Monster Integration - Chapter 1241 - It Feels Good To Be Back

Chapter 1241 - It Feels Good To Be Back

Chapter 1241 - It Feels Good To Be Back

After talking to the teacher for half an hour, sharing some of the things I have gone through in the Ruin, I have hung up the call with my teacher.

With that done, I went to the kitchen, cooked dinner for Ashlyn and me. I made the new recipe that I had mastered today, and I have to say, it tasted delicious, very delicious.

I walked back to the practice room with dinner done, took out the big wooden piece, and filled it with Cosmic Energy-rich water, root juice, and other stuff before getting in and starting the painful practice of circulating the Cosmic Energy through my veins.

It had four days since I had started circulating energy through my veins, and the results had been beyond amazing. My body and soul are rapidly getting stronger and not to forget the fourteen seals I had created.

Yes, in four days, I had created the fourteen seals of Supreme Combat Exercise that include one Amethyst Seal, and I planned to make at least three more tonight.


I gritted my teeth and started to circulate the energy through my veins, and unlike the first time, this time, I circulated the double energy, and that's not all. The veins and body now suck more energy actively on their own, so I have to circulate faster and faster whether I want or not.

As I circulate, I watch energy reaching every corner of my body as it traveled through the veins, strengthening every part of it. I couldn't help but get excited, this circulation is strengthening my body at an amazing rate, and if I continue with path, it won't be long before I get a strong monster body.

Many people dream of having a strong monster body, but very few can get it. Even when they reach the King Stage and circulate powerful energy through their veins, very few put in the effort.

That time they need to put a hundred times more effort than now; mana veins may strengthen significantly at King Stage, but they also became more sensitive; they would feel more pain than they are comfortable with.

A half-hour later, I got out of the tub creating three seals of Supreme Combat Exercise. I wanted to create the four seals like yesterday, but it had not been possible; the energies in the tub finished before I could do that.

Every day I increase the density of energies in the tub; I only increase them by 10%, no more than that, and constantly kept my eyes on my veins. If they are feeling even slightly distraught, I am ready to stop the circulation.

I had not needed to do that yet, but I am always ready to do that; getting is important, but my veins are even more important. Everything depends on the veins; if there are no veins, there would be no strong body; h.e.l.l, there would be no practice without veins.

After getting out of the shower, I wore new clothes and walked out of Quarters. There are many things to do, and most important of them all is Healing; I have to go to the hospital and heal some patients that need Healing.

"Micheal, finally you have come; it had been quite hectic without you here." Said Nina, the new in charge of the Ward; after Georgina leveled up to King Stage and moved to higher, this Ward's responsibility fell onto Nina's hand.

Nina is pretty looking short girl with bubbly energy. Unlike many healers who usually stoic face due to their daily contact with death, Nina always smiles on her face, and her smile and enthusiasm are quite infectious. She is not only an exceptional healer but also an exceptional leader.

"You have leveled up. Does that mean that you could now heal Princes?" She asked, "I should be able to." I replied. Earlier, I could only heal Lord and Duke, but now that I had leveled up, I should be able to heal Prince.

"Good, there are more princes patients that we could handle; now that you have come, healing all of them would be no problem." She said and led me toward Princes, and I have to say, there are too many of them.

I could see many Prince Stage healers healing them, but there are too many of them for them to handle, and I sure this just tip of Icebergs, many more of them would surely be kept in other wards.

As I walked with Nina, many healers and enforces noticed me and started whispering among them, some smart ones even blocked their eyes actively.

"You can start now," Nina said as she took a step back; I nodded, and familiar vines released from hands; I had become quite proficient in using 'Rose Vines,' though I had not used for its main purpose of Healing.

Thin vines divided further and started to pierce through the bodies of one Prince after another. After piecing ten people to get a feeling of pressure and feeling, I stopped for a moment; I could still go; I pierce the vines of ten more people before stopping.


Suddenly the Ward filled with mournful screams; the screams did not affect the regular healers; they know how my Healing works and even had a smile on their faces, but those who were visibly new were quite shaken hearing such torturous screams.

Thank G.o.d the same enforcers are here; just a scream started; they tightly blocked the way to the Wards, not letting in any worried parties.

Their screams became even louder as the beautiful Roses started to grow on the vines. It makes one feel very weird to see beautiful roses in such mournful cries.

As more and more roses started to grow, the experienced enforcers quickly covered their hand's hands and began to pluck the roses before storing them in boxes.

'It feels good to be back.' I thought as I saw the familiar scene happening around me.