Monster Integration - Chapter 1274 - Last Dual

Chapter 1274 - Last Dual

Chapter 1274 - Last Dual

After Miranda left, a person from the Silverstone Academy had challenged me. Which was quite disappointing as I was hoping someone from the Sky Saber would challenge me.

I wanted to collect some interest on them, even though it is completely different people who had harmed me, I still want to take some of my revenge on their members.

I still could not forget the fear I had been feeling in the s.p.a.ce seal; if not for me, Professor, I would have turned to the dust there with no one knowing how did I die.

My battle with a member of Silverstone Academy finished within a minuit, just like that of my fight with Miranda. He was powerful but not powerful enough; he conceded right after my vines wrapped around him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, according to the rules, this the last dual Micheal will fight; I hope you will make it memorable," Professor said, directing a taunt at the Supremes, seeing two of their members lost without putting even a decent fight.

Hearing that, expressions of supreme members changed for a moment, and Ellen looked at Sir John again, asking for his permission, but the man gently shook her head, saying no.

Seeing that, I couldn't help but be disappointed; these easy fights have bored me quite much, there was no challenge in them. I wanted to fight someone who had some power, made me take out my sword and use my old convectional set.

Like 'Rose Domination' 'Old Set' also received quite a boost from the crystal runes, I want to test its powers against the worthy opponent.

"I, James Radcliff, like to issue last challenge." A voice said; I looked toward the voice and saw an una.s.suming young man by the beefy middle-aged.

Seeing how similar their faces are, he is likely a middle-aged man's son. If I am not wrong, then this middle-aged is Lord Mike Radcliff, an independent peak Tyrant Powerhouse.

He was on the guestlist but hadn't come when we were receiving the guests; he had likely came when the celebration had begun.

He had a powerful bloodline of some beast, and according to intel, his son seemed to have inherited that bloodline as well.

Unlike his father, who would get a remember whoever saw him, James had an una.s.suming face; people would forget about him after taking a glance.

Its not like he is ugly or anything; one could say he is handsome with blond hair and an angular face couple with tall stature but people would not easily notice; this kind of people would easily become invisible in the crowd.

Seeing him entering the ring, I couldn't help but get excited. I could not sense his battle power due to his bloodline's restriction, but I know it is very powerful, and I had to be very serious if I want to defeat him.

Unlike the opponent I had fought before, who were all at Peak Duke Stage, he is just at High Duke Stage, one small level higher than me.

"The dual will begin when I said one," Professor said and started the count. "ONE, TWO," "THREE!"

As the Professor said, 'One' explosive aura shot out of James' body that made all the hair on my body stood up and made me shocked from the core. I had expected him to be powerful but not this powerful.

From his aura, his strength seemed to be on the same level as Rachel and others, top seeds of Supreme Organisation. I will have to try very hard if I want to defeat him; I will have to give my all.

As the explosive aura shot out of him, purple and black lines started appearing on his body, and his hair also turned half purple and half black. His eyes also changed; one has turned black while the other purple, with both having design white intertwined lines on their irises.

Seeing such great transformation at an early stage, I couldn't help but get surprised again. It is common knowledge that the greater the host's transformation, the more power he will be able to harness from the bloodline.

"You should use all your power from the beginning; otherwise, you will be thrown out of the ring before you know it." He said. His voice was not mocking when he said it; he is very serious when he said it.

"Don't worry; I will not hold back," I said, and the next moment, Silver Armor with multicolor wings appeared on my body. The upgraded runes had brought a change in the Armor too, gone were the metallic feel, now my Armor looked like it is made of pure white crystal.

It looked more delicate than I am comfortable with, but I could not do anything about it until the next upgrade.

"Ready?" he asked. I nodded, and just as I did, he came at me with a speed that felt blurring even to me, as he came purple-black one meter long spiked mace appeared in hand; this again surprised me.

Mace is not a common weapon; it requires immense strength to use, and not everyone could use it.

Seeing him coming at me with such amazing speed, a smile appeared on my face, and the next moment, I desspeared as a whole 'Old Set' lighted up inside me, and my totem artifact appeared in my hand.

My speed is no less than him, and it only took a moment for us to meet halfway in the ring. As we appeared opposite to each other, we swung our weapons at each other.


A defining metallic sound rang out as our weapons clashed, and a shockwave arose, which had swept the whole ballroom. Some powerhouse has to stabilize some weaker Duke from the shockwave.

They all have surprised their eyes seeing the power of the first clash; it is great, especially the one that came at me.

The force coupled with strange bloodline power came at me like a tsunami, wanting to tear through every part of my body, but before they could do anything, they became the food of my runes, especially the bloodline power; runes directly consumed it without purifying it.