Monster Integration - Chapter 1266 - Sucked To The Bone IV

Chapter 1266 - Sucked To The Bone IV

Chapter 1266 - Sucked To The Bone IV

As the idea came into my mind, I did not waste any time, and I directly activated the thorns.

A faint sound rang out as hundreds of thousands of vines plunged into the body of Beast with slight resistance.


As thorns plunged inside of Beast, six base vines that connected me and the Beast started to s.h.i.+ne and become crystalline instantly as a huge amount of energy came at from the six vines.

The energy was hundreds of times greater, at the complete limit of what the vines could transfer, and as the energy came at me, it instantly got sucked by the Hidden Being and Ashlyn.

Nero also took it, but what he took was nothing compared to what Ashlyn and Hidden Being are taking.

As they have begun taking a huge amount of energy, they started to give me back some in the filtered form, and it is huge. Every moment my runes are strengthening with a huge amount of energy, hundreds of times more than before.

This started to bring a rapid change in my Inheritance, for as my Inheritance got strengthen, my moves too. As the vines got stronger, they began to bring back more energy, and thus I started to more filtered energy to strengthen them more.

It all went into a cycle, I suck energy for Ashlyn and Hidden Being, and in turn, they would give me some filtered energy, which in turn strengthen my Inheritance and which will help me bring back more energy.


Few seconds pa.s.sed by, and I noticed a huge problem, and that problem is that even though I am sucking a huge amount of energy from the Beast, it is nowhere; by the time a minute is finished and its energies boiled to the point of explosion, it still can wipe out the whole forest and surrounding cities.

Taking out more vines is possible due to the strengthening of Inheritance, but I couldn't do that to pressure my body too much. My body is not strong enough to bear such pressure; taking out one more vine will have consequences; I am already at my limit with these six.

I started to think of the other ways, and soon a daring Idea flashed into me; since I could not take more vines out of me, I could connect to those already outside.

With that thought, I appeared beside the vine hill and placed my hands on it, and the next moment, vines started to climb on me, spreading on every inch of my body till they covered my whole.

'It is time for some acupuncture.' I said in mind, and the next moment, thousands of thin thorns pierced through nearly part of my body, and to be honest, it was not painful at all.

I had thought thousands of thorns piercing through me would be an extremely painful process compared to what I had experienced until now; it was nothing but a gentle touch.

'Now comes a hard part.' I said and opened all the channels on the vines, and the next moment the floodgates have opened, and an immense amount of energy flood into me.

The energy was in huge amounts, and if it not for it is getting sucked the moment it touched my body, I would have died the moment it entered inside me. Such an amount would have torn me a hundred times over.

The amount of energy coming at me immense beyond comprehension, which made the filtered energy they are also giving me immensely.

My rules Runes are drinking up a huge amount of filtered energy transmitted to them, and I could see the change had started happening to them.

Earlier, they were getting strengthened from the core, but now they are going beyond that. These Runes are getting upgraded beyond their existence, and I couldn't help but become ecstatic by it.

What is happening is a huge thing for my Inheritance; I had never thought my Inheritance would go through such a change.

After looking at my runes for a while, I looked at the Beast, which again started roaring as I began to drain it at a visible speed and started to boing its energies faster for quicker self-exploding.

Seeing the speed of their boiling, worry couldn't help but appear on my face. If it kept boiling at such speed, it wouldn't be long before it explodes, taking me with it.

I can't let that happen, so I pierced some more needles into my body, except for the eyes, heart, and other delicate parts; I pierced needles into whatever s.p.a.ce I could find on my body and also enabled vines to suck the energy beyond their limit.

I could see the crystalline emerald vines around me glowing brighter and brighter, and smoke started releasing from them as they are getting damaged, but I did not care.

They only have to last for a few seconds till I drain the Beast up completely. The Beast immediately noticed what is happening and started to expedite the self-destruction further.

We are in a race; it wants to self-distrust, and I want to suck it off; whatever happened, it will result in its complete annihilation; it knows that and wants to take me with it.

It is my luck that I am dealing with Beast made of energy; if it had made of Flesh and Blood, self destruct would have taken all but a moment. It would have had light up its core, and next moment, 'Boom.'

Seconds pa.s.sed by, and a flood of energy continue to come inside me. The Beast is getting drained at visible speed, but its boiling energies have become a problem as they began to damage the vines faster, but there is nothing I could do about it.


Finally, the boiling energy of the Beast had reached a tipping point and exploded but only able to damage the few vines.

By the time it had exploded, I had sucked all its energy; whatever it was died, leaving behind only some pieces of withered grey bones.