Monster Integration - Chapter 1267 - Silver Hair

Chapter 1267 - Silver Hair

Chapter 1267 - Silver Hair

"Dead!" I said tiredly; the battle was really something, especially the last few seconds where I did know whether I would survive or not, but I had survived, albeit by a second.

If I had second late in sucking the energy, I would have been vapored with the vine hill that Beast was trapped in.

The first thing I did was remove the thousands of thorns pierced into my back before calling back vines inside me. A few seconds later, the mountain full of vines has desspeared inside me.

The Beast has disappeared, and the only signs it had left behind are the grey bones. An hour ago, these bones were crystalline, and thousands of stars could be seen in them, and now they have withered grey and broken into thousands of pieces.

I started to pick up these bones; these are the bones of a very powerful being. So, even if they are withered, they are still useful, and I am taking them; I am sure they will turn helpful someday.


I said as I was picking a palm-size bone piece; around that bone piece is silvery hair; when I unfurled it, I found it is long as my hand and extremely silky to touch at. Ive never felt something so silky.

Without a doubt, it is not normal; even the hair tyrants will turn into dust in such dense cosmic energy. It had likely come with bone from outside, might be the hair Star Tiger.

'This hair,' said the being inside with a sigh; there are some complicated emotions seemed to have hidden behind that sigh.

"Is it the hair of Star Tiger?" I asked immediately, seeing it speak.

'No, it belongs to a completely different race; the owner of the hair is the one that killed the Primal Star Tiger.' Said the being inside me, and he seemed quite sure of it. He likely has noticed somethings which is far beyond the current me.

'Give this hair to the little fox; it will give her relief from her suffering.' Said the being. "Little fox?" I asked back in confusion if it had said little t.i.taness or little Moon; I would have thought it is referring to Ashlyn, but this little fox is completely unfamiliar to me.

'That little girl with unstable aura, give her this hair.' That being said, and I immediately understood who it is referring to.

"You want me to give it to the professor?" I asked, but I got no reply from it, which means it wants me to give it to the Professor. As for it saying the fox, the Professor likely has some Fox related bloodline.

I observe the hair one more time but found nothing special about it other than being extra silky.

I want to try pulling hard, but I stopped myself from doing that. Even though it will not damage seeing the powerful being, it belongs, but I still don't want to risk it.

I carefully put the silvery hair into the runic box before collecting all pieces of bones; soon, I fished collecting them all and surveyed the whole area.

Nothing special could be seen around it now; the s.p.a.ce crack again came to omitting black cosmic energy and will take a few months before the extra thick cosmic energy dissipates, and everything returned to as it was before.

Seeing there is nothing special, I took the air. The problem had been solved; I could now go back to the Academy.

While flying, I concentrated on my runes and saw them completely changed. The runes have gone through a big transformation. They have become completely crystalline, with every inch of them projecting powerful energies contained inside them.

Some other runes had a bigger change than all other runes of my Inheritance. In the formation block containing five Rose Domination moves, two blocks in the five blocks are s.h.i.+ning in the gentle emerald light.

All the other runes are white crystalline, but the runes in two smaller blocks are gentle emerald in color. These two smaller blocks contain formations for 'Rose Blades' and 'Rose Vines,' the two moves used to harvest energy from the Star Tiger and got something extra.

Still, I am incapable of using these extra powerful runes; h.e.l.l, I won't be able to use all the power of my runes, much less extra power provided by these special runes.

My body and soul restrict me; the stronger they are, the more power I will harness from these special runes. So, from now on, I should put my focus on strengthening my body and soul.

I have now got these amazing runes, and it would be a waste if I did not use them as their full potential.

Half an hour later, I flew out of the dense cosmic energy-rich area, took out my airs.h.i.+p, and flew toward the Academy while also started writing the mission report.

The report is mostly true, except for the tiny part like bone and the Beast that it had become. By the time I had finished writing the mission report, I had reached the Academy.


Soon the airs.h.i.+p landed in the Academy; I stored in my storage and flew toward the Teacher's office.

Knock Knock

"Come In," Teacher said after I knocked on the door; I went inside and found both Teacher and the Professor inside.

"How was the mission?" Teacher asked as I took the seat beside the Professor, "Good." I replied and took out the box, I had already sent the report, and I am sure they both have read it.

"So, this is the b.u.g.g.e.r that had created such big trouble," Professor said and took the small box from my hands; I had blamed everything on the hair in my report, with no mention of bone and the Beast.

"Just one small hair had created such huge pro," Professor said as she opened the box; she took it from my hands and stopped suddenly when her gaze fell on the silvery hair in the box.