Monster Integration - Chapter 124 Gigantification II

Chapter 124 Gigantification II

"What the h.e.l.l are they?" I shouted the top of my lungs.

Three Gigantic Sawtooth Earthworm had suddenly appeared front us.

I've never seen monsters so big, these three monsters are about fifty, fifty-five meter tall and looked really scary, especially their rotating saw-like teeth, they put fear in once heart.

And the weirdest thing is, their aura matched their smaller ten-meter counterpart, the only difference between them is their giant size and stronger aura of peak specialist grade.

'*#%#%*'*&*%!' jill muttered something in shock that I wasn't able to here.

"What?" I ask, "Gigantification." She said while still looking at at the three giant monsters.

"Gigantification what?" I ask back, I never heard this word before, although I can understand words meaning but I don't know what is represented.

''It is a phenomenon which happened to the monster under certain condition." She said.

"Look at these three monsters, their condition called gigantification, their reason it can happen."

''First, is they are in this way, second they have eaten something which made them gigantic but I didn't think these two conditions are responsible for that as there is the third condition which is likely to the reason of three monsters gigantification." She continued.

"The third reason is this realm, In this realm, no lifeform can cross the Corporal stage and many monsters stayed peak of Corporal grade but could never level up"

"Very very rarely a mutation occurs in the monster where its size started to increase and so is its power with it but it will still stay the same level and Its actual battle power will increase many folds," Jill explained.

'This also can happen!' I exclaimed This seemed quite impossible if one thinks so but really can happen, seeing my belief in nature further reinforced, no matter how impossible thing is, nature always leave a way to make it possible.

I notice one thing that talking about these monsters, I didn't sense any shred of fear from her voice, looking at these giant monster even I've become very scared.

I am a little confused seeing that, she must have to a lot of confidence that someone from the camp could easily kill them.

I wanted to ask her the reason for her confidence but the question is private and may look intrusive, so I didn't ask.

Rachel and Max started order everyone back down from the giant monsters range as they were roaring loudly and attack at any moment.

there are about five hundred normal sawtooth earthworms had come out of the earth but they are not in my immediate range.

I would have gone to help those who were sawtooth earthworms but I am too interested in watching how they deal with these gigantic monsters.

I am not the only one, there are hundreds of people like myself who are rooted in spot watching giant monster instead of helping.

"All Corporal grade evolver to engage in combat, quickly finish as soon as possible! those who failed to do so will be punished." Max's voice boomed across the whole battlefield.

Many corporal levels who were going to watch giant monster fighting cursed loudly and went to fight at their quickest speed, especially those from Max's group.

Looks like the punishment which is max announced is some serious issue in the came, seeing max's groups corporal level are hastily gone to fight, our groups also left with cursing.

Three gigantic saw tooth earthworm monster hadn't attacked yet, they were just growling at Max and Rachel in front of them.

Both of them look very heroic and awe-inspiring as they stood in front of the gigantic monster, some even started to take photo and video, especially girls.

As they were screaming max's name, people never change, in this dangerous environment they forgetting the danger and cheering for their idols who are going to fight big bad monsters

I am also taking video from my holowatch but from different reason, I am doing for research purposes, I want to see how super elite or organizations fought.

"Roaaaaar!" with loud roar three monsters attack at the same time, Max unhurriedly activated his spear which is twice large the normal short spear that he used.

I got surprised seeing Rachel's weapon, it is longbow, little bigger than the normal size bow. So, she is an Archer.

Max swiftly ran toward the monster while Rachel pulled the string of her bow and fiery red arrow manifested.

Max jumped as came close to the monster, his jump quite high.

"Roaaar" monster roared while brought is the largemouth of rotating sawteeth in front of max as if to eat him and turned him into a paste.

but when monster about to take a bite, he dodged mid-air, his dodging extremely fast and gravity-defying, I can even see how he dodged such near attack so perfectly.

Dodging its mouth, suddenly Max's spear turned faint green and he attacked.

The attack was so amazing that it is best to attack I've ever seen in my life, it is both beautiful and lethal.

Max's green spear had draw single bloodied line from it heard to tail.

The would look heavy and deep as a fountain of blood started to flood from it.

''Roaaaar!" Sawtooth Earthworm had roared in pain as it wound long as its body.

''Show off! He clearly has the strength to directly kill it in one move but he chose to show off as always." Said jill with a scoff.

While on the other hand, Rachel is holding back two monsters with her bow and both of these monster condition didn't look good as their whole bodies blotched with holes and heavy blood could be seen coming out their holes.

If this going on, with the speed Rachel releasing arrows, both of the monsters will be dead in less than five minutes.

''Roaaar!…." Three of the giant monster kept reading mournful cried as their bodies riddled with heavy injuries.

Max is attacking monster is like, he is carving art on the monster skin, everything about it looked beautiful, even the blood flowing out on the monster body in a certain fas.h.i.+on that it doesn't look filthy and disgusting.

While two monsters that Rachel shooting at looked life if they been skewed with the nail gun.

The Monsters tried to fight back but they were powerless like a bunch of chickens in front of Max and Rachel strength.


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