Monster Integration - Chapter 1280 - Leaving

Chapter 1280 - Leaving

Chapter 1280 - Leaving

"Take care of yourself; Miasmic Paradice is not an easy place to survive, but it is one of the best whetting ground if you can survive its tribulations." The Teacher said. I could see traces of worries in her eyes.

"Don't worry, teacher, I will be careful," I said, "I wish I could come with you," Elena said grumblingly.

"Don't even think about it, young lady; you will not go out till you mastered at least twenty recipes." The Teacher admonished, seeing the downcast expressions on Elena's face.

From what the Teacher and Elena told me, her bloodline is beast type bloodline, which's energy is very violent and hard to control. She had some accident on the Grimm Battlefield because of it and nearly lost her life.

It was the reason why she had come to the Academy than she was supposed to be. The Tome could be said to be G.o.dsent things for her, and she had been practicing in it diligently that she had learned the ten recipes with above 90 marks pa.s.sing.

Now, she is struck by a test as I had been; the test is difficult, but with her abilities, she will be able to pa.s.s it within a month; Teacher would make sure of that since she is going to teach her recipes and being her examiner with Tome being with me.

"Thank you for loaning us the Tome Micheal; it had helped us a lot." Teacher said again. She had told me umpteenth time since yesterday when she returned the Tome to me.

Like Elena, both Teacher and Professor had been using Tome daily for hours; in between them, it rarely remained unopened, and now they have also been stuck, but the level they are stuck at far above I and Elena could imagine.

"Goodbye, Teacher, Elena," I said and walked toward the white airs.h.i.+p. This is a new airs.h.i.+p, a gift I got from the old guys of the Council.

Those old guys got so impressed with my dual performance that they do not test me, instead gave me this new airs.h.i.+p and a few more bottles of solutions.

The new airs.h.i.+p had many cool features, not only it is stronger and faster, but it also could change its shape. I could change it into a bigger size, which is three times bigger than its current corvette size.

I walked inside and sat on a big black chair before tapping a few b.u.t.tons on the control panel that appeared in front of me, and a few seconds later, the airs.h.i.+p gently lifted into the air without making the slightest sound.


I waved Teacher and Elena as the airs.h.i.+p moved up before it shot into the sky. Elena and Teacher disappeared from my view within a few seconds.

Soon, the airs.h.i.+p pa.s.sed through the s.h.i.+elds of Academy academy and increased its speed even more as it tore through the sky at even greater speed.

It will take me nine days to reach Miasmic Paradice, and I have so much to do in these nine days in the airs.h.i.+p.

I looked at the scenery outside for a while before took out the Tome; Teacher had returned it to me yesterday, but I did not get time to look at it. It is now time to opened it and aced the test.

I modified the recipe two weeks ago, and I think I did a d.a.m.n good job, and now I just have to verify it and learned the eleventh recipe; for more than a month, I had not learned any new recipe, and it is time I do that.

"Ready to give the test again?" The being asked as I appeared in the Tome, "Yes." I said and walked toward the counter where all sorts of materials are placed. I chose the one I needed and started cooking.

The test it had given me is both simple and hard; to pa.s.s it, I just had to study the cooking methods I had used when I learned all ten recipes and understood their essence.

Just as I did that, the answer presented itself; I am now confident that I could now create variations of ten recipes and pa.s.s the test.

When I told Elena a week ago about me finding the answer to the test, she literally begged me to tell her, but of course, I did not; I did not want my skin to be flayed by teacher.

"Its ready," I said forty minutes later as I pa.s.sed the dish to him; he lifted the fork and took a bite and closed his eyes to enjoy it like a real person.

"Congratulations, you have pa.s.sed the test with flying colors." He said as he opened his eyes. "

"Now that you have pa.s.sed the test, it is for you to learn the eleventh recipe." He said and took the counter and started teaching me the eleventh recipe.

Watching for a few minutes, I know it is on a completely different level than ten recipes that I had learned before.

The material this eleventh recipe used is on the same level as materials used in recipes before, but the technique and energy control require it on a completely different level.

He finished half an hour later, and I tasted the recipe, which, like always, had completely blown my mind.

After that, I tried, and the first time was a complete failure, but that did not deter me from trying again and again until I got it right.

Five days pa.s.sed by, and I divided my time between Tome, Refining, and my Inheritance, and on three of them, I made huge progress. In five days, Ive learned three new recipes and created a bunch of seals of Supreme Combat Exercise by going through refinement three times a day.

The biggest progress I made is on my Inheritance; I had made huge progress in it, and now it is time to level to the High Level of Duke.

This level up will fix small flaws in my Inheritance and improve its performance by a great margin, and not to forget; I will be able to able to harness even more power from my Inheritance Runes.