Monster Integration - Chapter 1249 - Net

Chapter 1249 - Net

Chapter 1249 - Net

Gritting my teeth through the pain, I activated several small formations around my Inheritance.

The formations lit up with the blinding light and created a sort of net inside me that nothing could escape from it.

The net closed on the King Level energy, which is tearing my body apart, and finally captured it, but it is King Level energy if it is easy to deal with, then I wouldn't have had to create such formation in a precious s.p.a.ce I have.

As the King Level energy caught into the net, it started to struggle fiercely and may time have broken the net it had been captured. When designing it, I knew dealing with the energy would not be simple and reinforced with six layers.

Even if the energy could destroy the first, second, and third layers, there will always be fourth, fifth, and six layers to deal with it. Despite its fierce struggle, the net had finally bound that energy and locked into a very strong vault formation.

This formation is the strongest in my Inheritance; it used the full power of Inheritance, Rules, and Const.i.tution; once it entered inside, it will not be able to get unless it destroyed all three, which means killing me.

It is very dangerous, but it is the only option I have to deal with in my current power.

Its not like I will keep the living bomb inside me forever; this vault has a whittling formation that will whittle that energy slowly and make it disappear within a day.

As the energy dealt with, runes in my body lit up, and I dealt with the momentum I am flaying back with force, and at the same time, my injuries started to heal with the unbelievable speed with the power of my Const.i.tution and Advanced healing rule.

"Die Human!"

I had stabilized myself and healing my grievous injuries when suddenly a Prince Stage Grimm Monster appeared in front of swung its hammer at me, wanting to take a chance at the easy kill.


"F.u.c.k off!" I said as I decapitated it and avoided its hammer easily; no matter how weak I am, I could easily deal with these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds.


I landed on the ground and took a deep breath, which also felt painful seeing the extent of my injuries, but the next breath felt a little less painful, and the breath after that even more; by the time it was 7th breath, I felt no pain at all, all my injuries have been healing.

"Micheal, are you fine?" Jimmy asked as he appeared with others; it was their good luck that I was in front; if any one of them had been in the receiving end of the attack, they would not have able to stay alive for even a second before popping up like a balloon.

"That attack was really something; I don't think anyone of us would have survived that attack," Rove said shudderingly.

"Let's go; we have Grimm Monsters to kill," I said as I killed another Grimm Monster that came at me; three of them nodded, and we again started our killing frenzy.

In the first hour, we were a little slow due to me focusing more on gathering the energy and not using any heavy move other than the Rose Vine, but as my energy storage got full again, our team had become even more reckless than before we started to finish the Special Profession Grimm Monsters and their whole guards within ten minutes.

"Have you noticed?" Jimmy asked, "Yes!" I affirmed that it is midnight, and people are fighting crazily, people dying on both sides, but it is Grimm Monster dying the most, and if it continues, it will not take more than a few hours before battle turn completely in our favor, and that is what is wrong with battle.

Normally when a battle started to get in favor of one side, the other side backs down, but now we saw no sign of that is happening, which means that the battle might last till one side won clearly, which is a bad thing.

Ending a fight when one is gaining is the greatest strategy to avoid higher casualty as the battle progresses; one side's advantage will continue becoming greater and greater.

The other will also fight with tooth and nail, bringing both sides' casualties to very high numbers.

I don't want to see such high casualties, but there is nothing I could do; everything is depended on the decision of higher-ups, and seeing how Grimm brought two armies, I don't it will be the human side that will make a retreat and so wouldn't the Grimm Monster for that same reason.

The battle had come to honor; one side has to win it at any price since they broke the rules of battle, and another side to have to win to show that no matter how many numbers one will bring, they have the power to defeat it.

The morning came, and we have killed some more Special Profession Grimm Monsters that now we have to actively search for them as their numbers and dwindled quite much.

We and the other teams of hunter division are hunting the Special Profession Grimm Monsters aggressively due to their ma.s.s killing power that now we have to search them for minutes or two before finding them.

Through the night, the advantage we have become even greater, but higher-ups of Grimm Monsters did not seem to see that. Not only are they losing down on the ground, but they seemed to lost some at above at well.

There were seven Grimm Monsters Emperor at first, but now there seemed to only six, but Grimm Monsters did not seem to realize it as they are continuously fighting like mad.

My team and I are killing as much as Grimm Monster we could, but there are too many of them. Even though we are an advantage, we are still losing people en

Seeing so many deaths happening every minute, I wished for the fight to end as quickly as possible, but that did not seem to be happening.