Monster Integration - Chapter 1294 - Umbra Werewolf II

Chapter 1294 - Umbra Werewolf II

Chapter 1294 - Umbra Werewolf II

It had launched silk-like sword rays, Ive seen the power of these sword rays and remember how they cut hundreds of snakes apart; if they touched me, there are chances that I would too get cut like those snakes.

These dark silky sword rays are coming at me from every direction, and the Werewolf is also somewhere, ready to intercept me if I tried to run away; seeing such a beautiful plan, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

'This will be a perfect opportunity to test the strength of my vines.' I said in my mind, and the next four crystalline vines came out of my back and moved toward the dark sword rays in unison.

I had wanted to test my beautiful vines against something sharp, and these sword rays were the sharpest thing Ive come across; let's see how my vines content against the things that could slice up the monsters without resistance.

Rustle Rustle Rustle…

A rustling sound rang out as my vines clashed again; the sword rays, to my surprise, were only able to leave a faint mark on them before most of their power absorbed by the vines and fain marks disappeared.

I am quite surprised to see such a result, I had thought such these extremely sharp sword rays would cut at least a centimeter or two, but all they did was left a mark before getting absorbed by the vines.

The Werewolf seemed to have gotten angry as another wave of Sword Rays came at me, and this time, they were not only more powerful than before, but they were also numerous.

Rustle Rustle Rustle… CLANG!

My vines had moved even faster than before and clashed against the dark sword rays, and at the same time, I sensed a sword coming toward my back very sneakily; sensing that, I immediately whipped my sword and dealt with it.

"It looked like using normal moves on you would be futile." It said directly, looking at my eyes. Feeling its gaze, fear couldn't help but appear on my heart, and I knew instinctively that it was using its most powerful move, and if I dared to hold back slightly against it, I would die without question.

"Umbra Lords Grace," Werewolf shouted, and the next moment, its aura rose to an unbelievable height that held my guess true.


The inky black flames covered its body and its sword, and just as that happened, it came at me with a speed that was blurring to even my overpowered senses.

'Old Set: First Boost!'

I activated the first boost without a wait and moved toward it and was surprised to find that my speed was slower than it.

Something like this had happened for the first time, every time I had activated the 'First Boost.' I always had great strength, and even if it was not greater than the enemy, it was always equal to theirs.


Step Step Step…

Its dark flaming sword clashed against mine and sending a tsunami of dark flames at me, which my Armor sucked as it touched them, but some to the force escaped while Armor sucking the force and made me take a step back.

I am shocked seeing the power of the Werewolf; it was a dark flame and pure strength, which it had somehow enhanced. If I was not wearing any Armor, this attack had the power to turned into dust.


It was my first time experiencing such powerful attacks, but it would not be a last as Werewolf smiled cruelly and came at me while I am taking a step back, and this time the dark flames on its sword burned even darker and greater.


Our weapons clashed again, and this time it attacked me with even more power, but this, except for shaking, these were no effect on me. Last time, I was a little unprepared to deal with its force, thinking it Dark Flame I should be more careful, but this time, there was no such mistake.


I said and attacked it with using all my power and power I had harness from it. My attack was very powerful, so powerful that its surprised me, but it did not stop it from reacting fast as lightning.

The flames on its burned darker and bigger while it had become harder to distinguished which type of Grimm Monster it is; it now that began to look like a mini version of Dark Flame Giant of the legends.


Our weapons started clas.h.i.+ng with the powerful attacks, the sounds of attacks spread wider and wider, and the area where we are fighting was destroyed. The tall trees that were around us turned into powder.

Every attack of us is highly destructive that the monsters that were attracted by the sound have been frozen in fear seeing the power of its attack.

Against the Werewolf, I am harnessing every bit of power the first boost could give and using all the power I had harness from the attacks. Its attacks are so powerful that if I did not give my all, I would be turned into the dust, just like the trees.

I don't want that to happen, so I am using every bit of the power I have to attack; I want to finish it off as soon as possible, not because it is a powerful enemy, but also our fight is attracting a lot of attention.

Ashlyn said she had just killed twenty-some Grimm Monsters, and one of them was the host of apex Inheritance. The humans are also gathering and watching the fight from a distance.

It is why I want to kill it as soon as possible if things took for the worst, it decided to go crazy and yell out about Miasmic Astral Rose, at that time, I would not only have to be worried about Grimm Monsters chasing me like crazy but also humans.

'It looks like it is time to use that; I hope it would be enough against it." I thought as I activated the move I had holding on to for a while.