Monster Integration - Chapter 1262 - Fighting Primal Star Royal Tiger II

Chapter 1262 - Fighting Primal Star Royal Tiger II

Chapter 1262 - Fighting Primal Star Royal Tiger II


It is attacking me without giving me any chance to attack; every attack is faster and stronger than before, which makes it harder for me to respond.

It is observing my every moment and attacking based on that; every attack is calculated; not a single swipe of claw is attacked in rage or pleasure; it is fighting with cold hard logic.

Surviving every claw of its challenge to me, from distributing its force to realizing everything is done in a split second. Still, even after surviving so many attacks, I was able to find a way to ma.s.s discharge its force.

I am discharging the attacking force but not in the quant.i.ty I want to be; it is due to that I still have to take a huge amount of force in my body.

I am lucky that I have Healing Const.i.tution and Healing Rule on top of that slight stronger body, which immediately started to heal any injuries I get during the attack.


I flew back again with a bloodied mouth and broken bones cras.h.i.+ng throught the many trees which would break away just as I crashed into them.

It can't continue happening; it won't be long before it determines that I had no trump cards or my trump cards mean nothing and attack me with its full power, and that time, I would be in real trouble.

I know I have to act, but I don't know how to act; I feel like it will deal with every move of mine with strength. It is the reason why I hadn't attacked any of the moves of rose domination yet, and I don't want to throw attacks and waste needless energy; it will be more disastrous.

Suddenly, I had a strange idea, a combination move which I hadn't used before or not used in a way I am thinking of using. This idea is only slightly better than others, but it gave me a feeling of hope.


I flung away another time, and this time, just as I shot back, four vines appeared from my back; these four vines are different as these four vines, four rose sharp rose blades are attached to their ends.

I had used Rose Vines and Rose Blade together, and now, I just hoped they would work as they should be, and I am fast enough in operating them. Whether it will work or not will depend on how fast I operate it.

I am flaying back right, and like always, it is coming at me with even faster speed than before. I could slight cautiousness in its murder filled eyes; it will be cautious of my vines, which is another challenge for me to use these vines faster.

Its claw came, and my sword and vines moved at similar speed toward its claw; like me observing its every movement with the full strength of sensory abilities and killing rule, it is doing the same to me.

My sword and vines moved toward the Claw of the Star Tiger, my sword at the front, and my vines are just in behind it, with both of us watching each other moves for any mischief.


My sword and its claw touched, and at that exact moment, my vines, which were just inches behind the sword blade, erupted with force like never before and took a swift turn toward the neck of the Star Tiger.

Everything seemed to slow down at that moment; I could feel the immense force is coming at me as its claw clashed against my sword, and at the same time, my vines moved toward the neck of the Star Tiger.

It had noticed the vines coming toward it, and instead of crazing its neck back, it is moving it toward the vines that are closing it. As it does that, I have not missed the very faint, barely noticeable s.h.i.+ne spread across its body; it made it feel that it had become tougher.

The attack force came inside me; multiple functions of my Armor got activated and started to spread the flood of force toward multiple parts of my Armor. At the same time, my vines reached the neck of the Beast.

As they reached it, they did not pierce into the neck of the Beast; instead, they started wove around its neck, which surprised it slightly, and that starry s.h.i.+ne around it's have become a little more intense.

As the vines bind across its neck, I started to fly back in like a rag doll-like usual, but this time it is different; this time, there are vines involve.


I flew back two meters when suddenly I stooed due to vines connected to the next and that instant; I used whole 5% of my energy at my legs and pushed it down, its created torque which diverted the force that is flinging me back and moves me up and like the rope performer, I curved with the help of vine and moved toward the Beasts back.

To all that happened, it barely took more than a second, but I had done it, and that was the easiest part; the hardest part starts now.


The Beast is not going to let me land on its back this easily; it roared and came at me with its open mouth. I could feel joy in murderous eyes as it moved its eyes to eat me up.

If others were to this move, they would think it as idiotic. I bound myself to the dangerous Beast and also diverted the momentum to land on the Beast's back; it looks like I have a death wish as I had served myself to the Beast.

The Beast also seemed to think that too, though its sufficiently cautious, it still feels that I will end up in its stomach; unfortunately, it is wrong. Today, I do not want to be on its platter; instead, it will be on my platter.

'Old Set: First Boost!'

I finally activated the move I had stored for all this while; if I wanted to, I would have used it before, it would have saved me quite a lot of beating, but that was not the right time to use it.