Monster Integration - Chapter 1243 - Battle I

Chapter 1243 - Battle I

Chapter 1243 - Battle I

"Since we have discussed everything, let's go," Jimmy said; after few minutes, we finished the discussion.

Jimmy and I other walked out of the room, and a few minutes later, we are out of city gates, looking at hundreds of thousands of people who have already gathered. We looked at our holo watch and moved toward the position that is a.s.signed.

Thud Thud Thud…

One by one, we landed on the ground; the hunter division teams were never placed together in a single place; all the teams are placed in different places across the mobility for better access to the target to hunt.

Thousands of people gathering every minute, and before I know it, more than a million have already a.s.sembled on the field in front of the Fort Ardon, and more are still coming.

Finally, an hour later, three million people stood in neat formation; from Duke to Kings, everyone is standing on the place neatly. In this battle, there is no partic.i.p.ation of Lords; Grade 5 battle is no place for the lord unless it is an exceptional case.

Previous to most of the battle I have partic.i.p.ated in, there were no more than the ten Lords, but fifty of them were standing in front of us.

Fifty lords are such a huge number; Fort Ardon could say using one-fourth of their Kings for this battle, which is a great risk, and this also means the scale of the battle will be great.

Though only three million are partic.i.p.ating in this battle, they are battle-hardened; they did not call any rookie that had not big battle experienced.

As we were waiting, three people came flew above us and stopped in front of us; the leading of three is a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his late thirties, is Joseph Agnes, the commander of this battle.

"The Grimm Monsters are attacking wildly, without caring for cost if we did not teach them a lesson, they think we are a pushover and might even dare to attack the fort directly." Joseph said in a soft voice before his face before hard and look of fury appeared on his face.

"Do we want that?" He asked loudly, sounding furious, a stark difference from his earlier soft voice.

"No No No…" Millions of people started shouting in resounding no; the voice was so loud that I am sure that even Grimm Monsters would be able to hear it from their fortress.

'What an excellent commander, in just a few seconds he had roused the battle spirit of all the people standing below, which is very important; it gives us an extra edge.

"Then Charge with me and teach this b.a.s.t.a.r.d Grimm Monsters lesson for their impetuous." He said loudly and started to flew with two other Emperors behind him.

Seeing his charge, the Kings flew up from their place in there before Dukes and Princes; in the complete effortless fas.h.i.+on. We moved toward the Fortress of Grimm Monsters; our speed is fast, and even at such speed, our formation is perfect; there is no strain, no breakage.

Soon we saw the fortress of the Grimm Monsters and army millions already waiting for us. The Ground seemed to be filled with large Grimm Monsters; at one glance, their numbers seemed endless, but one could estimate their numbers on a closer look.

Their numbers are about seven million, and the aura they are emitting together seems to blot the sky whole; one could not bear such fearsome aura alone; if such aura bore down me, I would die in second.

They are not the only one that is projecting their collective auras; we are also bringing down our auras on them and now both of the auras clas.h.i.+ng invisibly in the middle of the battlefield, trying to push toward other.

No, Grimm Monsters huge aura trying to drown us all, but our aura is resisting tooth and nail. It is an undeniable fact that they have double the number of us with having similar power as us.

Thud Thud thud…

The staring contest lasted for a quiet while before we started to land in millions till all of us landed on the floor. The only ones that are still in the sky are the Kings and Emperors.


A second after we landed, Joseph ordered an attack, and we charged toward the Grimm Monsters.

As I charge toward the Grimm Monsters with millions of people, I felt like I am walking on an earthquake. The steps of us and the huge Grimm Monsters left the earthshaking, and countless small cracks started forming on the earth.

The earth's reaction is mild; seeing it had experienced thousands of battles, it hardened to an unbelievable degree. If it had been normal earth, it would have split apart hugely, seeing the pressure falling on it every second.

Clang Clang Clang…

Finally, both sides collided, and the battle started to reality. Both of the armies tore through each, and fighting started en

The battles had started not only below but also up; the earthshaking sound began to come from above. The Kings and Emperors are fighting above; the Emperors are fighting so high that I could only see the dots.

Its a good thing they are fighting so high, seeing the power of their attacks, they would only need to launch a few before they razed the ground whole and wipe off the whole armies.

When I saw the power of the Emperor the first time, I was quite shocked. I had come in contact with many emperors in the Academy, but I had never seen their fight; watching their destructive power was really an eye-opener for me.

Down below, we are also cutting through the Grimm Monsters as they are gra.s.s. Others may have a problem dealing with these Grimm Monsters, but we did not.

The hunter's division only accepts elites as only the elites have power to kill Special Profession Grimm Monsters seeing how heavily protected these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are.