Monster Integration - Chapter 1278 - Till Dawn

Chapter 1278 - Till Dawn

Chapter 1278 - Till Dawn

"Your Dual was quite great; I wish I could fight you," Ellen said as we sat in the corner of the Ballroom.

In the episode earlier, over an hour ago, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d had tried to instigate the teacher a little, but the teacher had replied to him with such words that it had instantly shut him up.

Still, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d was shameful enough that he laughed it off without even apologizing, but what can you expect from Tyrants from Supreme? They never own up to their mistakes.

"We could fight if you want; we just have to sneak away for an hour," I said, but she shook her head. Things are not that simple right now, especially since she became the successor of the Crystal Domination.

A few days ago, the Crystal Domination had announced that they had chosen the successor, and that successor was Ellen. It is the reason why Elena was so surprised, seeing Ellen.

"Don't worry; the chance will come for us to fight; just don't fall behind by then." She said, to that, I just smiled. I talked to Ellen for a while before I went to meet aunt Georgina.

By the time dawn come, all the guests have left, I with Elena and Teacher saw them own out by one and now I when the sun is finally coming up, I am returning to my lakehouse.

The celebration had been taxing far more taxing than I had thought, and even if I don't want to accept it, I had quite fun. If that b.a.s.t.a.r.d from the hawthorn sea hadn't soured the fun for a moment, the birthday celebration would be called perfect.


I landed on my lakehouse's patio and went in before directly walking into the Practice Room; there, I took out the tub, but it is not the normal tub, but an exquisite chestnut colored clawfoot wooden tub.

The wood naturally emits its innate fragrance, which couldn't help but make one feel calm. This chestnut color tub is made out of the wood of Crown Tree, the professor which I commissioned the work gave it to me during the party.

With the amount of wood I had given him, he had created four of them; I had given one to Elena when she liked the design of them. I have three, one of which I will use myself, as for the other two, I don't know what I will do with them.

The professor had also drawn the beautiful runic formation on the tub, bringing out all visible and hidden properties of wood.

I admired the superb craftsmans.h.i.+p for few minutes before filling it with cosmic waster; just as I did, the formation on the tub lit up, and a faint buzz appeared in the water.

The wood and cosmic energy-rich water are very compatible; the wood is from crown three and grown in cosmic energy.

With me now filling it cosmic energy and formation bringing out all the wood properties, I will surely receive more benefits from the cosmic water than before.

With cosmic energy-rich water added, I added drops of refining liquid before stepping into the water whole.

I stayed the water still for a moment, concentrating on change, which is quite apparent. The cosmic energy in the water has become milder, and vitality has become even more active.

The amount of cosmic energy and vitality is still the same, but the wood had brought some change in it.

A few seconds later, I started the refining process, circulating energy inside the solution into my veins. It is f.u.c.k.i.n.g painful, especially when I had increased the drop of refining solution.

I planned an increased amount of solution tomorrow, but my fight with James had roused me immensely, especially his strong body. James had a very strong body from what ellen had told me when discussing the fight that James had worked hard for the body.

Those bloodlines get the super-strong body, but what James got is not the bloodline's gift but also his hard work.

Unlike the inheritances, the bloodline worked differently. For the most part, one has to put one into intense torturous training to rouse bloodline potential and harvest its power.

He likely got such a strong body from his torturous training, which means the body Ellen had would not be weaker than his.

I know Ellen from childhood, and the way she was talking about James, she abundantly clear that if she had been in my place in dual, she would have been too able to defeat him without any problem.

She did not say it directly, but it was clear that she had complete confidence to defeat him the way she spoke, and I have no doubt about it.

No weakling could become the successor of the Supreme Organisation. Mother was also a successor once, and from little of what she told me, becoming a successor is not an easy thing.

She must have gone through hundreds of challenges until all her organization's upper echelons became sure that she could reach the same power as the current leader or even surpa.s.sed the current leader.

The current leader Crystal Domination is also the Pyramid leader, which means she is the most powerful person of her generation. That alone makes the announcement of Ellen being successor bigger news.

The tub's energy-reduced at the visible pace as I circulated it into my veins, which had widened by 5% in the month of practicing.

The widened are very important; the wider the veins are, the more energy I will able to transfer through them, and the more powerful my attacks would be; I have to continue with my refining without stopping, and I will get the result I want.

The refinement lasted for twenty minutes, and it is very fruitful. I had created a few seals of the Supreme Combat Exercise.

After getting out of bed, I walked into the shower and, ten minutes later, laid on the bed and fell into sleep a few seconds later.