Monster Integration - Chapter 1248 - Drastic Change II

Chapter 1248 - Drastic Change II

Chapter 1248 - Drastic Change II

Both sides started fighting; if earlier they are fighting with tooth and nail, now they are fighting like cats and dogs, wanting to kill each other at any cost.

The arrival of two armies broke the accord, which is not rare but not common either. The despair they had felt earlier had made them fight harder, use every ace they had not used till now against the Grimm Monster that has more than two times numbers than us.

Puch Puch Slash Slash…

My team and I are moving across the battlefield, killing any Grimm Monsters we have come across. Earlier, we did not care about these small fries, but now we got out of our way to kill as much as we can on our way to the Special Profession Grimm Monsters.

Soon we come across another peak Prince Cursemaster, and my teammates moved toward it without consultation. As the guards of the Cursemaster spotted them, they immediately went toward them and attacked not only them, but the Cursemaster itself started to attack.

'Rose Vine!' I waited for a few seconds before enveloping the Curse Master into my vines before joining the battle. I started to cut one guard after another and within half a minute before focusing on the Grimm Monster bound in the vines.

From starting a fight to harvesting the Essense Rose, it only took us three minutes before we moved to the next Special Profession Grimm Monster.

We killed one Special Profession Grimm Monster after another; our speed is so fast that if one were to realize this, they would be shocked. We are killing at least twenty Special Profession Grimm Monsters every hour.

It is completely crazy as it is dangerouns before, we used to access the threat for a minute and discuss, but now we don't do that. Our only goal is to kill as much of these Special Profession Grimm Monster as we have.

These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are pa.s.s killers, can kill hundreds at a time with their nasty attack; the more we kill them, the more humans we save them, so we made a goal of killing them as much as possible.

We are not the only one who has gone crazy; many powerful hunter division teams have also doing it, and the same of them have even lost their lives for it, but nothing can be done about it; this is the way War works.

The lives will be lost; the only thing we could do is keep on getting stronger, so less and less will die.

Three hours pa.s.sed, and the battle became even more frenzied, people fighting like they have lost all the reason, using every move, every bit of the energy they have and it seemed to be working, the Grimm Monsters are getting killed at a much faster pace than the humans.


We moved toward another target when suddenly I overcame an intense sense of danger that I had instinctively activated defensive methods.

The leaves were appearing around me when I finally sensed understood what the crisis is, and it was worse than I had thought.

Something is coming down toward me at a very fast speed; its speed is like a rocket. For a moment, I had thought it is a stray attack, which made me completely pale, as this attack could only come from Emperor and Kings, which I have no power to resist but it is was not a stray attack.

It is far more dangerous, it is Grimm Monster itself that is coming down, and it is very much alive as it is trying to slow down its momentum of falling.

I tried to run away with all my speed, but for some reason, my speed of running away seemed akin to ant compare to the meteoritic speed it falling.

It suddenly appeared in front of me; it finally stopped its fall momentum and avoided hitting the ground by inches, and to my horror, there was barely three meters distance between us.

I looked at Grimm Monster in front of me, a Ratman, it is bloodied, and multiple injuries could be seen on its body, some of them are very deep.

"F.u.c.k.i.n.g Human!"

It cursed loudly as it looked up before shooting into the sky; seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face, but the next moment my face couldn't help stiffen in sheer horror.

A shockwave is coming at me; it is small and crafted in the form of attack, likely from its see tail seeing the size and precision it is coming at me, the Ratman had not left without attacking; it had left me nasty surprise before leaving.

Seeing a fatal attack is coming at me, and there is no way I could survive from it dodging. So, in a split second, I decided and transferred as much energy as I could in the rose protection.


Shockwave hit me finally; first, it had struck against the rose cover, which had stopped it for a moment before getting crushed by the sheer force and turned into dust before shockwave came at me.


The shockwave hit squarely across my chest and immediately broke my bones, and transferred a slight trace of King Level energy contain in the shockwave into my body, which had started to tear me apart and flew back like a rocket in a crowded battlefield.

Bang Bang Bang Puch Puch Puch…

I crashed across many people, be it Grimm Monster or humans, and cracked their bones, and despite that, I continued flaying back in high momentum so that one can imagine the raw power contained in that shockwave, but the momentum is no threat to my life.

The threat to my life is a trace amount of King Level energy in my body, tearing my internals apart. If I did not do anything against it very soon, the consequences would be unimaginable.

So, I better get control over it as if my life depends upon it because my life does depend on it, and it is a good thing; I had thought something like this might happen and prepared something; I just hope it works.