Monster Integration - Chapter 1276 - Six Limbs II

Chapter 1276 - Six Limbs II

Chapter 1276 - Six Limbs II

As he launched the attack at me with his six limbs, for vines erupted from my back and began to grow rapidly as they began to grow rapidly till they became twice thicker than the normal limbs.

As vines took the shape of limbs, meter-long blades started to appear on their ends; they are rose blades; I attached them to rose vines end as I did when I had fought against the Beast.

A look of shock flashed in James' eyes as she saw my planty limbs appearing, but that did not make him stop his attack; instead, it made him intensify its attack more

Seeing there is not enough time to launch the counter-attack, I did not even try it. I just moved blades in the defensive formation to defend against the attack, one mace, and five blades.

The attacks came, and they directly went for my body; how I can let them go for it. I moved my weapons according to their tracks and stopped them from landing an attack on my body directly.


Our weapons clashed against each other, created shockwave after shockwave, and sent huge energy into my body.

If it had been before, my Inheritance would have been unable to take such an amount of energy and sent me flying back in a bloodied state, but now, I mere shook a little, and that is because of force but because too mu bloodline energy entered inside me and made me feel like a drunk.

It still surprised me that my changed runes had such a huge amount of energy; it made me feel like they are bottomless hole, and it is a good thing for me. This way, I will not fear the Physical attacks that could send me flying in a bloodied state.

"Hehe, you seemed to surprise me more and more," James said as he attacked again, and this time, his attack is even faster and stronger than before, and he seemed to use some weird method on his four limbs as it had become harder to distinguish them.

Concentrating, I also attacked, but my attacking style is different than before. While my sword is moving just as before but the vine limbs are moving in a defensive manner instead of offensive.

I do not have experience in using vines as limbs, and if I tried to emulate him and started using them as James using his four purple limbs, I will lose.

A look and one would tell than James had quite an experience using these four artificial limbs in the battle and will easily out manure me, which I did not want to see it happen.

When fighting an opponent of the same level, it is very important to know your strength weakness, both of them are very useful if one used them wisely in the battle.


Our weapons clashed against one second after another, creating huge shockwaves and sending ma.s.sive energies around.

It was a good thing that my vines have become very strong; James's purple limbs are seriously strong, strong as the real limbs of his, and they don't have limitations that natural limbs have and could move in any direction at any angle.

Fortunately, my vine limbs could also do the same; otherwise, this fight would have turned disastrous for me.

Time pa.s.sed as, and we continued fighting, and now the strength we are projecting through our attacks are immense. I could not believe the strength I am using through my attacks; it is comparable to the ''First Boost'' power I used against the Beast.

It feels unbelievable, but it is true and it is also true that I had reached my limit. This is the greatest strength I could project right now with my current physical and soul strength.

If I want more strength, then I would have to use the 'First Boost', I couldn't but imagine what sort of strength it will provide to me, well I will find of our soon enough.

He, too, has seemed to reach the limit; though his attacks are stronger than me, I ma defending against them well without taking a step back, so unless he increases the power of his attacks by a huge margin, it will be impossible for him to make me take a step back.

Suddenly his expressions changed as if he noticed something, and at that moment, an immense aura burst out of me like never before; the old set lighted up like a sun as I finally activated the 'First Boost.'

"He!" I smiled, swung my weapons at him with the power of the first boost; he looked surprised by my sudden burst of power, but there is no fear in them, and I understood why a moment later.

A dense purple and black aura had burst out of him; the aura is so powerful that all the hair on my body had stood up. He has no fear because he too has something like the first boost to increase his strength immediately

As the aura burst out of him, he also swung his weapons at me with the same power my weapons going toward him.


Our weapons clashed with the force like never before; it was so powerful that shockwave created through our attacks started to move like a tide, and if not for Professor diffusing it right after it went out of the ring, some dukes would have swept away it.

Attack after attack came, and during the attacks, blood started to drip out of my nose before getting vaporized. It may not look much, but I am under immense strain; using all these moves together is not easy.

James seemed to notice the blood, and his attacks became even wilder, wanting to finish me off as soon as possible. It is not surprising seeing such a powerful boost of strength have a time limit, and once that limit pa.s.sed, a period of weakness would come, finis.h.i.+ng the fight in a single move.

'It is time to end the fight!' I said in mind, and everything became ready.