Monster Integration - Chapter 121 To The Marshland II

Chapter 121 To The Marshland II

"Be cautious and careful today, keep yourself and your teammates safe!" said Rachel as we were about to leave the camp.

Max's group already waiting outside, Rachel quickly deactivated the protection artifact and us all get out.

There is monster outside this time as they were all killed by max's group, soon two of our group merged with Rachel and max's lead.

As we travel toward the marsh, we come across many monsters but in front of a thousand people, they were quickly finished.

If it was our group only, it would have taken us some time but with two groups they were easily killed as nearly ten people against one monster.

I got quite lucky earlier as I was able to make a killing strike and took the monster core for myself, as rules state that the one who made finis.h.i.+ng strike will get the monster core.

I fought tens of monster by the time we reached the boundary of the marshland in the late morning and with only a few injuries which is surprising compared to the past two days.

"f.u.c.k!" I said as I looked at the marshland, it beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

Still, calm water but sometimes as a monster would come out if water and will kills its pray at one strike before dragging it under water.

Big groups of various monsters could be seen, it would be very dangerous if travel close to them.

Its good thing that marsh is quite large and there are many ways to choose as long as one doesn't mind getting dirty.

I forcefully called back Ashlyn inside me as marsh had very few trees to hide and many bird monsters which could eat her single bite.

She is quite angry as forcefully called her inside me, I don't like force Ashlyn to do she doesn't but when it comes to her safely, I don't care how angry she is.

Max and Rachel talked for a while before choosing the way into the marsh.

Many monsters attacked but all were killed by force of a thousand people, no group of the monster was able to last more than minutes.

We were just walking while killing the monster when hundreds and hundreds of monsters jump toward us from the lake suddenly.

They're coming so fast and their noise so loud that we barely had a chance to react.

'Croak croak Croak….'

Against these monster, our quant.i.ty won't work as they are many as us and have

"Squirt squirt spuirt…." I dodged some water jet attacks that I could and defended some with the s.h.i.+eld that I couldn't dodge.

There are more than thousand this giant Squirt frogs come out of the water and started to attack with water jets.

That water jet attack is extremely fierce, more dangerous than the sword strike if it hit then it will directly pierce the body.

When all the Squirt frogs come out of it, I am shocked by their numbers, there are about one thousand and five hundred frogs.

We have to kill them quickly, if other monster group attacked in the midst, we will be in serious danger.

I quickly recall all the information that Rachel had given about these squestle fast.

They live in a large group, I can see that in front, the water jets and long tongue which is used to wrap the enemies with, it has great speed and mediocre defense.

I heaved a sigh of relief thinking it has a mediocre defense, the monster I hate to fight most is the one with a high defense like Black Erath Bears yesterday, they were a b.i.t.c.h to kill.

I attack the closest quest frog in front of me which also at the initial level of specialist grade.

"Squirt squirt!" it attacked me water jets as it saw me coming, already expecting this, I quickly dodged it quickly and attack toward it.

"Fuf!" just as I am about to attack it, it quickly jumped high and release its tongue in mid-air, I stopped my attack quickly and dodged its tongue.

But the danger isn't over yet, another Squirtle frog not far from me, attacked me with water jet, leaving no choice I had to use my s.h.i.+eld to defend while keeping ey out the previous squestle from who is landed not far from me.

"Slice…" as soon as it landed, it also attacks me water jet which I had to deflect with my sword.

The water jet is a very dangerous attack, as long as it hit you, it will leave with you serious injuries but there is one good thing about the attack that you can easily defend against it with your s.h.i.+eld and sword.

"First Tide! Second tide!" I quickly activated the power of my skill ran toward squirt frog.

"The third tide!" I shouted as I got closer to square frog, my speed increased suddenly, as I am reaching near to it, I can see it flexing the muscle to jump while releasing the water jet.

"Slice!" I directly sliced apart the water jet as I ran toward the monster, not wanting to give any moment to the monster as it is jumping.

"Spurt!" I sword strike by monster skin as it jumped high, its blood could be seen coming out of its wound. despite using Third Strike, I was not able to injure it seriously.

"Croak!" it still cried out mournfully as this wound isn't light either, it had underestimated me, it would have jumped way too early but just tease me it waited till I reached near it to attack, well it paid the price, it would have been nice if I have heavily injured it.

"Squirt…" "f.u.c.k!" I shouted as another monster attack me with water jet from behind, this f.u.c.king sneaky monster, if not suddenly feeling extreme danger and dodging the water jet on time, I would have been definitely dead as that f.u.c.king monster aiming for the head.

Seeing that monster had jumped far from me, I decided to attack the second squirt frog.

The fight goes on for a while, no matter how many times, I tried to attack as I got closer it will always jump out before I could reach it.

I can't attack one monster without a second one obstruction me, I have to careful of a sneak attack from another frog.

Last time I used my skill, I wasn't able to even hit it, it jumped before I could reach it and when it landed all power of skill is fizzled out.

I fought and fought without any gain against monsters but I was. .h.i.t four times by its water Jets, its good thing that I had armor on or I would have been serious trouble.

"First Tide! Second Tide;" I activated my skill and ran towards the monster to attack it.

This is the first time, I went this close to the monster if I able to heavily injure killing it will be easy then.

"Squirt squirt..!" Dodging the water jet attacks both of monster, I ran towards it furiously.

''Third tide!" I activated the power of the third tide when I half close to them, I was able to reach it when the monster jump suddenly.

"d.a.m.n!" I said as my attack failed and about to give up when I saw something from the corner of my eyes.

An idea comes to my mind and I decided to try it before the power of the skill ran out.

"Ahhh!" I screamed loudly and threw away my sword at the squirt frog which is mid-air.


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