Monster Integration - Chapter 1275 - Six Limbs I

Chapter 1275 - Six Limbs I

Chapter 1275 - Six Limbs I

"You are stronger than I had through." He said with visible surprise in his eyes; the clash just now was very powerful, but not one of us had shaken up a little.

"But it is just a beginning; let's see how long you last." He said with confidence before swung his mace at me again with incredible power; the strength he is using is three times more than the last time.

He is fully confident in his win; if I had been in his place, I would have been too with such a powerful bloodline.

Its mace came at me with extremely fast speed, but I am ready; the whole old set is s.h.i.+ning glitteringly inside me, ready to provide me as much as I power I need.


Our weapons clashed again, this time with even more force, which created a bigger sound and shock wave and sent more energy toward each other, and that was just the beginning.


Clash after clash rang out, creating bigger and bigger shockwaves that spread through the ballroom, but we did not care for my of that; we want to overpower each other with pure strength and energy that we are sending towards the others direction to crush the other.

But both of us have our means to deal with; while I don't know how it is dealing with my Inheritance energy; I, on the other hand refining it and reusing it to attack it back.

Unfortunately, I am only doing that with force; the bloodline energy, on the other hand, is getting sucked apart by my runes ravenously.

Sup Sup

We were fighting when suddenly, I noticed a faint spike in his aura, and its strange eyes shone, and two condensed beams of energy shot through his eyes.

These beams are condensed with concentrated bloodline energy, and if they pierced through me, it would be game over for me. This attack is very powerful and very sneaky, launched at the perfect moment, and at the same time, it attacked me with the mace.

The strength he is using behind the mace attack is immense; he had never put behind such attacks before.

I couldn't help but marvel at my opponent's ability while I am focused on fighting the fight; he is on winning it, and like an expert fighter, it weaved the attack to keep his opponent busy before launching two powerful attacks at the same time that are very difficult to dodge.

Even when one uses a defensive method in such scenarios, there is no guarantee one will come out unscathed. Those two energy beams condensed from concentrated bloodline energy, having the power to pierce through the strongest defensive method.

I have confidence that my Rose Cover can defend both attacks, but I don't think I would need to use my rose cover. I may have enjoyed it too much, but that does not mean I was not alert enough to deal with unexpected circ.u.mstances.

As the condensed beams fired from his eyes and mace came with enormous force, a smile light up my face when two tiny roses released from my eyes and turned into blades.

Simultaneously, runes inside me lit up more brightly, and the weight of my sword increased so much that it created momentum great as the mace.

A surprise flashed across its eyes as it saw my attack coming right after he launched, and the next moment, defensive method covered body, and the same moment, hundreds of rose petals have surrounded me.

I may not need the defensive method to deal with attacks, but I do need it to survive the aftermath, especially when my rose blades clashed against the two condensed beams of bloodline energy.


The condensed bloodline energy and rose blades clashed at the same time as our weapons. The clash of Rose Blades and condensed Bloodline Energy have created an explosion which was supplemented by shockwave created by the clash of our attacks.

It created something very dangerouns; right after the clash, I found myself swept in the blast of colorful energy that would have torn me apart if not for me being in the Rose Cover's protection.

The blast is extremely powerful that the professor had to diffuse it just as it got out of the ring's boundary.


We are still under the protection when I felt him move, and seeing that, I moved too and swung my sword with even more strength than before.


Our weapons clashed with even more power than earlier, and its shockwave has swept away all the residual energy of the earlier explosion that is lingering around us.

"You are quite powerful," James said as our weapons locked, "You are not that bad yourself," I replied while also spread my senses over the ring, watching our for any powerful attack it might launch, which I am sure, it will.

"Good, I want to see how you dealt with the next move of mine." He said with a laugh, and he did next has completely blown my mind apart, as I have never seen anything like that before except for in Grimm Monster.

"Four Arms!" He shouted, and lines on his body lit up, and four purple arms appeared below its original arms before black energy blades materialized in those four arms.

"Hehe, how do you like my look? It is my first time using it against someone of my level." She asked while giving me a devilish smile.

"Lethal," I said while desperately thinking about ideas to deal with new development because I sure as h.e.l.l knew that my two arms would not be able to deal with the six arms of it.

I just thought that when an idea emerged in my mind, and of course, my opponent chose the same moment to attack me with six limbs with each weapon aiming at my one fatal spot.

Seeing I have no time to waste, I activated my move; he is not the only one who could produce six arms; I could summon them too, albeit in a different way.