Monster Integration - Chapter 1292 - Miasmic Astral Roses II

Chapter 1292 - Miasmic Astral Roses II

Chapter 1292 - Miasmic Astral Roses II

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d Bird!"

The Werewolf shouted top of its lungs and shot into the sky after Ashlyn, and at the same time, snakes have noticed their flower is gone and became frenzied.

Shar Shar…

Loud hissing voices rang out from the hundreds of snakes as they moved toward the Werewolf and Ashlyn. The Werewolf did not seem to care a hoop about the snake monsters that are coming toward it.

It just took out five-six meters long black Greatsword and swing at an extremely fast speed, and snakes monsters that attacked it has cut into the pieces, seeing such powerful attack, a bright smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

It is more powerful than I had throught; those snakes monsters were one of the strongest presents, who's power had increased by the Miasmic Astral Roses, but they were still cut into pieces so easily by it.

I can't wait to fight it.

Such powerful enemies rarely come across, and now it had come, I will fight it and kill it.

Killing it would be a huge service to the humans, as these powerful Grimm Monsters grey stronger and became a thorn on our way. Killing will make us worry about one less enemy.

It is killing every snake that came into its way, big or small every monster is getting cut by the pieces by it as it chased Ashlyn, who, on the other just moving around the snakes without launching any attack of her own.

If she wanted, she could easily kill these snakes, and she has the power to do it, but she is having too much fun in making the Werewolf chase her like crazy that she decided to have mercy on the monsters who were getting cut into pieces by the Werewolf.

They soon moved out of the basin, but snakes monsters were still following them by which the Werewolf got irritated, swung its sword back a couple of times, and thin black lines released from it.

These s.h.i.+ny black strings cut through the snakes before the b.u.t.ter; in just a matter of seconds, these strings cut through nearly a hundred snake monsters, which scared the h.e.l.l of frenzied snake monsters that they stopped giving chase.

My mouth opened in 'O' as I saw its attack before a bright smile appeared on my face; seeing its powerful attacks, I wanted to fly out it, but I stopped myself. I have to control myself for a few minutes before facing off against it.

It is now only Ashlyn and Werewolf who is screaming its lungs out at her while also launching powerful attacks, which she is easily avoiding. To tease, she would let it catch up a little before flying away with the mocking chirp, which seemed to make it even angrier.

It continued for a few minutes before Ashlyn suddenly dived down, which had surprised Werewolf, and an expression of caution appeared on his face for a moment before it followed Ashlyn.

The allure of the Miasmic Astral Rose is so great that it makes one take risks that one would not even think about taking before.

"Good Girl, Ashlyn, you did a better job than I had expected," I said petted Ashlyn lovingly; while I am doing that, Werewolf appeared and landed gently, not far from me.

"Human, hand over the Miasmic Astral Roses, and I will give you a swift death," Werewolf said haughtily. Hearing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face; the Grimm Monsters never changed.

"You were not even able to catch up Ashlyn, what makes you think you could kill me?" I asked with a smile while still petting Ashlyn lovingly.

"Hump, your monster just had the speed no power; otherwise, she would have responded to my attacks, and you are just above average Duke is who is a level lower than me that I could kill with a single attack." It said with the same haughty tone.

Hearing that, the smile on my face has become even brighter. In this upgrade, I had tinkered with my aura a little with the help of Rule Bending power. It would show my aura that of an above-average person unless I project my real aura intentionally.

"Why don't you try to kill me then?" I asked, "Hehe, as you wish." It said with a cruel laugh, and right after, it came at me with a speed that even faster than when it chased up Ashlyn.

This Werewolf might act and look dumb, but it far from it; it just hides in the cloak of a dumb Grimm monster to get an advantage over the enemy, just like now it saw the perfect chance with me busy petting Ashlyn while talking with it.

My expression did not change, seeing it coming as if I could not see it and not mention I am looking at the spot where it was before as if I am thinking it still present it spot while looking at its after image.


It appeared next to me and shouted as it swung its blade at me when suddenly moved my eyes.

They met with the Grimm Monsters directly as the same Ashlyn disappeared from my hands, and in it, my sword had appeared, and now it moved toward the blade of the Werewolf, perfectly mirroring the speed force its blade which is coming at me.


Our weapons clashed and created a shockwave huge enough to shake the trees while the earth pressed a little with a force that came toward us but not one of us shook every slightly.

Its powerful inheritance energy came at me like a raging wave, but just as it touched my armor, it disappeared along with the force it had come.

It looked shocked, seeing me perfectly responding to its attack without much shaking, and a look of shock appeared in its eyes, which changed the next moment as it looked at me with utter seriousness.

"Ive underestimated you a lot, but it will be fun to bud out future powerhouse of humans." It said with a laugh. "Likewise," I replied with the same smile as it before launching the attack at it.