Monster Integration - Chapter 1270 - Birthday Celebration II

Chapter 1270 - Birthday Celebration II

Chapter 1270 - Birthday Celebration II

One by one, all the people from the nine Supreme have come, including those from the detestable Sky Saber.

Now only a few independent powerhouses and Envoy of the Pyramid have remained to come; they will also arrive within fifteen minutes before the celebration starts.

"Welcome." Said one Tyrant Professor as independent Tyrant have come and asked one of the Emperor Stage Professor to take him inside. In the next ten minutes, few more people have come except for the Envoy from the Pyramid.

I had just thought that when suddenly three people materialized, one Tyrant and Two Emperors wearing a red and long coat that only envoys from the Pyramid wore.

I looked at three people as their faces became clear, and when I saw the face of the leading women, I got completely stumped for a second. It had been nine years since I saw her, and she looked just the same or just more radiant.

"Welcome, Lady Catherine and envoys of the Pyramid." Old man Carlos said, and there was slightly more respect in his eyes when he looked at the women than others.

"Thank You, Sir Carlos." She politely replied before turning to me with a familiar smile that I've not seen in years.

"Micheal, its been a while, isn't it." She said as she comes toward me after excusing herself with old man Carlos.

"Yes, nine years, aunt Georgia," I replied. She is the mother of a childhood friend, rose, whom I thought was dead in a monster horde, along with her family, but it was all just an illusion.

She had lived in the same time town as us for nearly ten years; mother had hired her after I was born to seal the curse inside me, as this woman is one of the best in the world in the sealing Arts and also the one who had sealed my curse, if not for her, I wouldn't be here.

"Wow, you have all grown up." She said and ruffled my hair with familiarity, "and also got great Inheritance, your mother and teacher seemed to be very proud of you." She said.

"Thank You, aunt Georgina," I said; a flash of familiarity flashed across her eyes, and they became distant for a moment as if she remembers something from the past.

"You are polite as ever, Micheal; I wish Clair had learned something from you; she is still in her rebellious phase." Aunt Georgina said with a sigh.

Hearing her mention Clair, I couldn't help but remember the friend I had throught dead for years. We are about the same age, and with Tyrant's powerhouse as a mother, her progress would not be worst than me.

"How is Clair?" I asked, "She is fine; I would have brought her if she had not been in the Grimm Battlefield." She said.

"We will talk later, Micheal." She said she walked into the academy, seeing another guest appeared by the gate. "Ok," I said and put a smile on my face for the next guests that had come.

"First, Ellen Ashford and now Georgina Morse, you seemed to know a lot of important people," Elena said after the guest went inside. "She is a family friend," I replied.

Ten minutes before the celebration, we left the gate with sir Carlos and flew to the ballroom. When we entered the huge ballroom five minutes later, it was filled will guests.

Everyone chatting with each other held drinks that had cost academy arm and legs while stuffing apero into their mouth; more than half of the conversation about the food was going around.

Teacher and Professor cooked these aperos and food that will come later; both of them have learned recipes above a hundred. Teacher wanted to leave everyone impress and force Professor to cook with much to her dismay.

It is good that Elena and I had learned too low that all the food that is served at the party is above the rank hundred.

"Why don't you take a bite?" I said to Elene softly as she looked at the tray of apero pa.s.sed by us. Hearing this question, Elena looked at me angrily, "Do you want my mother to flay to my skin?" She asked me angrily.

We are not allowed to eat most of the food at the party; the Teacher did not want to taste this food, which would hinder us from making progress in our current stage of cooking.

The food served here is above a hundred in Tome; eating such high-grade food would mess our senses a little.

The Tome may not look much, but all the recipes are deliberate; each one would improve one energy control by step, and since we are learning from the Tome, eating a high-level recipe would not be good for us.

So, we just took the drinks and enjoyed them slowly as they are one of the things that we eat or drink.

I wanted to talk to Ellen, but the Tyrant powerhouse she had came with taking her to meet one important person after another that I did not even get a chance to approach her.

It is the same with aunt Gorgina; many people have surrounded her that I don't think I can talk to her without getting disturbed by others.

"Are you prepared?" Elena asked when I was tracking Elena that it took me a moment to release her words' meaning.

"Of course, it should be they who should be worried about," I said with a smile. It is the birthday celebration of the headmistress of Riverfield Academy, which means traditions will be followed.

Whenever the birthday of such an important person happened, there is always duels. Since the important person is too powerful to fight a duel in such a small place, this responsibility falls on their students, which are technically considered their successor.

It is the reason why nearly all the people who had come brough at least one Duke Level person with them. Tonight, there will be a lot of duels that I will have to fight.

If I had not been the only student, then this responsibility would have fallen on Elena.

Still, she is not completely out of danger; some people might challenge those who wouldn't want to fight a beautiful woman so that they can impress her with their power.