Monster Integration - Chapter 1246 - Cursemaster II

Chapter 1246 - Cursemaster II

Chapter 1246 - Cursemaster II

"It is not easy to sneak attack me, human!" The Werewolf said and swung its staff at me, the power of the stuff so great that I felt as if the Warhammer is coming at me, and that's not even the most dangerous this about the attack.

The most dangerous thing is the s.h.i.+ny black Curse energy around the staff, which morphs into tiny runes and creating a formation around it.

Seeing that, I swung my Sword at the staff, wanting to break the attack before it even happened.

"Aedm's Shackle!"

Grimm Monster shouted as its staff reached very close to my Sword, and as it shouted the name of the attack and as it did, the runes started to glow even more brightly as the staff came at me.


The Werewolf staff clashed against my Sword like a hammer; I felt like the hammer stuck me, not a staff. The clash sent a huge amount of force and the Curse energy into me, and the most dangerous of them was the runic shackle made of dense curse energy that came at me.

It came at me like a snake, wanting to wrap itself around me and seal all my movements, but right at the time, it was about to do it when earlier formation inside me lit up and sucked inside.

It had resisted for a moment before getting sucked into it; that formation is not a simple sucking formation. It is connected to the whole Curse Aspect of my const.i.tution; activating that formation will suck that shackle of the curse energy.

The Curse Energy which my Curse Aspect is derived from the Tyrant Level Curse energy and not to forget it was from an Apex Const.i.tution; so it is not surprising that it can bind formation.

Still, I have to be careful; the attack just now was more dangerous than the offensive attack. Even if they directly hit me, the offensive attacks have a chance of coming out alive, even if it is a battered state.

But if I had bound by such attack even for a second, then there would have only been a death. Such an attack did not give one any chance to survive; the Grimm Monsters will not take the chance with you.

The Cursemaster was surprised by me effortlessly dealing with its attack, but it did not affect its momentum. It brought back its staff and attacked again, this time with even more power.

Another set of the Runes appeared around the staff, but these runes are different from the previous and are represent clear offensive power if one goes by the aura it is emitting.


Its staff came down on me heavily, and with it came a dense spike of curse energy. The spike is fast and powerful, and it had lasted a little more time-binding runes earlier before it fell apart.

Clang Clang Clang…

Attack after attack came, and I only defended against them as I kept storing more and more energy I am continuously refining. I wanted to use some of my attacks against this b.a.s.t.a.r.d but seeing the energy they need, I decided to wait for a bit before I launch my attacks.

"You are quite strong for a Healer." The Werewolf said, "You too are stronger than the average Cursemaster." In the same plain tone before, we moved at other at the same time faster than before.

It moved its staff against me, having another set revolving around it. My Sword also moved toward it with a sharp edge and feeling of heaviness that would make one feel like a whole mountain on weighting on them.

I had used the power of both of my enchantments if it had been normal Grimm Monster of even Peak Prince Stage, but this, tens of them died by now, but this Mid Duke is taking very long.

As my Sword and its staff were just inches from clas.h.i.+ng when suddenly four roses came from my back and turned into the blades before they went toward the Grimm Monsters.

Alarm flashed into the eyes of Grimm Monster, seeing the blades coming toward. Its strength could easily gauge its power and knew how dangerouns it would be if it hit it.


As our weapons clashed, a s.h.i.+mmering black layer enveloped it. The latter looks thin, but it is extremly powerful; there is a very dense Runic Formation enveloped in this dense Curse Energy.

This defensive method of it is the most powerful Ive ever come across. If it were cast by the non-Special Profession Grimm Monster, it would not have been easy to pierce through the s.h.i.+eld, but it is very bad for this Cursemaster to use the Curse type energy to cast the s.h.i.+eld, the energy which I could most easily deal with.

Soon the four blades reached the Werewolf and touched that s.h.i.+mmering black thing; just as that happened, a great change appeared on his face, as if it finally realized what is happening.

Realizing the dangers of blades, it had used some strange method to s.h.i.+ft the blade's edge, that they would not pierce through its fatal points, though it had dodged it, it will have to deal with nasty energy, but it is not life-threatening for it.

Seeing that, it couldn't help but take a sigh of relief, feeling it is out of danger when suddenly it felt intense danger coming over it but before it could do anything, it found itself bound by the vines which seemed come out of nowhere.

It reacted speedily but not speedily enough, the vines bound it before it could get away and pierce their thorns inside its body, and their growth exploded like crazy; ive never see my vines grow so fast.

They exploded in growth, though my vines have grown very fast that they covered one fully within a second after piercing one's body with thorns, but they were never this fast.

Their growth speed is simply unbelievable this time that it had shocked the h.e.l.l out of me.