Monster Integration - Chapter 1263 - Sucking To The Bone I

Chapter 1263 - Sucking To The Bone I

Chapter 1263 - Sucking To The Bone I

As I activated the first boost, I boosted my legs with all my power; I had to use all my strength. If I did not, I would be chomped down by the Star Tiger's big mouth, which had come dangerously.

Everything slowed down; I could see its mouth coming at me from a one-meter distance while I was moving up under the strain of vines, making me move in a curved fas.h.i.+on.

As the Star Tiger coming closer to me, I could see its speed is getting faster; seeing activating the First Boost, it had also used its real power.


I cursed when I saw I would not be able to make it; it will be able to chomp on my legs, and once it did that, it will not have a problem in chomping on the rest of my body.

So, I used the trick that I had been holding back; thousands of thorns erupted from the vines wanting to pierce through the body of the Star Tigar, but not a single one of them has been able to pierce through the skin of Star Tiger.

I could see the laugh in the eyes of the Star Tiger, seeing my attack failing when suddenly a surprised expression flashed across its face.

Yes, with the Star Tiger's strong defense, normal thorns are useless but not the special thons made from Rose Blades.

When vines bound across the next of the Beast, the four blades of Rose Blade tried to pierce its neck, but they were unsuccessful. That was an act, to disarm it a little about the vines.

Its defense and vitality are extremely powerful that even if the blades pierced through them, they would not have much effect. So, I did not even try to use them as an attack; h.e.l.l, I had never planned a direct attack on it.

After experiencing a few blows from it, I had completely understood that I could not kill this Star Tiger through the conventional mean; I could not hack its neck and finished it in a single move even if I used the full power of enchantments of my sword and First Boost.

So, I decided to use my brain, and a combination of two Rose Domination moves was the crux of my plan. I am going to such it dry, but for that, normal needles won't work even if they are in thousands.

After my fake attacks with the blade, I had transformed them into very thin needles, and just now, the Beast had a change of expressions before four very thin needles have pierced through it.

These needles have surprised it and also me, which I don't know why despite guessing it already. As needles pierced through it, I noticed there was no blood inside the Beast, its all energy.

With its delay by surprise, I was able to get a precious moment that I needed and survived its mouth by a thin margin.


My dodge had angered it immensely, and it left out a huge roar, but I have no wish to care for it, at least not for the second; all my focus on the raging energy inside the Beast.

I had been deciding what to do with it; if it had regular flesh and blood being, I would suck it without question, but now I am dealing with a strange energy.

I thought for a moment before going with the usual plan and activated sucking. I had already made a plan to suck it dry and only stopped to think, seeing it is completely made of energy, but time is running out for me, and I see no other option but to go with my usual way.

As I activated the suction using all my power and next moment, the vines exploded in growth; in less than a second, it covered its whole neck.

I was enjoying the growth of vines and directing toward other parts of Beast while preparing to land on its back when I felt the energy coming toward me; someone or I might say many people are feeling hungry for it, that they decided to suck this energy with vines and me as a medium.


I cursed inside me as I felt three consciousness, pulling the strange energy from the Beast tower me. The three consciousness from Hidden Being, Ashlyn, and Nero.

Nero consciousness is quite weak that I could cut it from the vine's connection, but I have no power over that hidden being and Ashlyn's consciousness, partially controlling the vines to such a strange energy.

When I had attacked with vines, I have not expected this to happen. My plan was to use whatever I could get from the Beast to grown vines, make them big enough to bind Beast enough that it became incapable of moving before killing it by making it fertilizers for the vines.

But my plan had changed without me knowing; now, not only are vines growing explosively by sucking off that strange energy, but that energy also coming toward me through the vine.

The reason I am so fearful of this energy because it is giving me a feeling of extreme threat. I am sure if it entered my body, it will kill me within a second. I wanted to stop it from coming to me, but I have no control over it; the two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds inside me are l.u.s.ting after it too much.


The energy finally entered my body from the vines, and I felt pain like I had never felt before but that that pain desspeared as it came.

The Hidden Being and Ashlyn had formed a connection over it and protected me from its hard, seeing that relief couldn't help but wash over me.

Suddenly, a feeling of intense danger came over me, and I noticed a black energy beam right next to me.


I instinctively moved away and dodged the beam by centimeter distance, but that was just the start as, from its mouth, twelve thick as hand energy beams released with the intention of putting a hole in every part of my body.