Monster Integration - Chapter 1293 - Umbra Werewolf I

Chapter 1293 - Umbra Werewolf I

Chapter 1293 - Umbra Werewolf I

Runes inside me lit up as I activated the Old Set further and attack; this is a rare chance for me to fight against Host of Apex Inheritance and kill it without fear that it would run away with the help of the Talisman.


Our weapons clashed again with even greater force than before, creating an even bigger shockwave than before, but that was not one we shook even a little.

The Werewolf had ma.s.sive strength and four times bigger body than mine, and not to forget a powerful Apex Inheritance, but it wasn't able to do anything against me; all of its attacks were sucked apart by my Armor, but it is just a beginning, it hadn't started to use the real power yet.


We continued to attack each other with our weapons moving so fast that they would become invisible to the normal prince's eyes, but they are just testing moves before we start real the fight.

"Hehe, it looked like I will have to use my real power to beat you." It said, and the next moment, a hair-raising aura shot out of his body; this gave me a very intense feeling of danger.

The misty black darkness came out of its body and enveloped the dark Armor that was already present on its body completely, except for its eyes; everything disappeared in that inky black darkness.

"Now, taste the power of Umbra Domination." It said and desspeared into the night. It did not flash away, desspeared from my view, and since soul sense being restricted, I could not use it to detect it in the night.

Its a good thing; I have something else for such a situation. As it disappeared, my eyes turned fain red, and my other physical senses enhanced extremely. So what if my soul sense is suppressed; I could still use my killing runes to amply my Physical senses.

I had just amplified my senses when suddenly, the blade coming toward my next at an extremely fast speed; the blade is completely invisible and created a vacuum around it, so no there no air, which means no resistance and sound.

A perfect method, Ive never sees such an attacking method, and seeing it, I want to kill this Werewolf; even more, its dangerousness had gone above the other normal Apex Inheritance Hosts.

A normal person would not have been able to sense such an attack; h.e.l.l, some hosts of Apex Inheritances might have fallen under it but not me; I am sensing it ever since it had entered a three-meter range of mine.


My sword moved swiftly and countered against its blade before it could reach my neck.

When I was designing the inheritance, a teacher asked me to create a sensory method that did not require the soul's use. I had to work my brain a lot to create a tidal sensing method inspired by the primitive tech Ive once saw in the movie.

This sensing method is single; I would release tides extremely fain energies mine covered with runes breaking power. These waves had a range of three meters, and anything can move before then would clearly be known by me as it is moving throught my energy.

It is very hard to detect; first, I used a very tiny amount of energy I used in the tides I used. Second, I used rule-bending power instead of the killing rule to cover these energies, making it impossible for it to be discovered even for the King Stage.

It is my first time using this method; it is for emergencies like this as my soul sense is still far more accurate than this method.


The sword disappeared from my neck and appeared at my chest, which I had easily able to block without any problem, but that was starting these attacks have become faster and faster.

The attacks are coming at me with such speed that my blade is not resting for even a moment; it is moving everywhere without stopping to counter the fatal attacks coming at me from every direction.

My Physical senses and the Tide method are working in complete synch to defend against these fatal attacks.

A smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I defend against Werewolf's powerful attack. After James Radcliff, I did not find any other worthy opponent to test my blades.

There was Elena, but she refused to fight me, saying she will fight when she got full control over her bloodline. The only people I had fought most were teachers and professors, but that could not be considered fighting.

That was them beating me to every inch of my life and then pointing out all my mistakes from the move to methods.

This Werewolf is a perfect candidate to satiate my thirst for the battle; it is powerful enough that if I am not careful, I could die under its blade, and there will be no backups since the Talisman couldn't work here; all these things couldn't help me but give a thrill of battle.

Its attacks became faster and faster, but despite that, not a single one of them was able to touch me, but I did not become complacent about that. I am very aware of how closely I am defending against them; even slight negligence on my part could directly cut me into two pieces.

The invisible attacks had lasted for nearly ten minutes before they suddenly stopped. No attack came me, no sound of it, nothing as if it had run away seeing it could not make headway with me.

But I am not naïve enough to think it had disappeared; it is Miasmic Roses on the line; it will not go unless it had exhausted all the options it had.

Time pa.s.sed by, and I waited in the darkness; ten minutes pa.s.sed by no attack, came, even half an hour later, nothing.


I did not much react, just waited when suddenly after fifty minutes of calm, I noticed a movement of attack and I have to say, the attack of it so great that wait of fifty minutes worthed it.