Monster Integration - Chapter 1244 - Battle II

Chapter 1244 - Battle II

Chapter 1244 - Battle II

"There is Prince Stage Poisoner at 3 Oclock," I said to my team while cutting several Grimm Monster came at me.

"It has twenty-five Peak Prince Stage bodyguards protecting it, but we will be able to handle them if we are fast enough," Jimmy said. "We will attack with our usual plan then?" I asked.

"Usual plan." Gina and Rove said before they started moving toward the Poison Master. I was a few steps behind them; they will be the main attackers and deal with guards while attacking the poison master itself.

I had already given them protection, so poison would not be a problem for them. They have to deal with pesky protectors that are always around the special protection Grimm Monsters.

Soon my team reached the range of Black Armored Lizardman range and got attacked by the fifteen seven-meter tall Black Armored Lizardman and poison master, which under the protection of ten Grimm Monsters also started launching attack their directions.

The battle started, and my teammates started to fight the Grimm Monsters, each is contesting against five Black Armored Lizardmen, and two more joined against Jimmy after some time, seeing he had no problem dealing with the monsters.

The battle raged between them while I remained on the sidelines, waiting for the perfect moment to attack while dealing with some pesky Grimm Monsters that dared to attack me.

Finally, two minutes after the battle started, I found the opportunity. The guard's monsters protecting the Grimm Monster have created some distance from the Poison Master to give it greater mobility to attack.

'Rose Vine,' I said in my mind, and the next moment, the vine erupted from the ground and bound the Black Armored Lizardman who was flying in the air.

"s.h.i.+t!" The protecting Grimm Monsters cursed and moved toward their boss to release them from the vines, but as they moved toward their boss, the thorns emerged from the vines and pierced through their boss's body.

Just as the thorns pierced through their body, its like life had come to the vine, and it started to grow wildly that by the time the Grimm Monsters reached their boss, the vines have fully covered their boss and now growing it rapidly.

Ever since my Healing Rule advanced, the vines have received a big boost, and now whenever they get in touch with the essence of Grimm Monsters, they grow extremely fast.

I watched the Grimm Monster wrestle with the ever-growing vines; the vines are growing at such a fast speed that no matter what they do, they could not be able to do anything against it.

A sudden idea emerged in my mind as I saw the Grimm Monsters fighting the Grimm Monsters. I don't know why I hadn't thought that if I can successfully create what I am thinking, then binding and killing hundreds or thousands or even millions would be impossible.

I would need to attack with a single move, and vines will do the rest of the job, but creating such a move would not be easy, and the energy I would need would also be immense.

I would need to at least the King or Emperor stage before I could have enough energy to power such a move, and more important of the Runic Formation I would need for such move, it would be very complex seeing what sort of destruction I have in mind to create such move.

I finally moved toward the Grimm Monster with my sword in my hand; the Grimm Monsters, who were still attacking the ever-growing vine spear, finally noticed me.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d human, you did that to our boss, didn't you?" The leading Black Armored Lizardman asked. "Yes, I did it, and by the way, your boss just died when you were talking to me," I said, which immediately made them furious.

It is not a lie to enrage them; the poison master had its all energy sucked away by the vines, and now vines shrinking and conjugating all the energy they sucked from the Black Armored Lizardman Poisonmaster to create an Essense Rose.

"You wretched human!" All seven Grimm Monsters screamed in unison as they came at me; seeing them coming, a smile appeared on my face as Runes inside me lit up and disappeared from my spot.

Puch Slas.h.!.+

A b.l.o.o.d.y sound rang out as I appeared behind the Grimm Monster before I desspeared again with a bloodied hole in its heart. I appeared behind another Grimm Monster and decapitated it directly.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" The group leader shouted at me, seeing me killing 2nd of its friend, and by the time it had reached me, I had long since disappeared from my spot and appeared behind another Grimm Monster.


I pierced through the chest of another Grimm Monster and disappeared; this one, like the rest of the others, have activated the defensive method, but I did not have any problem in piercing its chest.

Puchi Puchi Puchi!

The enchantment of sword and strength I am using is a deadly combination, these Grimm Monsters may be strong, but they are not strong enough to resist me; I killed all the Black Armored Lizardman except the leader.

"Only you have remained now," I said to the leading Grimm Monster, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d, why are you attacking in the back like a coward." He said, and come at me; I could tell he is using all his power in that attack.


"From the front of it is then," I said and appeared in front of it and pierced its heart directly before its sword moved an inch to defend. Its eyes are wide with shock as looked at me as if it could not believe how fast ive killed it.

I removed my sword from its chest and stored its body in storage before worked on harvesting the Essense Rose, which was happening very slowly.

As I took control over it, it turned fast, and within a minute, it had Essene Rose in my hand.