I had far underestimated the energy contained inside the diluted essence of King Grade Miasmic Astral Rose. It is five times more than my prediction.

It is more energy than I could absorb. However, I did not move out of the tub, unlike the Miasmic Solution's energy, which crazily tearing my body apart, the energy of Miasmic Astral Rose repelling away from my body.

The energy did not want to merge with me; it is even moving further away from me. I knew about this from reading the info about Miasmic Astral Rose but still couldn't help but feel surprised.

Using the diluted essence of Miasmic Astral Rose to forge my body, soul, and energy would be quite difficult, but I have to do it. It can make my body strong as the Grimm Monsters and even strengthen my Inheritance Energy.

Suppose I was able to use the Rose fully. In that case, I will able to strongest Grimm Monster with hand to hand without using my Inheritance to defend against its physical attack, and the greatest benefit of it would be that I will able to use the power of my runes fully.

Due to my Body and Soul's limitations, I cannot use them at their full potential, but I will do it if I forge myself with the Rose.

Taking a couple of deep breaths, I captured a few strands of the energy and took them into my veins, but I could take them into my veins, just as I did, one forth of it vanished such by the runes.

It had shocked me; before my runes changed, I used to keep them locked during refining; after that, I stopped because crystalline runes had no interest in my refining energy.

It is the first time they have shown and right in the start, they one-fourth; I am just thinking about that fourth of energy when one-third energy of remaining energy also got taken, and the culprit was Nero.

Within a second of me taking energy inside me, half of it has been desspeared, and now only half of it has remained. I waited, watching to see if anyone had any intention to take it.

After watching a full minute, seeing no one is taking the energy, I started to circulate it when I had gotten another surprise. The half of energy disappeared or merged with my body, soul, and vein before I could circulate through the one magic vein.

Seeing that smile speared on my face, the energy may repel against me, but my body desperately wanted it. I could feel its hunger for this energy when it merged with it.

So the second round, I gathered even more energies of the diluted essence of Miasmic Astral Rose and took to my veins; half of it desspeared instantly, and the other half desspeared after circulating in a couple of veins.