Monster Integration - Chapter 1265 - Sucking To The Bone III

Chapter 1265 - Sucking To The Bone III

Chapter 1265 - Sucking To The Bone III

I looked at the strengthening for a while before I stepped out from the Beast body. The vines are still connected to me; I am not going to break the connection; without it, Ashlyn and Hidden Being will not be able to suck the Beast's energy.

Five minutes pa.s.sed by, and now the vines on the Beast's body have grown even bigger; now it looked like a small hill. The Beast had completely disappeared under this huge load of vines.

My Inheritance has also strengthened greatly and still going through the strengthening.

Two more vines with needle-thin ends came out of my back and burrowed into the vines. Doing something like this before would have been impossible, but now I could do this with a slight headache.

As the two more vines burrowed inside the Beast, more energy started coming toward me immediately. My runes started getting more energy from Ashlyn and Hidden being for my Inheritance strengthening.


As I attacked two more vines into the Star Tigers' body, It's m.u.f.fled screams became even greater, and it launches multiple attacks on its body, aiming to cut the vines.

If it had done that before, it would have easily survived from the onslaught of the vines, but now it became too late.

The vines are now attached to every part of its body; no matter where it cut, they will grow back immediately, like now they are growing.

Since the sucking begins, I had not stopped the vines' growth; I am not the one to cut corners to get more filtered energy for my Inheritance Strengthening.

In any battle, killing the enemy is the most important thing; once one forgets that or decided to overlook that because of benefits, that person would surely lose the battle that one is winning.

Every second, the vines are growing explosively, and they will continue to grow with such explosive speed till the Beast is dead.

The Beast will not die soon; it still had tremendous energy inside its body, and due to me having only six vines piercing inside it, I could not take out too much energy at the time.

Till now, the energies I have taken had not much affected the Beast. If these vines disappeared, it would still have the power to kill me.

This powerful Beast would not have been in such a condition if it did not underestimate the vines at first.

It had through it can remove them any time, it wanted and decided to focus on me if it used the numerous attacks it is using right now to get rid of the vines, it would not have taken it more than a second to get rid of them.

It is roaring while using every type of attack it had on vines, but not a single one affects the vines much. It is especially targeting the six base vines, which are sources of the whole mountain full of vines, but its attacks did not affect them too much as hundreds of huge vines protect them.

As my Inheritance is getting strengthened, the vines are sucking more and more energy. I wish I could jam hundreds of thousands of thorns into the body of the Beast, but its defense is too tight for normal thorns to protect it.

As such speed, it will take me hours to such the whole Beast, which is too much time, but I don't have any choice since normal thorns couldn't pierce.

An hour pa.s.sed by, and the trickle of energy have turned into a small stream as my Inheritance became stronger while the Beast is struggling as intensely as before.


Suddenly the Beast stopped struggling; not only its body stopped making movements, but its m.u.f.fled roars have also stopped, and strange calm had appeared descended.

Seeing the sudden stop of struggle from the Beast, my heart couldn't help but start beating wildly.

I am not naïve enough to think that Beast, which was struggling with all its power, would suddenly just stopped and let me suck all its energy without any resistance.


Suddenly a loud m.u.f.fled roar rang out from the Beast; even when its mouth is bound, it was able to scream loud enough to make me deaf for a second.

"F.u.c.k!" I cursed as right after its roar is finished, I saw a change in its energy; it started roaring and healing, seeing that I couldn't help but curse.

Its is boiling its energies, making them wild; it is a clear sign of self-exploding. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is a speck of what it was in its prime but still had enough energy that once it exploded, the explosion will wipe off the whole forest and surrounding cities.

I can't let that happen and immediately asked for help from the hidden being, but I got no reaction after asking for help several times.

It did not intend to help; Ashlyn is the same; it is like she had become deaf to the pleas; she and hidden being just continued to such off the energy like nothing is happening.

'Boy depending on the others is the biggest sin one can commit against oneself; it is self that one should always rely on.' A voice of hidden being rang through my head.

As I heard it, I stopped panicking and started to think with a calm mind, even knowing death will come at me within a minute.

Even if I want to curse it very badly, it is right; depending on others is the greatest mistake one can make against oneself, and since it had said it, then there must surely a way for me to survive other than running away with all my strength.

I started to think, and soon an idea comes into my mind, and 'It is a thing I had been dreaming of happening since I began to suck off its energy.;

Since it had begun boiling up its energy for self exploding, it discarded every attack and defense, which means it had discarded the defense of its body too.

That means I could now pierce hundreds of thousands of thorns into the Beasts body suck off its energy.

If I could successfully suck all the energy before itself destructed, I will save myself and the millions of people of surrounding cities and towns.