Monster Integration - Chapter 1273 - Duals III

Chapter 1273 - Duals III

Chapter 1273 - Duals III

The third opponent from Emperor Grade was the dumbest one; he thought it would be a great idea to run along the ring's edge.

I don't know why he thought such a weird idea, but I let him move around the edge for a while before whipping him with my vine and sending him out of the ring.

With him out of the ring, I have finished all the challenges of the Emperor Grade Organisations. Usually, this time, there is a break but seeing I had barely fought, I decided to continue with the battle.

The next ones to challenge me were from the Tyrant Organisation; they were much better than those from Emperor Grade organizations, but all of them still lost to me and like those from the Emperor Grade Organisation.

The upgrade my Inheritance Ruins have received is beyond amazing; I did not have to put much effort into defeating them; I beat them all within ten minutes.

Now, only members of Supreme have remained; they are cream and crop of the world, only below hosts of the Apex Inheritance.

The guests from Supreme did not bring hosts of Apex Inheritance or someone of those levels. Only Ellen is that level had come, but I already know she will not going to fight the duel, which is quite disappointing; I really wanted to fight her to test my strength.

Still, I am quite excited about my next three fights; these people are from Supreme. Their battle power is far from what members of other organizations could compare; only supreme could be compared to supremes.

"Who would call the challenge next?" Professor asked as she looked toward the groups of Supreme.

"I, Miranda Spell from Mistson, would fight the dual." Said the girl beautiful tall girl as she walked into the ring, as she did the red dress she is wearing had transformed into a red battlesuit which had covered her whole body.

She also takes out the red color gemmed rapier, which looked exquisite. "I had come here to fight you specifically, and I have to say, you have proven to be the son of your mother." She said as she stood in front of me.

"Thank You for your praise," I said. Even after so many years, the mother is still quite famous in mistson. Well, she has to be after what she did and what had happened to her after that.


As the professor said one, a beautiful sky blue armor appeared on Miranda's body, and as she came at me and the speed method she is using is unique.

'Interesting.' I said in my mind. Her speed method has an illusory element in it, making it very difficult to track her movements; not forget the speed this method provides is also extremely fast that past challengers could not be compared to.

Seeing the dense deathly aura around her, I am sure this method would have helped her gain such aura.

I finally became serious in dual; all the opponents were nothing in front of me, but I could not consider Miranda anything. She is dangerous, and I have to be serious when attacking her.


A vine shot out of me like a snake; I could see her eyes flashed in surprise as it moved toward her with accuracy as if her illusory method is not working on it and truly her illusory method is not affecting me much.

Though it is good, it is far from enough to distract me. I have Apex Const.i.tution with Killing Element and also advanced my killing Rule to an advanced stage, not to forget the boost I am getting from my Inheritance.

With all these elements combine, her illusory trick is nothing in front of my eyes.

Soon my vine reached her, seeing that her Armor started to glow and blue energy covered her rapier, which she swung at my vine. Her rapier's speed is very rood; normal peak duke would cut into two before knowing what had happened but in front of vines is nothing.

As the rapier was an inch away from her rapier and moved toward her legs. She tried to stop the vine with her sword, but she has been grossly unsuccessful.

"Mercurial' Burst!"

Seeing there is no stopping the vine, she used her defensive method, which created a thick light blue layer around her. The vines did not seem to care about that climbed over the layer before tying itself into familiar fas.h.i.+on around Miranda's body.

As the vines wrapped around her, Miranda moved toward me with a confident smile as if the vine is not affecting her at all, and in reality, the vine truly not much affecting her movements.

More than five inches thick defensive later is between vine and Miranda. This defensive layer is extremely hard to vine but waterlike to Miranda, through which she could easily move her limbs.

She seemed to have studied my vine from previous fights and how it attracts energy, but unfortunately, she seemed to forget something about the vine.

I don't know whether she had not studied my battle record or forget it before she came here intending to fight me because if she had studied my battle record, she would have easily able to find the way my vine work and would not have such a confident smile on my face.

I am sure there would be a detailed file about me in every Supreme and other leading organizations; they make a file on everyone who stands out.

I let her come toward me, and when she was just five meters away, I brought out the thorns. Everybody who studied my battles would know my vines have really sharp thorns, which are used in sucking up essences of Grimm Monster.

The thorns pierced through the solid thick defensive layer without a problem and sucked it all in a moment, and used that energy to form a vine cac.o.o.n around her that by the time Miranda stopped forcefully by vines, she is just a meter away from me.

"You lost," I said, "Yes, I lost." Miranda accepted it with a sigh; as she did, vines unfurled from her automatically.