Monster Integration - Chapter 1291 - Miasmic Astral Roses I

Chapter 1291 - Miasmic Astral Roses I

Chapter 1291 - Miasmic Astral Roses I

"Oh MY G.o.d, it is f.u.c.k.i.n.g Miasmic Astral Roses," I said with shock; I am shocked, out of my f.u.c.k.i.n.g mind.

There were many scenarios that these Grimm Monsters are talking excitedly about could be, but I had never guessed it would be Miasmic Astral Roses.

Me feeling shock couldn't be described in words.

Miasmic Astral Roses are among the greatest resources found in the Miasmic Paradice, a forging resource that could make Body, Soul, and Energy impossibly strong. If news of it got out, people would come to h.e.l.l in dives; it is a very helpful resource.

There are two Miasmic Astral Roses, which is extremly; usually, one tree has only one rose, which will wither immediately as soon as the rose is plucked.

From a distance, I could not determine the grade of the Roses but seeing the astral energy falling on those roses; they are at least a Prince Grade, which is a big thing for someone like me, even Kings would, even Kings would fight for it, even if its grade is lower.

The value of these roses is too great that Kings would not even care if it is a grade lower. I have to get these Miasmic Astral Roses at any price, and I will get them.

The Grimm Monsters' eyes lit up as they saw Miami Astral Rose appearing and started releasing aura outside toward the snake monsters; no wonder there were such numbers of snake monsters present here.

The benefits of that aura roses are releasing are too great. If I had been in the snakes' place, I would have done the same.

The Grimm Monsters have fifteen to twenty minutes to pluck the roses. If they are late, then the roses would turn back to bud only to bloom tomorrow. It should be plucked in its blooming stage; in the bug stage, it is completely useless.

The two Oxmen Grimm Monsters looked at the Miasmic Astral Roses for a moment before they disappeared from their place like a specter; their movements became erratic and harder to catch as they moved toward the rose at the greatest speed.

Their movement speed is good but not good enough to hide them when they are flying above the bodies of the snakes, but these Grimm Monsters are not counting on being invisible; they are counting on the speed of their which would only take them few seconds to reach the roses and plucked them.

These poor b.a.s.t.a.r.ds did not know that their death is following right behind them, and it is truly invisible. The Werewolf Grimm Monster is using an excellent method that made it inviable, or it could be said very difficult to detect.

It is just a few meters behind them, but those two oxmen haven't detected it. I couldn't help but marvel at its stealth ability and feel jealous that I don't have it; even my killing intent wouldn't work as well as this method.


The Oxmen had crossed more than half of the distance when Snakes have finally noticed then, and like a tsunami, all of them stood up with glowing eyes and moved toward two Grimm Monsters.

A flash of fear couldn't help but appear in the eyes of two Oxmen as they saw themselves becoming a target of the hundreds of powerful Snake Monsters, but that did not stop them from pus.h.i.+ng forward.

The snake monsters at the forefront attacked the Grimm Monsters without mercy. They did not care about their attacks could kill their members; the only thought they have in mind to kill intruders and protect the rose.

The basin lit up with the powerful attacks, the aura of such powerful attacks spread everywhere. Even I, who had hiding quite a distance away, felt the aura of the attacks and couldn't help but shudder.

The powerful attacks reigned down on the two Oxmen, but it looked like these oxmen had already considered something like this might happen and already prepared as snow white protection appeared around their body.

These Oxmen dodge whatever attacks they could while those they can't be resisted by their s.h.i.+elds. Their s.h.i.+elds are quite powerful and could resist the attacks of tens of powerful snake monsters head-on without even cracking, which should not have been possible.

These snake monsters are not normal; they have forged themselves under the aura of Miasmic Astral Roses, which increased their power by a huge margin that even a host of apex inheritance would feel quite strained under it.

These could be only two ways for it happened; first, they are using protection amulets, and the other is that they are burning themselves to power up their s.h.i.+elds.

The later reason, without a doubt, as the miasma suppresses not only the soul senses but also talismans. Unless it is otherworldly talismans, the ones found in runes, one can forget about being saved by the talisman here.

This trade of burning themselves for the Miasmic Astral Roses worth it. A single petal of roses more than enough to offset whatever loss they would suffer but unfortunately for them, they are not getting these roses or coming out of this bowl alive.

As they reached fifty meters distance from the rose, the Werewolf that is secretly following behind them launched an invisible attack, which made them stumble, and that is all the chance that snake monsters needed.

Crunch Crunch!

As they stumbled for a moment, the snake monsters took a chance to bite down on two Oxmen before they could do anything. The Oxmen scremed for a second before they were silenced as their s.h.i.+elds crushed under the mouths of Snake monsters.

A smile appeared on the face of Werewolf, seeing that, with snake monsters thinking they caught the culprit, had let down their guard, giving the perfect opportunity for Werewolf, who was already invisible.

He went toward the Rose tree, thinking it had succeeded, but when it reached near the tree and saw what is happening, its eyes popped out, and blood begins to boil.

It saw a little bird opening its mouth bigger than it should be and guzzling up two Miasmic Astral Roses before it could do anything.

Chew Chew!

The little bird seemed to notice it and looked at it condescendingly before opening its mouth to give out the most mocking thing it had ever heard before flying away.