Monster Integration - Chapter 122 To The Marshland III

Chapter 122 To The Marshland III

''Whoos.h.!.+" My sword flew in the air like a spear toward the monster.

I know the sword Katana that I used most unsuitable for throwing as it curved sword and I have very little experience in throwing weapons.

I've only practiced throwing a weapon at school for a very short time.

''Puch!" My sword pierced the monster lower jaw and went up feeling no resistance from the monster defenses.

It pierced its defenses as it is b.u.t.ter, the sword kept going and directly pierced its brain, erasing all the signs of life it has in its eyes.

The monster was so startled seeing sword coming toward it that it didn't even move its tongue to protect itself by deflecting the sword.

''Ahh!" I only come to myself when water jet of other monster grazed my arm.

I was so startled seeing my sword killing the monster that I hadn't come to myself for a while.

I threw my sword on the whim as I saw on girl throwing short knives at frog which is in midair.

I mostly thought it will be missed or get defended by its tongue like girls knives, my only hope that my swords strike and injure it a little, so, power of my strike didn't go waste but did not expect it to directly kill it.

''Thud!" The monster's body fell on the ground as it completed its inertia and fell into the ground.

Dodging the water jets attacks, I took out the b.l.o.o.d.y sword out of the monster's body.

"f.u.c.k" I cursed as another water jet by my waist.

This f.u.c.king monster, I will definitely kill him now that I had only one to concentrate.

'Let's see how much time you last!' I said as I lighten my sword with fire to burn the filthy monster blood on it.

I call back the fire as it is next to no use in the combat as its power is too low, it not worth wasting mana on it.

"Croak Croak!" it croaked toward me as it attacks with several water jets, which and dodged and ran toward it to attack.

"Swis.h.!.+" it dodged my strikes and jumped far as I cannot reach by the time it lands.

And even jumping, it didn't forget attack as it kept attacking me with its water jets.

If it were to land in my range, then it will be directly under my blade, waiting to be killed.

There is a reason why this monster called rated upper C despite its weak defense and predictable attacks, it is d.a.m.n hard to catch.

'Speed trumps it all' they say. It's evasive jumps also type of speed, as long as you are fast enough, you can dodge any attack and kill anyone without him realizing as long as you are fast enough.

That is why I am so jealous of Jill's ability, with the speed, he can do much more.

I would have looked for her but I don't have a moment of time as square frog never stopped attacking me with its water jets, its attacks had become even more consistent after I killed the other monster by fluke.

I have played with this monster for ten minutes before I could use my skill again and try to kill it.

Without using skill, it is extremely hard has to kill monsters in this forest, I don't think I will be able to kill the weakest monster in this forest.

''Croak!" It croaked and sent its tongue toward me like a whip, seeing it coming, I quickly dodged with the help of my boots.

Like its water jet attacks, its tongue is also dangerous, it used its tongue to capture the prey and sometimes as a defense against the attacks which it can't dodge.

Once caught in the tongue, coming out of really tricky.

I quickly drank the potion as it jumped in the air, this is only time I get a few moments of rest before it started its relentless attacks.

Throwing the potion bottle, I ran toward the place where it's about to land but again my speed greatly reduced its relentless attacks and by the time I reached near it, it already jumped again.

I feel so frustrated that I would never able to catch it this way, to kill it I would either need a long range skill or weapon.

Throwing sword again won't work again as it keeping eye on me and its tongue already out to defend against it.

It would have been another thing if I specialized in mid to long range attacked but I am close combat fighter and the last time my sword killing it was a complete fluke.

Still, I will buy a few throwing knives and take lessons about it, it always good to have another trump card.

As for the long-range skill, I have it 'Fire Strikes' but didn't fulfill the condition to use it and it will take a lot of time to fulfill that condition.

Soon the ten minutes over and I can use my skill again but I did not use it right, I will use it at the right moment.

If I use it right now, maximum I barely able to injure or it will just before I could even reach it, totally wasting my skill.

I want to find a perfect moment and then strike it, I will wait for it even if it takes twenty minutes.

Time on as I keep chasing as it kept attacking me and jumping when I about to reach it.

As I usually coming toward it to attack I notice something coming behind the monster, seeing smile bloomed in my face.

''First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide!" This is a perfect opportunity I was waiting for if I had used my skill earlier I wouldn't have able to do it right now totally missing the opportunity.

''Croak!" It creaked loudly and spew countless water jets at me and prepare to jump.

"Slice!…." slicing few water jets while dodging some, I ran closer to it.

''Dub!" It jumped as I got close enough, seeing it I smiled, ''Bitsy now!" I shouted.

Jills monster who had come to help me and wanted to attack but stopped it, shooting my head.

We had fought together many times in wasteland and she knew me quite good and can understand my body language perfectly.

After I said attack, it attacked. It ran and then jump swiftly, the bitsy jump is higher than the squirt frog.

Squirt frog got alarmed seeing bitsy directly above it in mid-air and now attacking it with its horn down.

"Croaaask!" Croaking loudly, it used its tongue to capture bitsy but effortlessly leveraged the tongue and increased its speed of attack.

Her speed instantly increased as she leveraged the monster tongue and attack with her horn.

"Bam!" Bitsty attacked monster head with full power in midair and due to force, the front fell down with a loud thud.

"Thud!" ''Croak!" Bitsy's attack and fall from the sky did not seriously injure it and it is about to get up when I directly appeared beside it and brought down my sword with the power of the third tide.

It cants even open its mouth to let out its tongue or attack with a water jet as it just has great fall and was able to control its body, So my sword directly pierced thought its skull without feeling any resistance.

''Puchi!" I pierced its skull before it could make any unexpected moves, that save it life.


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