Monster Integration - Chapter 123 Gigantification I

Chapter 123 Gigantification I

After I removed the core from the Squirt frog, I turned to bitsy who is looking around excitedly.

She must be looking for Ashlyn, in this few days, Ashlyn had given bitsy so many fruits and herbs that she always looks to Ashlyn for treats.

I smiled, seeing her excitedly looking for Ashlyn, she is not outside, before we entered the marshland, I asked her to come inside me.

The marshland is open and if she flew with her meager strength any birdy that flying above could eat her in a single bite.

She is still very angry at me for keeping her inside forcefully.

''Thank Bitsy!" I said as patted her head, she is now feeling for not finding Ashlyn.

''Here!" I said as I took out fruit from my backpack and feed it to her.

''Fawn!" She fawns happily and kissed my cheeks with tongue before running back toward Jill who is fighting a little far away.

I look around the battlefield, I am quite surprised to find only about 30% of monster remains.

The whole battlefield is spread in a circular fas.h.i.+on, inside the rough circle around a thousand people had fought the monsters.

As I watch the battlefield for some time, I noticed a quite interesting thing.

A large group of peak level evolvers had spread around the boundary of camp to kill any stray monster that comes into the battlefield.

These people are really very strong, their e is a hill of bodies beside them and some even standing on the hill of bodies.

In the whole battlefield, only two people are not fighting, they are max and Rachel.

Ever since we entered the forest, Rachel never took out our weapon and fought.

Whatever monster come toward Rachel and max it was quickly killed by max's spear.

Max need one move, just one move to kill the monster same level as him, there is no strain on his face when he kills them.

It feels like a casual blow from him, it probably is, he doesn't even use his full strength much less use his skills.

Looking at max, my eyes filled with resolve to become stronger grew even firmer.

I also want to become strong enough to kill the highest grade monster will be killed by a casual attack.

''Hahahaha! Such an idiot!" I suddenly started to laugh suddenly and those who had seen what happen also started to laugh.

Just now, one of the Corporal level archers killed the monster bird which is prepared to attack but it was shot and killed.

The funny thing is, the monster body had fallen on a boy directly and it's not like that boy was busy fighting, he was also like me, was watching the archer killing a bird monster.

Although it's likely he is dead but he sure has broken lots of bones and I was right when people brought him out of the dead monster body, he looked wretch, so wretched that he is barely able to move his body, people had to feed him potion from their hands.

In twenty minutes fight had finished and when I saw jill coming toward me, I got startled because her aura had completely changed.

She had leveled up, she is now Mid Level of Specialist stage, ''What did you give to Bitsy?" She said but before I could say anything, she cut in.

"After eating it she got the feeling of level and after integrating we leveled up!"

That fruit must have accidentally triggered bitsy and she leveled up as I am sure that fruit is not miracle fruit.

Every night ask Ashlyn to double check if there is any miracle fruit in the fruits she had brought.

This fruit must have had something that triggered Bitsy breakthrough if it had eaten by any other monster, the effect would not be the same.

Ashlyn ate tens of these fruits daily but any fruit disnt give any enhancement except for the Miracle fruit she ate at the first forest.

''Its just fruit, that Ashlyn brought!" I said and gave her hug on being level up.

Jill and I had become a very good friend in such short contact, I feel more comfortable with her than Rhea.

She is exactly the opposite of Ellen who has quite personally, opposite to her Jill is quite expressive.

I ma.s.sage my head when I thought of Ellen, except for my parents Ellen is also one which I had to explain a lot of things.

With her intelligence, she had probably guessed I had entered this realm, I can only pray when my parents called her, she will have a good presence of mind to give me parents good excuse on my absence.

Times on and by the late afternoon, I've fought against eight monsters in five hours.

As we went deeper into the marsh, the dangerous monster had become.

The third monster that I fought nearly had taken a bite of my arm, it is a shout of my teammate did I able to save my arm from getting chewed up by monsters.

Fighting every monster is a dangerous risk, thank G.o.d till now, no one dead till now.

But many get cripple every day while fighting.

It's their luck that Rhea had regenerative potion and grade 1 cheap compared higher grade but is still cost half million which they will have to pay after getting out of this realm.

''I hate this mud, no matter how much I cleaned up, it will still dirty my suits few minutes later.," Jill said as removed mud off her suit.

I smiled seeing her doing that, as long as mud did not touch my hands and feet, I will not clear.

Although the suits are stain free, the mud still going to stick on your clothes every few minutes as you walk on the mud.

"Dhud…dhud…." Earth started to shake suddenly, we quickly activate our weapons ready for a fight.

Soon the monster started to come out one of another.

"Sawtooth Earthworms!" I shouted seeing minster.

This monster is one of the dangerous monsters in the marsh, once caught in their sawtooth-like teeth, one will directly turn to paste.

Tens of monster started to come and attack.

"shook shook shook!" the earth shook like crazy and I near fall, half of the people really did fell, we survived because we were far away.

What the h.e.l.l is happening? I question as it feels like f.u.c.king earthquakes.

''Bam! Bam! Bam!" Three loud booms rang out and their gigantic monsters come out of the earth.

They are so big that the biggest monster I've ever fought against look dwarf in front of them.


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