Monster Integration - Chapter 1272 - Duals II

Chapter 1272 - Duals II

Chapter 1272 - Duals II

The complete silence descended into the ballroom; all of them seem quite surprised by my strange move, and the away it tied him that, he was was not even able to move an inch.

The stocky guy struggled for a few seconds when he finally stopped struggling and looked at me.

"The vine of yours is quite strong," He praised, "Thank You," I said politely, "But it won't be able to keep me bound me long." He said with a confident smile before thick lava started bubbling out of its body; a second later, he had been fully covered in lava from head to toe.

My vines have been fully covered in that lava, and I could see he is concentrating on them, wanting to burn them with his power, but unfortunately, these vines are not things he could burn, at least with this kind of power.

I let him try for a second before I activated my vines' most famous ability; for it, they have been created.


As I activated my ability, his expression changed suddenly before he screamed and lave blazed around him, making him the lava monster, but a few seconds later, the lava started to reduce at the visible pace, till not a speck of it remain, or it is getting sucked by the vines before it shows itself out.

Another change had also occurred in my vines that are tying him. If earlier they have been tying him like a rope, now after sucking his energy, they have covered it like a coc.o.o.n.

His whole body is covered in vines; the only visible part is his head. He is looking quite angry and still releasing a huge amount of lava from his body, but all that is coming out is instantly getting sucked by vines and used as fertilizers for its growth.

Earlier, I could not do something like that; the energy used to unpure compared to what is found inside the body, but now that my vines have got the big upgrade, they can now suck any type of energy.

If it had been Grimm Monster or a Monster, my vines would not have been such restricted. I would have just pierced the thorns inside and sucked their energy to make my vine grew.

This stocky guy is no challenge; if I wanted, I could have easily tightened vines the first time and make it concede, but I don't want to seemed like too harsh, and my opponent also would not be satisfied with his defeat, so I gave him time.

He continued struggling, using more and more lava, but nothing changed except for the coc.o.o.n of vines, which continued growing by feeding off its energy.

He finally stopped after a minute, releasing there is no way to get out of these vines; his face looked quite bad when he realized that he could not do anything against the vines.

"I concede." He said finally, and as he did, the vines unfurled themselves immediately and came back to me. "It was a good dual," I said politely, to which he gave a mirthless smile before walking out of the ring.

Others seemed quite surprised seeing such an end, usually duel quite fast-paced where one would launch attack after attack to finish off the opponent as fast as they can.

"Well, the dual had ended quite differently than expected." Said the professor before she looked at everyone, "Who is going to challenge next?" she asked.

"I, Jillian Rim from Lightning Trench, would fight the next duel." Said a purple hair girl with a punk look. The punk look looked amazing on her, Ive never seen anyone pull a punk look as good as her.

Like my earlier opponent, she is also from the Emperor Grade organization and is at Peak Prince stage with an impressive deathly aura; she must have killed quite a lot to get such aura.

She appeared in the ring and stood in front of me, watching me carefully with her purple eyes, which I am sure is not her real eyes color as her hair.

"Three, Two," "One!'

"Purple Smiting." She said just as the professor said one and purple lightning covered her body and a purple sword appeared in her hand through which she launched tens of lightning strikes at me while coming toward to at amazing speed.

These purple lightning bolts are meter long and thick as my hands; one couldn't help but shudder when seeing them.

She had learned quite a lot from my past opponent. It is good to come directly at the opponent but don't make yourself a direct target of their attacks, always have something for a cover.

These powerful lightning strikes are both her attacks and her cover, and according to her, by the time I deal with her attack, she would reach close to me; unfortunately, she had underestimated me too much.

A vine released from my back and moved faster than the lightning strikes coming toward me. The vine moved fast, and instead of going directly at the punk girl that is coming toward me, it went toward the lightning.

Khuch Khuch Khuch…

A moment later, the vine reached the first lightning bolt and pierced through it while sucking all its power before moving toward the second lightning bolt and third after that.

The vine moved like a deadly snake, piercing one lightning bolt after another before sucking them up; it did not take long to decimate all the lightning bolts and move toward the punk girl.

She saw the vines coming toward her and decided to dodge it but increasing her speed further. Still, unfortunately, the vines touched her and within a second tied her up completely while sucking up all the purple lightly that has been covering her.

"Lightning Eye!"

She did not want to go down easily, and just as vines tied her, she summoned a huge amount of lightning from her body, nearly using all her energy wanting to the vines to ashes.

The amount of lighting she had summoned is huge that within a second, an area of ten meters around her was completely covered in thick purple lighting. No sign of her and vine could be seen in such thick lightning.

I couldn't help but be impressed by her move; not everyone has the will to use all their energy in a single attack. People always tend to hold for emergencies and never able to take their attack to its limit.

This girl did it; she had used all her energy in a single attack, and it would have been enough to damage my old vines a little bit, but to new vines, this sort of attack is nothing but a trickle.

A few seconds later, the concentrated lightning field started to recede at a visible pace and, before long, completely dessspeared, revealing the punk girl completely coc.o.o.ned in vines with a disappointed face.

Her whole body is covered in thick vine cac.o.o.n; the only part that is opened is the head, which is hanging in disappointment.

"I concede." She said after looking at me in the eyes, all the disappointment she had been feeling a moment ago had desspeared, and now there is only resolve in her eyes.

Seeing such resolve, I know this girl will work hard when she returned to her organization.