Monster Integration - Chapter 1264 - Sucking To The Bone II

Chapter 1264 - Sucking To The Bone II

Chapter 1264 - Sucking To The Bone II

Sup Sup Sup…

Horror couldn't help but appear on my face as I saw ten dark, thick energy beams coming at me.

It had finally used its trump card, and I have to say it horror worthy. The energy beams are extremely powerful that if any one of them went to my heart and brain, I would die immediately.

If they went through other parts, I would die slowly; these beams contained very thick energies that destroy my body from within, so I could not let any of these beans pierce through me.

I have to do something very quickly; if I did not, then all of the beans would be pierced through me, which would be very bad for me.

Seeing all the options I have to disappear one by one in front of these beams, including my defensive methods, I decided to use the option I had never used before.

I activated the nondescript formation behind my back, and just as I did, it nearly sucked all the energy present in my energy storage.

I had created this move when I first created my Inheritance; in the big and small upgrades, Ive never removed it; instead, I furnished it further. This formation is supposed to give me enough power to launch the attack with the far above power.

Earlier, I had throught about using it to kill the Beast but did not as I was not confident I could kill it, seeing Ive never fought against such Beast. It is a good thing I did not because it is not a live Beast made of flesh and blood; even if I had hacked its head, it would not have died.

The formation did not take even a moment to suck all my energy; it is created with the intention of my final move; I had spent no efforts in creating the formation, which could suck the energy fast as it can.

Zub Zub Zub…

The formation finished sucking energy right when the beams appeared next to me and pierced right through me before flying up into the sky, and me, which they pa.s.sed through slowly desspeared as if it is light.

The dark rays had struct my after image, not me, right when they were about to pierce through me; I disappeared from my spot. I used to move last to dodge the attack.

I did not move far away, just a meter into the thick vines growing at a tremendous rate and now spreading from the neck to other parts of the Beasts Body.

I am fully exhausted with less than 1% energy inside me and now desperately refining energy from the tower. My body had completely turned pale white, and I want to sleep, but now it is not the time.

Hidden in the wines, I covered myself into the thick aura to kill energy and made the vines release a thick aura to cloak my own. It will not hide me for longer; I will not be able to stay hidden for more than thirty seconds; which is enough for me to fill my mana storage a little


It is roaring like mad and releasing dark beams everywhere while spreading its powerful sense around it.

However, it was still not able to find me while my vines are growing continuously and have already covered its legs, and in ten seconds, its whole body will be covered in thick vines that it will not be able to move like it right now.

The Beast seemed to understand that, and its movements became made that it even rolled on the ground to crush me if I was hiding inside the vines.

It is right; I am hiding in the vines, inside a thick vines cac.o.o.n I made around its neck, it what that saved me from getting crushed, but I don't want to experience the role of the beat again.

The coc.o.o.n had reached the limit when the Beast had put all its weight on the vines; if it not for it rolling back again, the coc.o.o.n would have collapsed, and I would have crushed under its weight.


The vines have covered the Beast wholly, and even with its tremendous strength, I could not move its limbs and fell on the ground as now is roaring m.u.f.fling as I used vines to bind its mouth whole screams of its were getting too much.


As the Beast fell on the ground, I move from my spot, as even though Ive had it completely bound, I don't close to its body, it might launch some weird desperate attack, I don't to be receiving end of such attack.

So, even though I had barely gathered 2% of energy and every part of the body is aching, I want to create the distance from the Beast.


I was about to jump out of a vine-covered Beast body when I suddenly stopped as I noticed something happening inside me. The strange energy is being released from the Ashlyn, and it is merging with my runes.

When I carefully looked at the energy, I found it is giving off a similar feeling to the energy that the Beast is made of, but it is not giving off a sense of danger to me.

The hidden being and Ashlyn are giving me a tiny bit of energy; they are sucking off from the Star Tiger. It is filtered and is completely safe from me.

This filtered energy is directly merging with the runes; I first did not notice anything special, but I started to notice the change as time pa.s.sed.

My runes are getting strengthened, and their strengthening seemed to go deeper than what strengthening from a normal strengthening solution could.

I could feel them getting stronger, and with them getting stronger, my moves are getting stronger. Ashlyn and Hidden Being are now sucking more energy from the vines as a result.

Seeing such strengthening, I couldn't help but turn happy. For quite a while, I searched for something that does some deeper strengthening like this energy, but I could not find anything at the current level.

My runes were too delicate to go through the powerful strengthening, but now they are getting strengthened from their very core.